Day: April 8, 2015

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Disaster At Luoying Mountain

I did not know how long I slept, I wake up drowsily, to see Bi Qingshen Jun beside me reading a book. I let out a big yawn as I stood up, my muscles were in pain, and I remember that my body is still wrapped like a mummy.

Bi Qingshen Jun sees me awakened, he puts his book down and sits next to me, he holds me closer and says, “Didn’t you want to sleep in this bed with me? Since I allowed you, you are not allowed to leave!”

“But…..” I was going to rip apart the bandages on my body, but suddenly remembered the promise I made with him
to endure, so I sat obediently sat by his side, pitifully looking at him, and said, “I want to eat.”

At that moment, Xiaolin timely and respectfully comes in from outside the door, Xiaolin says, “Master Shen Jun, I will prepare for lunch.”

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