Meow Meow Meow Chapter 2

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images (4)Chapter 2 – Where Is Fish

Where is my home? The lost me was a bit depressed, but also very hungry…..

My sensitive nose in the air gently twitched, there was a distant smell people. I hurriedly sprinted the first few steps, and stumbled upon a strange town.

I have never seen a town before…..

Hurriedly I ran in, I saw a lot of people in town walking around on the street, just like the street in front of my home, but the strange thing was that the houses here were especially short. The roads were very narrow and no vehicles ran, which was very suitable for cats.

What was even more surprising was that no matter if it was women or men, most of them kept their hair long. Their hair was tied in a variety of strange shapes and various metals and wood were inserted. They were wearing skirts and dresses, these dresses and skirts dragged on the ground.

I seem to remember that owner once said that a man with long hair and wears a skirt is a tranny?

Therefore I can categorically judge that this must be a transvestite city. Monsters!

However, will monsters eat cats? I was a little hesitant, I did not dare enter this strange world, but the smell of food coming from the air, so hungry, making me forget everything…..

With my head bowed, I walked gingerly down the street, I used my peripheral vision to scan the crowd and strafed to nearby women and transvestite. Nobody seemed to notice my presence nor did anyone seemed want to eat me, therefore I relaxed. I keep my head up in search of food.

After a several steps, I saw a roasted chicken shop, the chicken was roasted to a light yellow hue, and emitting a seductive fragrance. Standing inside, the boss of the shop did not wear a skirt, only wearing long pants, he seemed to be a normal man, should be in the category able to communicate.

So I put on the most civilized posture, sitting upright at the chicken shop door, watery eyes wide open looking at the boss, I loudly called out, “Meow woo~~~”

Boss only caught a glimpse of me and ignored my cry for attention.

So I resorted to the invincible spoiled kitten acting, lying on the ground playing roll to expose my fluffy white belly, stopping every so often to call out, “Meow woo~~ Meow woo~~”

The stone hearted boss remains unmoved, he waved his hand and whispered in a low voice, “Where did this dirty cat come from?”

Dirty? I turn my head to look at my whole body, fur soiled by mud and stained by dirt, lick, lick, but I can’t lick it clean. I moved on to plan 3, stepping back and walking beside the shop getting ready to steal some chicken……

But that shop boss, as if he saw through my motives, grabs a chicken with his left hand and places it on the cutting board, his right hand from the sky cuts maliciously into the chicken. The poor chicken, mercilessly beheaded, he looked at me exposing a grim smile, “Stupid thieving cat! If you dare to steal, then I’ll cut your tail off!”

I look at the glittering knife in his hand, became immediately frightened, and then ran away with my tail clamped between my legs.

I dare not stop until I have passed several streets, I lied down on the ground hungry and weak, not wanting to move another step. Many birds were flying in the sky, but I do not know how to catch them.

If White Crow was here that would be good, I remembered him to be a pure white and a delicacy, sigh~~.

In despair, suddenly a voice beside me says, “Yu’er(Fish), you are really fragrant…..”

Fish? Where?

My ears wiggled a few times and I immediately jumped, following the sound, I entered a room filled with an acrid scent. There was a naked woman sitting on the thigh of a naked man, the writhing body said, “I will not let you have any incense to eat~~”

“Yu’er(Fish), do you want me to be anxious to death?” The man grabs the two things on the woman’s chest and rubs it, rubbing and pleading, “Give it to me~~…..”

The woman’s face was flushed crimson, and pats the man’s hand saying, “Friend, what’s the rush~”

I stared at them biting each other, it seems that they were fighting. Fighting until they hit the side of the bed, then the curtains fell.

Good opportunity! Time to look for fish to eat!

This opportunity mustn’t be lost, so I jumped carefully from the window, tracing around the bed a few times, but coming from the inside, I heard the moaning and gasping of the man and woman.


“Yu’er(Fish)~… you want it?~… you want it?~”

“Yes~…..I want~…..give me~…..”

“Am I better or is your husband better?”

“Of course you are better~…..again faster~…..?

This fish….Is it that good? Also why is everybody fighting for it? They sound so happy and excited, so I couldn’t help but drool a bit, but I dare not go steal, I anxiously go round and round the bedside.

I did not know for how long, maybe after eating fish, they began to stop the fighting and the woman suddenly opened the curtains and came out. I hastily went under the bed nervously watching her actions.

She did not notice my presence and simply said to the man, “I’ll be right back.” She picked up several pieces of clothing from the ground and leaves the room.

As I saw the woman leave, I dashed out from under the bed and stared at the bed curtains thinking about delicious fish. And finally when I could no longer resist, I entered from the foot of the bed and made a slight opening in the curtains, hoping to see some fish scraps or leftover sauce.

The man had his eyes closed. My presence still undetected. I boldly crept around, but did not discover any traces of fish, but what I have found was a strange thing between the man’s legs.

What’s that? Red, small, and like a turtle’s head.

I curiously crept next to it, extending my paw, I gently and lightly tapped it.

I did not expect the turtle to actually move! I frightenly take a step back.

Alive! It’s alive!

I gathered my courage, and again I gently poked at it.

The turtle moved again! The man let out a moan, “Yu’er(Fish)~ so comfortable, continue…..”

What is the relationship between this and the fish? Could it be that I have to defeat this to have fish to eat? I looked down at the front of the turtle, hesitant at first, but made an effort to claw at it.

I successfully flattened the turtle, unfortunately, the entire bed was broken in two by my paws.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” The man fell on the ground, covering the turtle, and screaming like a pig.

As he screamed, I felt somewhat guilty, after all, I broke their bed. So I hurried over to play roll on the floor to apologize.

However, I did not expect the man to roll fiercer than me, he rolled while twitching his facial muscles, together with tears and snots flying, he seemed to be in agony.

This bed may have been quite expensive…..

In order to express my sincere apologies, I held on to his feet with my paws, then I rubbed my head side to side on his feet while calling out, “Meow woo~, meow woo~.”

He finally accepted my apology, satisfied enough that he even fell asleep, and sleeping with a mouthful of white foam.

While he was sleeping, I looked everywhere, but still found no food. I heard the woman rush through the door, she grasped the man on the ground and screams, “You! Quickly wake up! Was it thieves? Wake up!”

This seemed ominous, not daring to continue looking, I quickly jumped out from the window sill.

Not too far along, I bump into a big black dog, he spits and says, “Harmful evil spirit, let’s see how I deal with you!”

What is this about? Who is the evil spirit?

I was shocked.

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