Meow Meow Meow Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Disaster At Luoying Mountain

I did not know how long I slept, I wake up drowsily, to see Bi Qingshen Jun beside me reading a book. I let out a big yawn as I stood up, my muscles were in pain, and I remember that my body is still wrapped like a mummy.

Bi Qingshen Jun sees me awakened, he puts his book down and sits next to me, he holds me closer and says, “Didn’t you want to sleep in this bed with me? Since I allowed you, you are not allowed to leave!”

“But…..” I was going to rip apart the bandages on my body, but suddenly remembered the promise I made with him
to endure, so I sat obediently sat by his side, pitifully looking at him, and said, “I want to eat.”

At that moment, Xiaolin timely and respectfully comes in from outside the door, Xiaolin says, “Master Shen Jun, I will prepare for lunch.”

I joyfully jump on the bed, yelling and shouting, “I want to eat I want to eat!”

Bi Qingshen Jun sighs, comes and picks me up, places me on the desk, and says to the people outside, “Bring the food inside, bring Miao Miao’s as well.”

Before long, maid servants and page boys filled the room, I saw my emergency food Jin Wen there as well, dressed particularly nice. Originally, in the demon world and in the heavenly realm, I didn’t find anybody ugly or pretty, but her beauty was eye-catching and with a faint scent of fish, I think she looks absolutely delicious.

Jin Wen walks in front of us, puts down the tray, and says to me, “This is a rare pearl fish from the North Sea, Shen Jun and Master Miao Miao please have a taste.”

The scent of the fish was more fragrant than any of the other fish I’ve tasted before, a hastily pounce towards it like a hungry wolf. The people around us frowned their eyebrow, secretly laughing, but they dare not make a sound, in fear of the Bi Qingshen Jun beside me.

Bi Qingshen Jun points to the dish of fruits and vegetables, after taking a few mouthfuls of the ginkgo porridge, he suddenly nods, “Did the chef change today?”

Jin Wen approaches, and winks her eyes, watching Bi Qingshen Jun as she says, “This lowly one is good at cooking, therefore I helped out in the kitchen and made a few dishes, I do not know if these suit Shen Jun’s taste.”

Bi Qingshen Jun hadn’t even said anything, and I cried, “Today’s fish is especially good! Jin Wen you are awesome!”

“Your food is all over your mouth, have some manners.” Bi Qingshen Jun frowned, he let the maid servant bring a handkerchief to wipe my mouth, and then looked back at Jin Wen, her face was flushed red, he says, “Since you are good at cooking, then you will especially cook for Miao Miao. I myself do not care for what I eat, so do not need to worry about me.”

“Good Good!” I am really starting to like this bright and smart emergency food, so I happily call out, “In the future, Jin Wen will cook me fish everyday.”

Jin Wen’s face became pale, her lips moved to say something, but did not make a sound, eventually, she bitterly retired.

Bi Qingshen Jun watch her back as she left, he says to Xiaolin, “This woman seems to be plotting and scheming something, in the future, do not let her come near this place, and take notice of any strange actions.”

Xiaolin comes forward and obeys the order, and then leaves.

Being full and satisfied, I think back to the issue, I quickly held Bi Qingshen Jun’s sleeves and asked, “Jin Wen can not come to my place, because I need to go back to Luòyīng Mountain, you promised me that if my head does not hurt then I can go back, right now it doesn’t hurt.”

“This…..” Bi Qingshen Jun asked, somewhat troubled, touching my head and said, “Your body is injured, and you have already become my disciple, it’s better if you don’t go back.”

“You don’t keep your promises!” I am somewhat angry and curled my lips.

“I will give you lots of fish to eat, don’t go back to Luòyīng Mountain, ok?” Bi Qingshen Jun says after thinking for a moment.

This deal was tempting, so I hesitated, but when I think of the sad crow’s eyes, I suddenly feel a little worried and nervous, so I hastily shouted, “I want to back, I’ve been gone for too long, Yin Zi will be angry.”

“Yin Zi? That crow?” Bi Qingshen Jun asked.

I proudly say, “Yes! If I’m not there, monsters will bully him, that guy is useless in fights.”

Bi Qingshen Jun sighs, “I think he won’t be there anymore.”

“Why?” I don’t understand.

Bi Qingshen Jun hesitated for a long time, and then says, “Luòyīng Mountain had an earthquake, all the monsters and demons are gone, I’ve searched around, but I did not see that crow demon.”

“You liar!” I screamed, “Yin Zi won’t leave me! He is definitely waiting for me!”

“I didn’t lie to you.”


Bi Qingshen Jun sees me persist, and after rolling around on the ground, he loosens up and says that if I rest three more days, and heal my wounds, then he will bring me back to search.

