Meow Meow Meow Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Special Bed Technique

I keep looking left and right to ask Bi Qingshen Jun for help, but he turns his head and shuts his mouth, eyes smiling, he leaves this poor cat to suffer alone.

Luo Sha grabs my ear to lecture me, “What I meant was that your gēgē and that sly fox ran off together, he abandoned me! He cast me aside! Understand yet?”

Under the pain, I nod again and again, to show that I understand, and that she couldn’t be more clear.

“What do you say we do now?” Luo Sha forks her arms on her hips, she walks several laps around the room, “Miao Miao it’s so good you are here, let’s go and barge into that sly’s fox’s place, and hack her into pieces!”

“Ok!” I agreed without even thinking, as long as she’s not yanking my ears, hacking a few monsters is no problem, “Now, where is this sly fox?”

Luo Sha face suddenly darkens, dishearteningly she says, “That bastard this time is really too much, I couldn’t even catch the fox’s tail.”

I see that she still seems angry, I immediately offer her some ideas, “Why don’t we go to a mountain and find a few fox, it’s no big deal to hack a few of them, I remember that on Ming Feng hill, there was a nest of them.”

“What use is hacking a few of those foxes?” Luo Sha grabs my ears again, and scolds,”You really are a stupid cat!”

So there are actually different foxes…..I feel the pain in my ears, and become more depressed.

Luo Sha walks around and around, thinking for a long time, she stops in front of me, suddenly clapping her hands together, she says, “Didn’t Bi Qingshen Jun kidnap you to become his disciple? Go and beg him to help use a lightning to slash down upon that sly fox!”

I quickly look up at Bi Qingshen Jun standing right beside me, he shakes his head and says, “Lightning can not be abused.”

Luo Sha’s face clearly revealed that she did not hear his words, she continues to gossip, “In these several thousands of years, Bi Qingshen Jun has not taken in any disciples, how come he fancies you?”

“What is fancies me?” I did not understand so I pricked my ears up.

Luo Sha thinks for a moment, she places her hands and grabs my chest, feeling and touching my face, she seriously says, “I heard there was some god that would put their disciple on their bed, Bi Qingshen Jun doesn’t sound like this kind of person, right?”

“He is!” I said happily, “I slept in his bed many times, he was very gentle.”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s face turns black, he seems to be choking on his saliva, and kept on coughing violently.

Luo Sha still hasn’t noticed his presence, so she continued to smile and say to me, “This is even better, you go and blow in his ears and give him some pillow talk, and then help me bribe him into hacking that sly fox into pieces.”

Mhmmm good, whatever she said, I nodded, pillow talking is too easy…..

“You should be able to satisfy Shen Jun in bed, right?” Luo Sha then seriously says to me, “Do you want sis-in-law to teach you a few special techniques in bed?”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s face becomes even darker, he swiftly comes over and says, “It’s getting late, let’s go back.”

I did not mind him, because I was very interested in the special techniques that can be used in bed, so I made a face that sought for advice.

Luo Sha walks off to the side and gently falls to the ground, pulling her skirt up, she exposes a lot of her thigh, then lies down, she opens her lips slightly, and blinks a few times, she looks very charming, she then says to me, “Sister, your natural beauty, if you pose like this, and call out in a whiny voice a few times, you will definitely be drop dead gorgeous.”

“Meow woo~ I understand.” I nodded modestly, and just when I was about to ask how to kill the enemy, Bi Qingshen Jun mercilessly grabs onto me, dragging me out the door, saying, “You are not permitted to learn this rubbish.”

Luo Sha hastily asks, “Sister, you are returning?”

I see that Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to be very angry, he grabbed me with a lot of force, making me unable to struggle free, so I nodded farewell.

Luo Sha immediately rushes to the book shelves to grab a book, she catches up to me and hands me a book, she says, “This is the latest erotica, when you go back, make you study it thoroughly, it will help greatly with your special bed techniques, also, you must remember to help me give him a pillow talk, so that the sly fox will be butchered.”

“Meow woo~ Ok!” I happily take the book and hold it in my arms.

But I didn’t think that after I got up on the cloud, Bi Qingshen Jun would immediately take the book away, looking like he wanted to tear it apart.

I was very angry, I loudly yelled, “This is something Luo Sha sis-in-law gave me!!

He looks at my grumpy face, after thinking about it for a moment, he places the book inside an opening in his clothes, and refused to let me have it.

“Meow woo!” I angrily try to kick him, but I missed, he’s so shameless, he actually dared to steal from a cat.

On the way back to Xuan Qing Palace, I did not speak to Bi Qinshen Jun at all, he ignored me as well, just sternly saying that I am forbidden from seeing Luo Sha.

I think for a long, long time, and finally understood the truth, he must be afraid that I will learn the special bed techniques in the erotica, and that he must be afraid I will surpass him.

So it’s like that! Then I must learn it! I must learn the special bed techniques and defeat him! I will make Bi Qingshen Jun my subordinate!

The more I think, the happier I feel, I laugh proudly, giving him a few stares.

After we returned, I quickly followed Bi Qingshen Jun’s everysteps, wanting to steal back the secret bed technique manual. What I did not expect was that bastard to let Jin Wen bring me several dishes of fish to eat, when I finished, the manual was already hidden somewhere.

I slipped into his room looking left and right, his bookshelves were filled with books, there were words everywhere, they all looked similar. I suddenly discovered that I had no idea how the words on the secret manual looked like, I can not recognize any of the books…..

In the past, I did not study and read much, now, I finally know the bitter consequences of not doing so, I felt a little bit dejected.

Also with me in the study was Wawa, when she saw me with an open book, she couldn’t help but praise, “Master Miao Miao has finally decided to begin seriously studying, Shen Jun will be very happy.”

She and Bi Qingshen Jun are a group, so I can not tell her that I’m looking for the secret bed technique manual, I secretly hold my tail and turn around to leave.

In the evening, I turned back into a cat, and went on Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed and searched for a good spot to sleep in. He leaves me alone and ignores me, he sits on the bed only occasionally moving his hand to flip the pages of his book.

I was ready to sleep, but I suddenly remembered what Luo Sha had told me to do, pillow blowing. I quickly ran up against Bi Qingshen Jun and blew on his pillow, blowing for a long time, I did not find any particular thing special to happen, eventually I lost all my patience.

Bi Qingshen Jun looks at my movements, and laughs.

I did not pay any attention to him, and continued to practice the special bed techniques Luo Sha taught me. I climb onto the pillow to lie down, revealing my cute snow-white belly, and stretching my hairy cat legs out, I struggle to place my paws on my chin, while narrowing my eyes, I let out a whiny cry, “Meow~”

Bi Qingshen Jun laughed so hard that he nearly passed out, scaring the page boy outside to ask again and again in horror, “Shen Jun are you okay?”

My self-esteem was once again humiliated, I glare at the bastard in front of me…..thinking hard about what is wrong with my special bed technique…..

Clearly, my movements were correct, but…..

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