Meow Meow Meow Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Riding In The Wind

Yin Zi’s loud roar, caused my ears to ring, as well as bringing the two people to a standstill.

The woman stared at the bull devil for a long time, she finally dropped her swords and then fell limply onto the ground crying, “Damned beast, I do the housework and take care our child, while you screw around outside, are you worthy of me?”

“Worthy.” Bull devil nodded, the woman’s face promptly sunk, he shook his head and shouted, “The worthy I mean is…..”

“What does that mean?” I curiously asked, as I joyfully watched them from the side.

The woman’s eyes zoomed toward me, grabbing a hold of her palm-leaved fan, I suddenly felt a murderous aura, and shivered. Carefully, I took a few paces behind Yin Zi, trying to hide myself.

“Luo Sha sis-in-law! You mustn’t use the palm-leaved fan!” Cried Yin Zi, “My boss was raped, and now she is insane! Therefore her behaviour is abnormal, bull devil is an honest gentlemen! Do not misunderstand!”

Hearing these words, the woman called Luo Sha swept her eyes towards Bull Devil, bull devil immediately nodding. She suddenly laughed, ice and snow melting, and flowers blooming, she graciously walks forward and pulled me out from behind Yin Zi, face blushing, she shyly said, “It’s all that stupid bull’s fault for not explaining that I almost misunderstood sister, I apologize for my sin, please don’t take this the wrong way.”

I tilted my head, swung my tail, and stared at her flamboyant face, I didn’t understand what those words meant.

Luo Sha continued to ask, “Sister, which dead meat was it that dared to bully you?”

“Dog!” I blurted without hesitation, that mean and despicable dog, if a chance arises, I would definitely take another bite of him.

Luo Sha’s face became more relaxed and smiled, Bull devil and Yin Zi encircled us and angrily asked, “Which dog? Bring us to kill that dog so we can revenge you!”

Good! Ahh~ my favourite thing to do was bully dogs, you are all good people! I was very moved, so I thought hard to remember the bad dog’s name. His name seemed to be very long so I was a bit confused.

After a moment of hesitation, I finally remembered his name, and I said in a positive and affirmative voice, “He said he is called Erlang!”

This remark, caught the attention of the three people in front of me and put them in a sluggish state for a long time, so I continued to chew and throw the chicken bones beside me.

“No…..not the Heavenly God Erlang Shen Jun, Yang Jian, right?” Yin Zi finally stammers after a long silence.

I think again, about the words in front of me, and then I nodded in confirmation.

“How is this possible!” Bull Devil said as he scratched his head, “God Erlang Shen is not a dog!”

Yin Zi calmly added, “Don’t forget that guy has 72 transformations, even if he descends into the Mortal Realm as a dog, is it something really that surprising? If not for him, what other dog would be able to defeat boss and do such shameless things?”

“But this…..Sister’s strength can be considered one of the strongest in the Demonic Realm, how can any stupid dog defeat her?” Bull devil reluctantly said, “But…..if it was the Erlangshen Jun…..then I think otherwise, how did he take a liking to our sister?”

“Well…..” I looked around and glanced at Luo Sha, who then added, “Sister’s beauty may be at blame, even women find her too beautiful, to say that this Erlangshen Jun is infatuated with her is not an understatement.”

The three got together to discuss for a long time, since Erlang Shen was a god, they had no means of defeating him, so they decided to protect my reputation by telling others I injured my head falling down, and wait for revenge in the future.

After a conclusion was decided upon, Yin Zi summarized it to me, he explained to me the meanings of the words I didn’t understand and how I can’t go to teach a lesson to that bullying dog……

This made me very angry. I lay on the ground for a long time, until Luo Sha cooked me a delicious and plump carp, then I reluctantly agreed to let that bastard dog off the hook.

Next they discussed about the Elephant Devil’s marriage proposal, Yin Zi said it was better to decline, trying not to provoke the flames of war. They discussed the final outcome, and that the most important thing right now was to bring me Luoyīng Mountain to get me some clothes.

As soon as I heard the word clothes, I immediately opposed this idea, I turned around and rolled on the ground. Despite Yin Zi’s persuasion, I remained firmly unaffected.

In the end, Luo Sha pushed him aside and stood in front of me, and firmly said, “If you do not wear your clothes, I will string your meat and bones together and roast it to eat!”

Owner once told me that there were some very sick minded people who liked to eat cat meat, and Luo Sha’s vivid descriptions……it scared me and my ears folded. I was desperately afraid, in order not to become roasted cat, I hastened to agree to wear the clothes.

Bull Devil seeing me nod, whispered to Luo Sha, “Wife, you are really smart.”

Luo Sha gently smiled and told him, “I also do this to coax our child to sleep.”

I was immersed in a roast cat fantasy terror dream, unable to recover for a long time.

Following my decision to go back, white smoke enveloped Yin Zi body again, and once the smoke was gone, on the ground was a white crow, my food was back.

Yet another sad ending, the crow suddenly became larger, until finally, his outstretched wings blot out the sky.

I had never seen such a large bird before, so I had no idea where to start eating. Bull devil grabbed onto meand seated me on the back of the bird.

After everybody has gotten up, the crow took off to the clouds, gracefully gliding across the sky.

The white feathers were soft and comfortable, the white clouds were dancing next to me in the horizon, and everything on the ground became ants as violent wind brushes against my cheek. This scenery reminded me of when I fell from the tenth floor, only much more beautiful.

Perhaps this was the way to go home, I will be able to see my beloved cat litter and owner again.

“Meow woo~~” I happily cried out as I thought about it.

The crow seemed to feel my excitement, and continued flying higher, as if we were trying to reach the sun.

Those pair of white wings under the brilliant sunshine appeared even more beautiful and attractive.

I also got more and more excited, and as my excitement reached its peak, I could no longer control my emotions and took a vicious bite.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” The crow’s earth-shattering scream.

The smooth flight began to jolt, the crow began to roll in midair.

Bull Devil and Luo Sha from behind the rear quickly stepped forward, they tried to pull me away and shouted in unison,

“Sister, stop biting Yin Zi!!! Let go of him!!”

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    horte3 said:
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    this is truly hilarious ty for translating

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    The moment she gave the name of Erlang as the name of the person who had violated her, I laughed out loud like crazy, rolling around on the bed. Holy schadenfreude, the writer had a great sense of playfulness with mythology. I’ve got to give kudos for that (and thanks for translating, seriously, this makes my day)

    The reason for my hilarity is this: that black dog is the same uptight Erlang that chased Sun Wu Kong’s for the chaos he left behind in the Heavens, right? The one going on and on about the order of things and self-discipline? And on that note, I could definitely identify the Bull Demon and the Fan Princess.

    I think some footnote for the readers not familiar with Eastern mythology would be helpful. Just my two cents on this, no need to rush or anything.

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      bachithecat said:
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        They’re characters from journey to the west. Bull devil is sworn brother of wukong

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