Meow Meow Meow Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Dr Terror

So cold…..

Am I going to die?

Confused and muddled, I open my eyes to find myself back as a cat, in Bi Qingshen Jun’s arms, rapidly riding the kirin, I do not know where we are going.

“Meow~…..” I carefully stuck my head out to the side, Xiaolin was behind us riding on a horse very very far back in the distance.

“Don’t move your head around so much or you’ll fall.” Bi Qingshen Jun places my head back into his arms, and touches my burning forehead, and used a delicate voice to say, “In the future…..I will not wash you in cold water.”

The wind blown towards my face causes my head to become more uncomfortable, I did not speak, just thinking of the pain, and of course, I did not plan on forgiving him.

Soon, the wind stops, the kirin stops as well, Bi Qingshen Jun jumps and hastily walks forward on a courtyard. There was a large yard, planted with a variety of flowers I did not recognize, the aroma of the flowers and herbs together causes me to sneeze.

Traveling along the gravel road, sits a little small hut on the side, there was a little girl dressed in ivory-white trousers dozing off at the door. Her hands waving a fan, until spotting Bi Qingshen Jun, and then instantly jumping up and greeted, “Shen Jun from afar, I’ll go and inform master.”

She did not wait for a reply, they trotted into the room and waited, soon, a lazy voice came, “Bi Qing ah~, you have not come for many years, this time, is it a foot or a hand injury?”

Bi Qingshen Jun went into the room holding me and bluntly said, “A cold.”

I look to the source of the sound, it was a man dressed in pure white clothes, he doesn’t particularly look beautiful, with no impressive facial feature. His eyes are lazy and sluggish, but somehow, it is a rather pleasing combination, his laughter is as clear as the sky, like a never-changing stream and a pleasant heart, where one can not forget.

The man loudly exaggerated, making a look of surprise, “You can catch a cold? Could it be that the east has gone west? Rare, rare.”

“Mo Lin, don’t speak nonsense,” Bi Qingshen Jun gently places me on the table, “Give her a look, seems like she has the cold.”

“You raise cats?” Mo Lin exaggerated even more, and showed even more surprise, he steps back holding his belly laughing, laughing and saying, “You battle freak, when a stone cause your head to break? You’re killing me!”

“Don’t piss me off.” Bi Qingshen Jun coldly say.

“Ok, ok, I will not joke with you anymore,” Mo Lin approached, grinning at me, “Good kitty, I will treat you.”

Treat me?

These two words almost scared my heart to a stop, I carefully ask, “This place…, is it the hospital?”

“Hospital? What strange wording…..well, I guess you can put it that way.” Mo Lin picked up my paw and pressed.

My pupils instantly contract, the darkest, most horrible, and most profound memories slowly come to mind, arousing a stormy sea.

I forgot the person who was with me there, I also forget the time, I only remembered a strange white house with a pungent scent, the name of it is a hospital.

Like the man in front of me, with the same white dress and long coat for the men and women, smiling and looking at me, discussing about something.

After discussing, one of the uncles take out a long, carved, red glass stick, and suddenly inserts it into my butt!! The pain almost causing me to collapse!

I screamed desperately, and struggled desperately, but more and more people watched me, they wouldn’t go until a long long time, I pull it out, the pattern reads 40 degrees…..

I wanted to run, but they catch me every time, they put me on a cold iron table and take out another glass tube. It was filled with a creamy white liquid, they grabbed my neck and viciously stick it in, until all the liquid goes in.

The pain did not stop here, next came the bitter white powder, they pulled open my mouth, and poured the powder in, then flushed water down with it, and forced me to swallow it all, I almost choke to death.

I heard that humans will always remember the sad memories, but forget the joyful ones, I think that the cat is similar, I forget a lot of things, but one thing I can not forget is this hellish experience.

And right now…..I was in the middle of hell.

What to do?


I see Mo Lin’s gentle smile, my heart bursts from fear, without hesitation I quickly draw my paws, moving back to find a moment to escape, I pounce and knock down the door. I rush towards Xiaolin and step on head, vaulting quickly after.

“Come back!” Bi Qingshen Jun shot his whip at me again, this time I am well prepared, I quickly flee to the trees, the power of the whip unimportant, so I climb up the tree.

With a flick of his wrist, the whip disappeared, now, he is chasing me.

I see his speed is faster than mine, so I was even more scared, I see that the hut nearby had some slits, I slipped into it and hid in a corner, refusing to come out.

Bi Qingshen Jun stops right in front of the hut, with a commanding tone, he said, “Come out!”

I will not come out even if it kills me, if I come out, I will be brought to a hospital! I am not a fool!

“Come out!” He clenched his teeth.

I shrink my body into the darkness.

“Don’t be so angry, you’ll scare the cat.” Mo Lin also ran over, and then looked at me crouched down with his hands open and said, “Come, I won’t hurt you.”

You’re the most horrible person, I growl a few times, vigilantly watching him.

“Mo Lin, allow me.” Bi Qingshen Jun spoke again, his voice seemed unhappy.

“Fine.” Mo Lin happily agreed.

I did not expect Bi Qingshen Jun to ask him next, “This hut, what do you use it for?”

“This is a storage hut.” Mo Lin did not answer the question.

“Good, good,” Bi Qingshen Jun smirks, “I will repay you later.”

“What are you going to do?”

Mo Lin’s voice has not fallen, and Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly lifts his palms, like an avalanche, the hut above my head is flattened, and the whole house is overturned, crashing to the ground like ruins. Just then the darkness was surrounding me, but suddenly I was stabbed by the sunlight, blinding my eyes.

Presently Bi Qingshen Jun presses forward steadily, I stand up ready to dodge, but I scream, my ears were grabbed, and I heard the sounds of a threat, “Do not test my patience.”

“Meow woo~!!!” I called out miserably, eyes closed to face my terrible fate.

“My hut!!” Mo Lin screams even more miserably than me, “This is the storage room for my medicinal herbs ahhh!!”

BiQingshen Jun uses his other hand to drag the grieving man back to the pharmacy.

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