However, three days later, he actually took me down to the earth and into Luòyīng Mountain, but what I saw was the ground split, many trees fallen and all over the place, collapsed rocks, dry streams, and the air filled with the taste of blood. In addition, there was no sound of life among the rubble except the sound of birds chirping, all the animals I’ve played with before, the deer, rabbit, and bear, their bodies have decomposed into white bones with countless worms and insects crawling on them, my heart grew more uneasy.

“Yin Zi!” I loudly yell.

He did not respond in that same irritably voice that he used to say, in the sky, there was a flock of crows, but no one was white.

“Yin Zi! Where are you?” I was a bit confused, and hurriedly changed into my human form, I jump onto a big tree and look all around.

But he still did not appear…..

So I jumped down immediately and headed for the cave that we used to live in, Bi Qingshen Jun from behind blocks me, and then he casts a spell on himself, he disappears into the air.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

Bi Qingshen Jun replies, “Monsters are afraid of my spiritual energy, now that I’ve cast a stealth spell, they can not see me, and it is much more convenient.”

I appear to understand, but I didn’t, and so I nod my head, he easily kept his pace with me at the rear.

It is harder to destroy something than to construct something, the 10000 year old mountain peak was destroyed by a single earthquake instantly. The distorted scene beside me constantly passed through my brain, as if my heart was whipped over and over again. I’ve lived at Luòyīng Mountain for more than 300 years, every single tree, and every blade of grass, I can tell the difference apart, but after such a short period of time, I did not recognize the scenery in front me…..

The cave where Yin Zi and I lived in collapsed, I worked hard to try to dig a hole to crawl into, but I did not see Yin Zi anywhere.

Where did he go?

My heart felt unsteady, after thinking it over, my mind suddenly flashed, I immediately rush to the backyard where he buried his gold and silver, I know that, that guy treasures those items more than his own life, if he is still here, then the items will definitely be here.

So when I dug up the gold and silver, I happily cried out, “Yin Zi definitely did not leave yet.”

Bi Qingshen Jun came to me and said, “Miao Miao, have you ever thought, that maybe he could not get away?”

“Why can’t he get away?” I asked puzzled.

“This earthquake affected the surrounding area for thousands of miles, he might’ve been killed by the disaster.” Bi Qingshen Jun slowly explained.

I still do not understand, “What kind of monster is an earthquake? What is a disaster?”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s eyes suddenly become gentle, he touches my head and softly says, “An earthquake is the will of the heavens, it is not a monster, but a path, a path in which everything would be swallowed, and destroyed…..”

His words struck me like a lightning bolt, I understood what death was, but I never thought how it could be related to Yin Zi, so I hastily pulled at Bi Qingshen Jun’s arms and cried, “Yin Zi doesn’t do bad things, why does the heavens want to punish him?”

“Because when there are disasters, there will be even more prosperous days to come.”

“I don’t understand!! I don’t understand!!” His words were not to my liking, so I did not want to hear them anymore, I held onto my ear, just kept shouting, “I want Yin Zi back!”

“There’s an 80 percent chance that he escaped,” Bi Qingshen touches my head to comfort me, “let’s go back.”

“I don’t want to go!” I turn my head and sprint, not stopping until I’ve reaches the top of the hill, looking at the clouds in a daze, the scenery remains the same, he is still not here, I feel very sad, even more sad than when I was bullied or when bad doctors stuck needles in me.

So I leaned over and huddled myself, whenever I felt uncomfortable, I would change my posture so that I relieve my pain.

But, this time it does not work, I am still in pain, a lot of pain.

Bi Qingshen walked up from behind, he crouched beside me, and gently said, “If it is really painful, then just cry.”

I look at him, puzzled, and shook my head, “I don’t know how to cry, because cat’s do not have tears.”

“You are human right now.”

“I am a cat.”

Bi Qingshen Jun sits silently and ponders.

I continue to look at the distant sunset, until the ugly shadow of the mountain at night envelops us.

Yin Zi did not come back, I start to think that he might never come back.

“Come back with me.” Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly says, “There are no disasters or misfortunes in the heavenly realm.”

“Do you think Yin Zi has abandoned me…..”I asked in a low voice.

“Why do you ask that?” Bi Qingshen Jun touches my head.

“Because I used to give a lot of trouble to Yin Zi…..”

“I would always blackmail him into giving me fish to eat…..”

“I don’t listen to the words Yin Zi would say…..”

“Yin Zi hates me, is that why he won’t wait for me?”

“He must be mad that I left, so he hates Miao Miao…..”

I kept confessing, and Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly smiles, he holds me into his arms, stroking my hair, and gently says, “Yin Zi really like Miao Miao, the day when I took you away, he kept chasing us, and saying that he will come up into the heavenly realm.”

“Really?” I look up at him.

“It’s real.” Bi Qingshen Jun looked very serious, not like a liar.

“Then I will go back to the heavenly realm and wait for him!”

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