Day: April 5, 2015

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Bed Battle

“Fish, fish, fish, pan-fried, cooked, deep-fried are all delicious.”

Well, looks like I can make poetry too, I rub my satisfied stomach and feel my head, no burning, and nowhere uncomfortable, so I climb onto the big bed that Bi Qingshen Jun has for me. I roll around on the bed, but I did not feel satisfied, and it was not comfortable enough.

Outside came a slightly agitated voice, “This lowly one is called Wawa, I was ordered to serve Master Miao Miao.”

It seems to be calling my name? I shake my ears, and quickly I rush towards the door, however, the young girl at the door wasn’t able to dodge in time, I run into her and she falls. She rolls several times, gets up instantly, and knelt trembling, she says, “Wawa was rude…..Master Miao Miao please forgive me…..”

I crouch down to take a closer look at her face, I feel that I have seen her purple hair and purple eyes somewhere before. I think for a long time and then suddenly remembering, it couldn’t be the girl that fell down the stairs, right?

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