Meow Meow Meow Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Emergency Food

“Don’t want doctor…..I beg you…..” I hugged Bi Qingshen Jun’s arms tightly, refusing to let go, “Doctors are all rotten eggs.”

Mo Lin takes out a few needles out from the package, and sees me flustered, he curiously asks, “Why?”

“The ones that wear white clothes are bad people, they will use a stick and insert up Miao Miao’s butt! It hurts!” I loudly shout to them the truth.

The needles in Mo Lin’s hands fall to the ground, his mouth wide open, so wide that you could stuff a duck in it, and after a long time, he stammers out, “Inser…..inserted in your butt? How is it possible? How can they be such…..such beasts…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun face twitches and he angrily says, “Who was it that did these dirty and shameless things?”

“Bad guys…..they stick a needle in my neck, ” I pitifully said, “I don’t want to see a doctor, I want to go back.”

“The bad guys’ name?” Bi Qingshen Jun asks again.

After thinking for a while I nod my head, “I don’t remember.”

The two men in front of me fall onto the slabstone, Mo Lin turns and gently touches my head, “You must’ve received a lot of pain in the past, rest assured, with Shen Jun by your side, no one will hurt you.”

“He threw me into ice-cold water…..” I rebuked.

Mo Lin gives Bi Qingshen Jun a disapproving look, his faces flashes red and then white, but he refused to admit it, only turning to look at the scenery outside.

I stare at the gentle and kind Mo Lin in front of me, even though he is wearing white, he is not a doctor, he is a good person.

However, I soon find out that I was wrong…..

Although he didn’t use a scary glass stick, or stick many dozens of long needles into my body to make me paralyzed, but he takes a bowl of bitter and unpleasant concoction out and makes Bi Qingshen Jun make me eat it.

The process of drinking the medicine was indescribably bitter and painful, after drinking this, I feel as if I’m dead, of course, Bi Qingshen Jun’s face isn’t any better.

I swear, if anybody says Mo Lin is a good person, I will have them bitten to death!

The path to come and go back was not very different, Bi Qingshen Jun did not speak, but as we were approaching the door, he whispers to me, “You look so carefree, but I had no idea you’ve suffered so much pain before…..”

“Yeah.” I sorrowfully replied, a part of my heart was hurt by you just then…..

“Is there anything you want?” He suddenly changes the topic.

When something is offered to you, why waste it, so I immediately replied without even thinking, “Fish! I want to eat carp fish!”

“Good.” He gently stroke my forehead and tells the Xiaolin behind us, “You go to the East Sea, and ask the dragon king to send us some carp.”

The silently standing Xiaolin immediately left.

I think again, and suddenly remembered that I should have asked for something else, “Actually I want Yin Zi…..I want to go back…..”

“If you listen well and treat your cold, after you get better, I will take you back to look for him.” Bi Qingshen Jun all of a sudden becomes very gentle, his voice reaching the depths of my heart, making me feel very touched, I can’t help but trust him this time.

We return to Xuan Qing Palace, the maid servants in my room have laid the blankets on the bed already. I quickly roll on my bed a few times and discovered, that this bed was not as big as Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed…..not as soft as his…..this discovery made me feel somewhat dissatisfied.

But when I think about the carp, I temporarily suppress the dissatisfaction in my heart, as well as the horrible concoction that Mo Lin forced me to drink. It seems my body is not as uncomfortable anymore, just very hungry, so hungry that I can’t sleep.

I change back into a human and find that my dripping wet clothes have already been changed. Right now, I am wearing a beautifully embroidered cotton dress, aside from the tail unable to come out, then everything else is comfortable.

I go over and look at what is on the table, only peaches, apples and other fruits. There was nothing I could eat, so I pick up an apple and roll it on the ground boredly, while playing with my ears at the same time, I wait for my carp to arrive.

When the sound of horses came through, I quickly ran out, I was surprised to find Bi Qingshen Jun waiting for me in the hall, I jump and skip to keep up with his pace.

