Meow Meow Meow Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Being Played

I look perplexed at Bi Qingshen Jun’s face, I do not understand what his words means.

He did not continue to finish the sentence, he held and quickly steps onto the kirin, looking flowers and brushing against willow branches, we arrive at the residence of that terrible doctor.

Looking at this awful and familiar place, my fur was scared into sticking up, but my injured and weak body could not resist, Mo Lin walks towards us grinning, and ties me to the top of a table, and squeezes my cheeks left and right.

“Ohh~ kitty cat, the fur on your legs are very white, and very soft as well, I’ll give you a belly rub, ahh~ your paw pads are also very cute~” He laughs like and idiot while rubbing me all over, “How come you’re hurt again? Were you bullied? How about you consider dumping Bi Qingshen Jun for me?”

“Mo Lin! Go treat her! Less wordy!” Bi Qingshen Jun says somewhat angrily, “Do not mess with me or I’ll have your house destroyed.”

“Wah~ Angry~ Angry~, kitty how about you think about it, this uncles chest will always be open for you!” Mo Lin was not even afraid of his threats, still very silly and laughing, just like those maniacs that wants to abduct and sell canned cats.

Tied on the table, I seriously think about the degree of horror between him and Bi Qingshen Jun, and see him take out his bag of needles, I immediately shook my head and rejected his so called “good intentions”.

Beside me, Bi Qingshen Jun seems to have relaxed.

Perhaps this is revenge for refusing, in an instant I have become a hedgehog, after one stick of incense, Mo Lin pulled out a silver needle, and cut away my charred fur, he takes out some white gauze and wraps it around my injuries, like he was wrapping me into a cat mummy. He then makes me a big bow and places it on my forehead, satisfied, he says, “For three days, just don’t let her move too much, it will be fine.”

Soon after, Bi Qingshen Jun unties the ropes, I regain my freedom and stretch my arms and legs, I was about to lick my wounds, but the bandages were in the way, I call out “meow, meow” out of discomfort.

“Don’t let her lick her wounds.” Mo Lin stops me from tearing the bandages apart, he thinks for a moment, and then suddenly brings a sheet of thin metal out, he polishes and shapes it. He takes the funnel-shaped headgear and puts it on my head, it wraps around my whole head and looks very funny.

“I don’t want this!” I began to protest, “Uncomfortable!”

“Then are you able to not mess with your wound?” Bi Qingshen Jun had a face that wanted to laugh, his fingers touch the bandages on my head, and the knocks on the metal headgear, and finally could not help but burst into laughter.

I immediately felt that my dignity has been greatly humiliated…..

Hateful! You need to know that cats would rather kill than be humiliated! I stood up and change back into a person, and then using my front paws I add to the Mo Lin on the ground rolling around full of laughter a few extra whiskers.

But suddenly Bi Qingshen Jun uses a strange magic on my body, my whole body goes soft and I lie down on the ground, no longer able to change back into human form.

I bitterly look at the two bastards in front of me who played with the poor and innocent kitty cat, I was angry, Bi Qingshen Jun ignores my anger, and holds me up, hides me in his arm, and giving Mo Lin a quick goodbye, we left.

Mo Lin stares at our figures as we leave, his eyes filled with tears as he waved, seemingly sad, but I can guarantee that they are definitely tears from laughing too hard!!

These two are even more hateful things than dogs! I will definitely get revenge! This is my only thought while I am wearing this costume.

On the way back, all the maid servants and page boys that saw me immediately retreated, several of them had faces flushed red, and a shortness of breath, it was the most painful thing to endure.

Bi Qingshen Jun didn’t bring me back to my room, but instead went to his room, he places me on the big soft bed and told me, “In these following three days, don’t jump chaotically, or you’ll open up your wounds.”

I don’t care about that bad guy, I sadly crouch in a corner of the quilt, trying to lick my fur, but my head was separated by the headgear, unable to reach my goal.

This is torture.

Bi Qingshen Jun sees this and softens his tone, in a gentle voice he says, “Endure it, three days will go by very quickly.”

“The one enduring isn’t even you.” I muttered.

“I’ve also had to endure.” Bi Qingshen Jun hears the complaint, he takes off his shoes and goes onto the bed, lying on a pillow, he gently pulls me closer to his side and says, “The more it hurts, the more you have to keep on enduring.”

“When? How painful?” I asked with my eyes wide open, a part of me does not believe that a person as powerful as he is could get hurt.

“Too long ago, I don’t remember.” Bi Qingshen Jun says faintly, “At that time, all the bones within my body were crushed, and all the tendons in my body ripped, causing me to be unable to move.”

“Liar! With such heavy injuries, you would’ve died!”

He slightly laughs, “At the time, someone told me, that there was a legendary Buddha in the West that could cure any pain, so I crawled inch by inch towards the west, but it took me a whopping 500 years to get there, my muscles became extremely strong, and no longer needed the support of my bones and tendons, but I still did not see the buddha.”

I was fascinated by his story, and couldn’t help but ask, “That person that lied to you, did you look for him for payback afterwords?”

“Later, I learned that, that person was the Buddha, he saw that I had the willpower to stand up for myself, he gave me a breath of his celestial energy, helped me mend my bones, and assisted me into becoming a celestial being, becoming the guardian god in charge guarding the demon world, which I’ve been doing for several thousand years.”

I still didn’t believe him, so I squeezed his body, but did not expect to find that he really does not have any tendons in existence, I was stunned, and I looked up at his green eyes in the dark, trying to find a trace of falseness inside.

But there was none, there was no falseness in his eyes, I don’t know why, but it makes my heart gush in pain, I climb onto his chest, and bends down to lick his face, “If Bi Qingshen Jun says it isn’t painful…..Miao Miao also won’t say it is painful…..”

“Miao Miao, your metal headgear is making me uncomfortable.” He knits his eyebrows.

I did not even lick a few times and he was overwhelmed, I angrily jump on the spot, “Hateful! I won’t sympathize you anymore!!”

Bi Qingshen Jun bursts out laughing, the laughter does not dissipate for a long time.

Huffed and perched onto the side, I held my tail and did not listen to him, but with an arm, he grabs me and hugs me close, not letting go, and then gradually falls asleep.

I open my eyes wide and watch, I see his long eyelashes trembling slightly with each breath, I see…..I also curl up into a ball, leaning towards him and slowly fell asleep.

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