Meow Meow Meow Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Bed Battle

“Fish, fish, fish, pan-fried, cooked, deep-fried are all delicious.”

Well, looks like I can make poetry too, I rub my satisfied stomach and feel my head, no burning, and nowhere uncomfortable, so I climb onto the big bed that Bi Qingshen Jun has for me. I roll around on the bed, but I did not feel satisfied, and it was not comfortable enough.

Outside came a slightly agitated voice, “This lowly one is called Wawa, I was ordered to serve Master Miao Miao.”

It seems to be calling my name? I shake my ears, and quickly I rush towards the door, however, the young girl at the door wasn’t able to dodge in time, I run into her and she falls. She rolls several times, gets up instantly, and knelt trembling, she says, “Wawa was rude…..Master Miao Miao please forgive me…..”

I crouch down to take a closer look at her face, I feel that I have seen her purple hair and purple eyes somewhere before. I think for a long time and then suddenly remembering, it couldn’t be the girl that fell down the stairs, right?

Thus I graciously held her and asked, “Do you also like to roll?”

“Ah?” The young girl open her eyes wide and stared at me confused.

“I really like to roll!” I look at the young girl in front of me and cheerfully makes some recommendations, “In the future, we can roll together, but we have to pick a nice sunny day, we can roll and bask under the warm sun, it’s very comfortable.”

“No, uhh…..good…..” The girl shakes her head and then quickly nodding her head again, she tightens her fists and says, “If Master Miao Miao orders me to, then this lowly one will definitely be able to do it!”

“Are you called Lowly One?” I look at her in confusion, “This name is quite strange.”

“This lowly one is called Wawa…..”

I still don’t understand what this lowly one is, so I ask again.

She finally replied, “My name is Wawa.”

Really, you should have just said that earlier then I would have understood, I sympathetically watched Wawa and told her, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have education, it is not that big a deal that you can not tell yourself apart, I used to not know too, but with Yin Zi desperately teaching me, I learned a little bit.”

Wawa’s face becomes very strange, she stiffly nods, and then goes to clean the place. She has deft hands and feet, but occasionally, she knocks down a fruit or hits a bench.

I’m rather proud, in the past, it was Yin Zi that taught me everyday, but now, it is finally my turn to teach someone.

I just do not know why Wawa cleans and sulks at the same time, “Why is my luck so bad…..why do I always draw the shortest stick…..why…..”

At night, Jin Wen brought me special fish dishes to eat, and there’s not even a hint of Bi Qingshen Jun’s shadow anywhere, I think that I might secretly sneak into his room and sleep on his bed.

Speaking of sleeping, I feel very depressed on my own bed, it is smaller than Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed, it is harder than his bed, it doesn’t smell as nice as his bed, so in short, it is uncomfortable! I can’t sleep!

I rolled from the left side to the right, and from the right side to the left, Wawa helped me change into a translucent white chiffon gown, and then she lay down at the foot of the bed and slept. Her mouth was drooling, and so I rolled my eyes. A brilliant idea had just come to my mind.

I will sneak into Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed!

I immediately jump out of my bed without even considering about changing clothes, so wearing my nightgown, I directly run towards Bi Qingshen Jun’s room.

Fortunately, his room is not too far, I jump over some fences and hid myself within some trees and flowers to avoid detection from the guards. I haven’t even crossed the yard yet and I spot Jin Wen in some red clothes under the gazebo, I don’t know what I should do.

I curiously go over there and pat her shoulder, Jin Wen turns around, scared to death to see my face, she scrambles to her knees and said, “Master Miao Miao, the fish has been presented today, if it’s not enough, this lowly one will go catch some more.”

“I’m full today, bring me more tomorrow,” I found her expression uncertain, her glances somewhat evasive, I must be over thinking it and so I guess, “Could it be that you want to sleep in Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed as well?”

Jin Wen’s face turns deathly white, she looks at me shaking, and says, “As well? Could it be you…..”

“I’m going to sleep in his bed.” I said quickly.

Jin Wen’s face was blue, “Aren’t you his disciple? How can…..”

“Why not?” I asked, puzzled, but I saw her pitiful face, and with a big heart, I generously say, “Ok, ok, I’ll give you one side of the bed, we can sleep together then.”

Jin Wen’s face turned black, she looks from my face to my dress, and then looks at her own clothes, she looks at my chest, and then looks back to her chest, suddenly tears ran down.

My sensitive ears hear her say while running the opposite direction, “I’ve lost…..”

I really do not know what that emergency food is thinking, I shrugged, and continued with my plan to climb into his bed.

Carefully, I step closer to his room, inside was dark, all the lights were off, and by the sound of his steady breathing, he seems to have fallen asleep.

The darkness can not stop a cat’s vision, I looked up at the large bed for a long time and finally decided that I would start from the foot of the bed.

I open the blanket a little bit, and then I slip into it, I slowly wiggle my way towards the center, nestling beside Bi Qingshen Jun.

Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to tremble a little, his skin was terribly cold, so I did not cling to his arms, but I tried to give him some of my heat, since he didn’t have much.

I adjusted and tried several positions, finally finding the most comfortable one, I feel pleased and close my eyes, ready to sleep.

But I did not expect the blanket to be suddenly pulled away, it was chilly, Bi Qingshen Jun grabbed my wrist, gritted his teeth and then said, “What did you come here for?”

“Meow woo~” I twist my body, trying to break his hold on me and said, “I came to sleep.”

“Go sleep in your own room!! What did you come here for?!” He asked again.

I pitifully said, “My bed is not as comfortable as your bed…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s face turned ugly, he tightly grabs and twists my wrists, “Is that a reason for you to climb into a man’s bed dressed like that?”

“Hurts, it hurts,” I feel my hands bruised, and quickly called out a few times, I finally understood that the clothes were the problem, but I do not know why, so I said, “If I turn into a person and where clothes, isn’t it fine…..or I can also turn back into a cat?”

After the words fade, I neatly turn back into a cat, Bi Qingshen Jun’s hands empty. I am back to my little cat body, and I rub against his body and continue to arch into the bedding.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s breathing sounded very heavy, he seems extremely angry, but I do not understand why he is so angry, wasn’t it just a dress? Next time I won’t wear this type then, hateful!

As I closed my eyes and was getting ready to sleep, Bi Qingshen Jun jumps from the bed and roars, “Servants! Move this bed into Miao Miao’s room!!!”

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard outside, as I stagger to stand up he roars again, “Bring the bed that’s in her room here now!”

I…..I want to have both beds though…..

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