Meow Meow Meow Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Tears At The Tub

When faced with a cat killer, it is second nature to run away as fast as possible, it would be even better if my four limbs could grow.

I run for my life, not knowing how far I’ve wandered, I finally stop to catch a breath and touch my face, but suddenly from behind, a dark shadow and a terrifying chill was cast over me.

Carefully and cautiously, I slowly raise my head, it’s the person that wanted to throw me in ice-cold water, since when did he catch up with me…..grimly looking down at me, I felt terrified.

“Meow!” I screamed loudly as I swipe my claws towards him, the gust flipping bricks over, I pounce towards him.

“Too aggressive, and to think I asked the maid servant to bathe you?” Bi Qingshen Jun sighed, he put out his hand to block the flying bricks, rushing over, he grabbed my neck, and leaped away.

The surrounding scenery turn into flashes, I haven’t even had time to resist, and once again we are back at the pool of terrifying ice water.

“Don’t…..don’t…..” I look at him, my body shaking and I attempt to give him the most pitiful look that would touch the hearts of even the most ruthless men.

Unfortunately, it was useless, his heart is definitely made of diamonds.

With a “plop”, I was dumped into the pool, he rolled up his sleeves, and took a wash cloth and jumped into the water. He picked me up and started brushing my fur, with a frown, he says, “Do not struggle, seriously, or I’ll cut your paws off.”

My short cat legs did not reach the bottom of the tub, the icy cold water was irritating my internal organs, I don’t care anymore, I then immediately turned back into my human form, desperately climbing out.

Breathing heavily, I sat on the edge of the tub, feeling winter becoming spring. Unfortunately the white silk clothing was soaked, attached to the skin, and the skin could be seen from the soaked and translucent clothes. My blue and purple hair messily spread, dripping with water.

I frantically try to get rid of the water droplets on my head and body, I still feel cold, very very cold, so cold that I could not speak.

Bi Qingshen Jun held the wash cloth in the air, his grim face collapsed, quickly stepped out of the tub, and came up to me to ask, “You…’re not that child, right?”

Monsters that have just become human need to go through a period to adapt to human life.

But! When did I become a child? My heart was full of anger and rage, but I understood the difference in our strength, I can not act recklessly, so I turned around and shattered the windows, ready to flee.

“You can’t!” Bi Qingshen Jun said shocked and angry, I don’t know from where, but a whip caught my feet and pulled me back.

I am not as strong as him, so I protruded my claws and gripped onto the ground, but he is very powerful, I could only make eight long and deep claw marks.

“You bad guy!” I saw no ways to escape, cursed loudly and pounced in his direction, he moved his hand slightly, the whip, as if it’s alive, wraps around my arms and legs, tied solid, and he pulled me towards him.

“Your magical powers are strong though… have poor control, demeanor as well…..I thought it was a talented young demon…..” Bi Qingshen Jun uttered.

I struggled to free myself from the whip, but the more I struggled the more tightly I was bound, almost turning into a zongzi*, so I couldn’t move, and my chest ached.

*Zongzi is sticky rice wrapped in bamboo, reed or other leafy things.

“It hurts…..” I do not give up trying to get free, I wriggle and crawl like a snake towards the door, I just want to leave this horrible man.

Bi Qingshen Jun blocks me, his face quickly flashes red, but immediately his face goes back to normal, “You absolutely can not go out looking like this, wait for me to get you clothes.”

The maid servant and page boy outside hear the disturbance, and finally could not help but ask, “Shen Jun, are you well?”

I hear someone outside and hurriedly shout for help, “Help!! Help!!”

“You are not to come in!” Bi Qingshen Jun covered my mouth, and scolded, “Do not be meddlesome!”

The people outside have suddenly become silent.

“Meow woo~” I tried to scream, but he picked me up by my waist and then went to the table and pulled the tablecloth from it, he then wrapped me up like baggage, and without hesitation, he walks to the front door and walks out…..

The maid servant and page boy outside watched me being carried away, scared and froze on the spot, they cast glances of surprise, confusion, and uncertainty…..I think they must be sympathizing me from being tortured by this evil person…..

Bi Qingshen Jun’s step’s were like flying, he did not go too far, he went into a large room with simple decor, in the middle was a blanket with an engraved sandalwood flower, spread onto a large cotton padded bed, and all the tables and chairs of the same substance as well. The room was surrounded by bookshelves with an array of books, and some ghost scribbling hanging off the wall, not knowing if this was the so-called calligraphy.

He threw me onto the bed, standing and frowning at me, seemingly overwhelmed.

I roll around in the bed, it feels pretty comfy, but I move to one corner, watching him vigilantly.

Outside the door came a clear voice, “Master Shen Jun, Xiaolin requests an audience.”

Bi Qingshen Jun quietly ordered me, “Can you change back into a cat?”

When an enemy requests you to do something, you absolutely do not do it! So I shook my to show him my refusal.

Powerless, he picks up the blanket and covers me, and then lets Xiaolin in.

After entering, he blankly stares at me shivering on the bed, and hesitates a moment before saying, “Shen Jun…..I just came back Erlangshen’s to report…..this…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun sits down next to a table, he sighs and then says, “I thought she was a minor demon, therefore I personally went and used ice-cold water for her bath.”

He did not explain what happened next, but Xiaolin clearly understood his meaning and consoled him, “The ice-cold water enhances cultivation, Shen Jun’s efforts have been painstakingly wasted, however, at Xuan Qing palace…..the maid servants and page boys are flower fairies, grass fairies or other fairies, we have never had the presence of mammals, so you do not understand that mammals mustn’t catch a cold, it is a very normal thing.”

“Normal my ass! You go and wash then!” I angrily shout.

“I wash everyday.” Bi Qingshen Jun overlooked me and continued, “This is indeed very thoughtless of me, you go and bring Yang Jian’s guide to raising a mammal.”

Xiaolin respectfully takes the book and hands it over.

Bi Qingshen Jun reads a few pages, and waves a hand to dismiss him, thinks, and then says, “Go and prepare a room for her, this cat has a bad temper and extraordinary skills, so it is best if the room is nearer to me, so it is convenient to observe her, and also, pick a suitable maid servant for her.” Xiaolin was about to leave, but he called her back and commanded, “Prepare something for her to eat.”

After speaking, he began to read the book from his hand, reading and nodding while saying, “I see.”

I can not move, I can only look at the beautiful carvings in the ceiling, my head begins to feel somewhat groggy, and my body seems to be getting colder, and my head is full of dancing dried fish…..gradually, I lost consciousness.

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    So I shook my to show him my refusal.
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