Meow Meow Meow Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Luo Sha’s Rage

What is the scene like presently?

Clothes all over the ground, blood stains on the green grass, and me sitting on the ground naked, watching as the two men approached. The air in the atmosphere was getting restless and uneasy.

It was mixed with a murderous rage, spreading rampantly, I felt slightly afraid.

Being secretly vigilant, the two people suddenly turned and shot straight forward. The 2 meter tall man took off his cloak and tossed it towards me while his back was turned, and then angrily said in a trembling voice, “Sister, you put on the cloak first, later we will tear that beast apart that has tarnished you and cut him up into pieces!”

I crawled over to the cloak on the ground, sniffing it a few times. It had a furry trim and appeared very comfortable, but it reminds me of my beautiful cat fur I no longer had. Thus I climbed into the cloak, curled up into a ball, and sadly held onto my furry tail.

“Boss, how are you doing?” Inquired the white-robed boy.

I didn’t understand what he asked me, therefore I rolled with the cape two times, and whined, “Meow woo~”

The white-robed boy and the big man turned to look at me, howling loudly, they turn back.

I curiously looked at their bizarre actions, suddenly a fragrant smell entered my nose. It was the smell of roast chicken, my stomach began to dance, and my mind was full of thoughts about food again.

“Meow woo~” I called out again, I crawled slowly towards the direction of the fragrant smell, in search of food.

The smell was coming from the big giant man, more than 2 meters tall, muscular, and dressed in shining armor with two pointy horns sticking out of his head. His hand carried a heavy iron bar, his power was incomparable.

As an educated cat, I didn’t want to steal, instead I rub my head between his legs and cried, “Meow woo~ Meow woo~ I want to eat chicken~ Meow woo~”

After hearing my sweet meows, the big man looked down at me, our eyes met, his hand suddenly trembling. He dropped the heavy iron bar on his toes, “Bang”, he scared me.

I think… be hit with such a large rod should hurt right?

But the big man in front of me was very brave, he slightly wrinkled his brow and didn’t even call out in pain, but his face started to get red. He turned his head and seriously said, “Righteous sister……what are you doing? Put on the cloak first!”

“Meow woo~ I want to eat chicken, Meow woo~” I used my legs to stand up and then rummaged through his arms to find the chicken.

“I’ll give you! Here you are!” He nervously called me to get up and hurriedly pulled the chicken from his bosom. He ran straight outside for several meter, the white-robed boy shouts, “He is probably overly shocked right now, you, get dressed now.”

I did not mind what he had just said, I was only a hungry cat, so I flew onto the chicken and took a big bite. The white-robed boy saw me eating, and shook his head, walked over and grabbed the cloak from the ground.

Not good, he must want to steal my chicken, I arched my back and gave him warning purr.

The white-robed boy seem to understand what I was thinking, he squints his eyes, squats down and gently places the cloak on me, and says softly, “Well behaved cat, as long as you put the cloak on, I will not steal your chicken, and give you lots of fish.”

You are a good person! I looked at the boy full of emotion and excitement. If there were a lot of fish, then putting on clothes was no big deal.

The boy smiled gently, he touched my head to comfort me, helped fasten the straps of the cloak, and then waved to the back and shouted, “Bull Devil, you can come over.”

That big man called Bull Devil cautiously approached, he gasped, wiping the sweat from his forehead said, “Yin Zi, you have true capability, if my wife saw her holding me like that, I’m afraid I’d be already be a bull skin lantern already.”

“What do we do now? The Elephant Devil is still waiting for the marriage reply, he’s gone crazy from waiting.” Yin Zi gloomingly asked, “The alliances of their brothers are quite capable, but with boss’ broken claw, defeating them will be quite difficult.”

The two of them were talking really intensely. I understood their language, but I didn’t understand the meaning, I continue to work hard to chew my chicken until there were only the bones left. I then raised my head and made a purr of gratitude.

“Righteous sister, do you really not remember me?” Bull devil’s face showed sadness, his eyes foggy, “Which bastard caused you to become like this?”

Looking at his facial expression, sniffing the familiar scent of him, I was somewhat touched, memories flooded me from behind, so I called out, “Bull….Bull Devil….GeGe*…..”

*[TN]: GeGe is a term used to call an elder brother, but can also be used by close friends or used to call someone who has more seniority than you.

“Righteous Sister!” Bull Devil said overjoyed, “You remember me!”

I stood up and watched a drop of tear drop fell. I licked it gently, and difficultly found the appropriate words to say, “GeGe… not cry…..”

“I’m not crying! The wind was too strong and sand got into my eyes!” Bull devil exclaimed as he hugged me rubbing his eyes, Yin Zi suddenly looked behind us, terrified.

“Yin…..Yin Zi…..” This name appeared in my memory, I didn’t know why, but the language was becoming more and more fluent, I curiously asked, “What are you doing?”

Bull devil found it strange, and cocked his head and asked, “What is it?”

“Behi…..Behind…..” Yin Zi pointing to the figure behind us, cold sweat trickled down his forehead, “Sis…..Sis-in-law.”

“Well…..Well, you adulterous pair!!” A sharp angry voice from behind, “How dare you hook up with her and not tell me about it!”

I didn’t know what this meant, but bull devil was really scared. He let go immediately, and turned his head anxiously.

As I looked back, I saw a young woman, wearing tight-fitting clothes, armed with a pair of Qingfeng sword, almond eyes staring, inverted upset eyebrows, looking at me and bull devil, wanting to tear us to shreds.

“Let me explain! It’s not like this!” Bull Devil nervously leaped up and waved.

The woman looked at the mess on the ground and then at the cloak on my body, suddenly a sword cut past bull devil, “I’ll kill you, you heartless traitor! Beast, you’re even more inferior than a dog! Not even letting go of your sister!”

Bull devil hastily wielded his iron bar, blocking her sword, he explains, “Listen to me speak first! Don’t be so impulsive!”

“I will not listen! I will castrate you! Skin you alive and make a lantern out of it!” The woman’s complexion was like Rakshasa, she went on to criticize, “And that kinky cat will be my sky lantern!”

“You can’t criticize my righteous sister!” Bull devil angrily says.

The battle between the two was like a raging fire, mountains crumbling and the earth cracking, hundred year old tree destroyed into pieces, gravel flying. The young couple that use to live next door also fought fiercely, I secretly cheered, pulling Yin Zi to one side I curiously asked , “What is heartless traitor? What is kinky cat? What is a sky lantern?”

Yin Zi shook me and made me very dizzy and light-headed, he finally broke out like roaring thunder.

“All of you, stop at once!!!!”

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    LMFAO, she’s the weirdest female lead I’ve ever read in any novels. But I guess it understandable that she’s acting this way because she was originally a “cat”. HAHAHAHAHA! Still this is funny. 😂 Thanks for translating! 😘😘

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