Meow Meow Meow Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Cat Crossing

This story begins on a quiet summer afternoon, a body warmed by the sun, beneath a carpet of green grass, exuding an earthy fragrance, if not for the bones and skin burning in pain, then all is ordinary.

Who am I?

I am a cat, a 3 color coated calico cat, 2 years old, female, and my owner likes to call me Hua Miao Miao.

Why am I like this?

It seems I was catching a sparrow on the tenth floor balcony and accidentally fell down. As I was falling, the whistling wind was blowing into my ears, like flying, owner jumped to the railing with an expression of panic-stricken and despair. I raised my head to look at the sky, there was a flock of birds spreading their wings and flying….Soon the strong smell of blood stimulates my olfactory nerve, and i can no longer hold my eyes open, my eyelids slowly close, my mind goes blank, falling into the boundless darkness, I do not know anything anymore.


Since you don’t know, then don’t assume that the thoughts of a cat is very simple, like a straight line.

Right now, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, easing the body of pain, and having a good sleep was the most important thing. I didn’t expect to suddenly hear a burst of sound. “Boss! Boss! How are you feeling? How come you are back to the body of a cat?”

The sound was really annoying, I wiggled my ears, changed my position and continued to sleep.

I did not think that the quiet chirp would grow closer and louder, directly into my ears, “Boss! Boss! You have to quickly wake up!”

I angrily opened my eyes, wanting to give this noisy cat a paw to the face, however I did not see any cat in sight, just a single crow.

A white crow.

With his sparkling round eyes wide open, he cocked his head to look at me, there seemed to be a hint of joy on his face, “Boss! I have finally found you.”

I was also very happy, because food was right at my fingertips and it would be pity to not taste it. Driven by hunger and excitement, I did not have time to ponder about why this crow could speak human language, only quietly extending my sharp claws.

The White Crow continued happily, “Boss! You and the Great Bird Devil went missing for several days after the war, now the Elephant Devil wants to force you to come and promise to marry him. Turning the earth and sky upside down, I was about to die searching for you.”

I carefully took a few steps toward him.

The White Crow hasn’t found out my intentions yet, but continued to call out, “Boss! Why do you keep your tail upright?”

That’s because hunting makes me nervous.

The White Crow continued to call, “Boss! Why do you lick your lips?”

That’s because I was dreaming of crow meat delicacy.

The White Crow tilted his head and asked, “Boss! Why do you extend your claws out? There are no enemies around here.”

That’s because I can’t let you escape.

White Crow asked hesitantly, “Boss, why do you not speak and your eyes…..and your eyes are strange…..”

His words have not yet fallen, I pounced, but I did not expect the crow to be so unusual. He quickly rolled sideways, spread his wings and flew to the treetops, his mouth cried, “Boss, even if I didn’t save you in time, you don’t need to hit me!”

The ground, because of my powerful vault, splits unexpectedly, creating a 3 meter deep pit, I had not pondered where this astonishing destructive force came from.

Standing at the bottom of the pit, I stared at the white crow on the tree, somewhat annoyed, I leaped out of the pit and pounced onto the tree. However, this time I overdid it and rushed used too much force. The tree folded in two, startled the crow flew and landed on the ground.

I regretfully licked my paws, wanting to rush once again. I did not expect the white crow to suddenly turn around and fly, immediately, a cloud of smoke was hanging over him. And when the smoke cleared, the White Crow was gone, replaced by a white-robed boy.

If we used the human aesthetic point of view, this boy should look very beautiful and very feminine, some may find it difficult to discern whether he was male or female. His stature was thin, his black hair was like a waterfall, and he had charming almond eyes joined by a high nose bridge and an exquisite oval face. This boy was dressed in a loose white robe, and the neckband revealed some collar-bone, ambiguous, with a slight kind of charm. If placed in a crowd, just a wink would charm both male and female.

The above was many years later, after I have learned the rhetorical description and aesthetic of the human point of view, but at the moment, my cat’s aesthetic point of view saw an average guy with two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

I didn’t care about the appearance of the young boy, the most important issue now was that my food is gone?

Before I had recovered my composure, the young boy hurriedly came over and barked, “Boss, what the hell are you?”

I was a little angry, and rebuked, “I am a cat! I am not your boss!”

After saying that, I used my paw to trace my pharynx and larynx. I didn’t understand why I was able to suddenly speak. I was a little surprised, but the young boy was even more surprised, he held a hand and pointed at me, and stammered, “B-Bos….Boss………..”

This complex set of changes caused my mind to freeze, my mind was chaotic, and countless fragments of memories flowed in, one of which was a beautiful girl with cat ears smiling slyly. When I recovered, I discovered that the world in front of me was no longer gray and heavy, but a variety of colours. I never knew the names of these colors before, I could not distinguish clearly whether the colors owner told me about, green, red, blue, purple belonged to the grass or sky. But presently I understood their names and their charms, I was infatuated with these new discoveries.

My brain was getting more and more chaotic, and my head was getting more and more painful that it was making me scared.

I want to go home.

Go back to a place where there was no danger, no harm, only warmth and comfort.

Therefore, I no longer pondered where the crow went, I only wanted to crawl away.

But before walking a few steps, the white robed boy suddenly caught up and held me tightly and shouted loudly, “Boss, don’t go, you should speak up if you are troubled.”

The young boy’s hands were quite powerful, which had caused me to be very uncomfortable, so I angrily greeted my paw to his face. He shrieked and turned his head away, but my paw was still on his right cheek, causing blood to drip.

I took this opportunity to kick out of his grip and clawed him once more before I fled at least 10 meters away from the young boy.

The white-robed young boy stood there watching me as he clutched the wound on his face, not daring to come any closer.

I quickly ran without looking back.

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    March 14, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Lmao “my cat’s aesthetic point of view saw an average guy with two eyes, a nose and a mouth”, great start


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