Unexpectedly, my carp was not in the hall, only a woman in a red dress standing there, she had creamy skin, arched eyebrows, bright eyes, and black hair which was set into a bun with a pearl hairpin. Accompanied with a red shawl that wraps her body, exquisitely showing her sexy and seductive figure, she was a natural stunner.

Seeing Bi Qingshen Jun, she swiftly bows, showing off her perfect form, and then softly says, “This lowly one greets Sir Bi Qingshen Jun.”

“Did the Dragon King send you?” Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression was impassive.

Beside the beauty was a youth hidden by the woman’s elegant demeanor, the youth steps forward to salute, “This lowly one is Wang You, a turtle immortal under the instructions of the Third Dragon Prince to deliver this carp fairy Jin Wen to Shen Jun’s mansion, please accept Shen Jun.”

He looks at Jin Wen, and then sends a glance at Bi Qingshen Jun, then bows in silence.

“Mmm, also,” Bi Qingshen Jun thinks for a moment, turns around and then asks me, “Do you like to eat it boiled or fried?”

“Cook what?” I did not understand what he meant.

“How do you want the carp cooked? I will get the chef to prepare.”Bi Qingshen Jun pats my head and asked again.

I promptly replied, “I want to eat it fried!”

“Come! Prepare a pan of oil!” Bi Qingshen Jun ordered the servants, and then added, “A bigger one.”

Jin Wen sits on the ground, scared by our conversation, and was unable to get up, crying like a river and calling out for mercy non stop.

“This…..this…..” Wang You’s face turned black and said, “I do not know how Jin Wen has offended Shen Jun, I hope Shen Jun understands.”

“She has not offended me,” Bi Qingshen Jun lazily replied, “I was originally going to eat it, all carp are the same.”

“This…..then this carp girl is not what Shen Jun wants?” Wang You’s face turned pale.

“I’m talking about carp.” Bi Qingshen Jun sighed.

“Doesn’t Shen Jun not eat meat dishes?” Wang You questioned.

Bi Qingshen Jun says, “Disciple wants to eat fish.”

“Your disciple is…..” Wang You was completely lost.

I quickly jump out and point at my own nose, and said, “The carp is mine, not the disciple’s.”

“You are my disciple.” Bi Qingshen Jun shakes his head.

“I am Hua Miao Miao!”

I argued with him about my name, and Jin Wen continues to cry and kowtow, losing her manners, just asking Shen Jun for mercy.

Wang You with a bitter face, turns toward us and says, “If Shen Jun’s disciple wants to eat carp, why sacrifice Miss Jin Wen, let this lowly one go back to the dragon palace and select ten fat carps and deliver it here, in exchange Miss Jin Wen’s life, how does Shen Jun think about it?”

Bi Qingshen Jun asks me, “Do you want to wait and eat ten carps or do you want to eat one now?”

I stretch my fingers out to count, but I couldn’t understand it, so I simply said, “I want all of it!”

Jin Wen hearing this, immediately faints onto the ground, Wang You went to apologize to Bi Qingshen Jun, he asks him to give him one stick of incense time, and immediately ran out.

He came back with ten fat carps, I happily tell the chefs to roast, steam, boil, and fry it, I was fully satisfied with eating the carp that I eventually forgot about Jin Wen.

Xiaolin came to implore on what was going to happen to her.

I smell the fish scent on her, and think about it for a little bit before answering, “We’ll keep it as emergency food for now, when there is no food I will consider.”

Jin Wen immediately took an oath, that as long as she’s alive, there will be no shortage of fish.

I instantly rushed to her, feeling touched, I pounce on her and gave her a few kisses.

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    thiri said:
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    haha…keeping the carp fairy as ‘”emergency” food….
    he really dotes on her…. i wonder why??
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    You go to the East Sea, and ask the dragon king to us some carp.”
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    Phantom Starlight said:
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    Jin Wen immediately took an oath, that as long as she’s alive, there will be no shortage of fish.
    No need for that oath. thats more like a description of how events will play out XD

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    Hmmm… Bi Qingshen Jun I think was heavily attracted to Miao Miao at least in part of her looks and how he’s never bored around her.

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    Emergency food! Lol, I laughed so hard, great chapter.

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    I don’t understand, are the fish something like mermaid?

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