Meow Meow Meow Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – My Name

The special bed technique did not work, so I am very depressed, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying basking in the sun everyday.

Today, I selected a roof with green tiles to lay on, the sun was intense, my whole body was baked and warmed by the sun, it was extremely comfortable.

Under the roof, several maid servants were chatting, their laughter stirred my interest, so I raise my ears up to listen


Servant A: “I never knew that Master Shen Jun was interested in bondage, I heard that on the first day the cat demon went to sleep with in his bedroom, he used a leather whip to tie her up!”

Servant B: “Even if he likes to use force in bed, this cat is able to climb a big tree, I think this cat will definitely be able to become an immortal!”

Servant C: “Wasn’t Shen Jun always quite reclusive? In the past, the Apricot Fairy had pursued him for many many years, but his heart remained unmoved.”

Servant A: “Aiyaa, I heard Shen Jun loves the wild style, now that he favours and spoils the cat, they are literally inseparable. I heard that a few days ago, that even a bed was broken, from what I heard, our head servant Xiaolin had to clean up the mess.

Servant B: “I wish I was that cat…..I won’t have to suffer hardships any longer.”

Servant A: “With your little body, how long do you think you endure? You should quit dreaming!”

Servant C: “I only have one question to ask…..In one night, how many times can Shen Jun do it… any rate, he is still the number one general in the Heavenly Realm ahh!!”

Servant A: “Actually…..I’ve heard of a little secret from an insider…..but it would be inconvenient to say ahh!”

Servant B + C: “If we’re friends, then don’t cover and hide secrets!!”


In the end, they shouted together loudly, and then whispered to each other, I think for a long time, I felt that the word “friend” seemed to be the most important, but why do friends not hide and cover secrets? What is friend?
I do not understand.

I observed for over half a day, I started to feel bored, so I let out a big yawn, when I was about to lie down and sleep, Wawa’s voice coming from the distance alerted me, “Master Miao Miao! Where have you gone? Master Miao Miao!!”
Last time she came to take me for a bath, the other time, she made me study and read books, another time she…..anyways, no good things come from that jerk. I immediately hide and tuck myself away, and close my eyes to ignore her.

I did not expect her to go borrow a ladder and climb up, huffing and coughing from being out of breath, “Miao…..Master Miao Miao….. Wawa has found you at last, Master Shen Jun needs you at the study for something.”

I was really unhappy, with a careless fling of my tail, the tip brushed past the ladder, she screamed and fell with the ladder. The three that were chatting under the roof turned to look at me, they kneel on the ground trembling and immediately cried, “Master Miao Miao, please forgive us.”

“Wawa!” I did not care for those three off to the side, I quickly reverted back to my human form, jumped down, and ran to her pale and swollen face, I repeatedly say, “I didn’t mean it…..”

“It…..don’t worry about it… be beaten by Master Miao Miao is an honour…..” Wawa says this while crying, her forehead was fractured, constantly bleeding.

Even the stupid me understands that this is not right, I quickly pick her up and go to Bi Qingshen Jun.

On the way there, Wawa realized the direction we were headed in, she hastily grabs me and says, “This minor injury does not need to be reported to Shen Jun! He’ll be angry at you! You….you can take me to where head servant Xiaolin is…..”

I follow her instructions and move to where she is pointing at, running through Xiaolin’s office and halls.

Xiaolin stares at the Wawa in my hands with no particular expression on his face, he commanded the maid next to us to help, “You take her and go to the pharmacy to grab some medicine for her wounds, this lad is always so clumsy.”

“I want to go too!” I raised my hand in a flash.

Xiaolin and Wawa both says discouragingly, “Master Shen Jun was looking for, you should go over there for now, we can take care of this minor injury ourselves.”

They both looked very firm, but I refused to leave, until Xiaolin threatened me to tell this to Bi Qingshen Jun and put me in solitary confinement, I hesitantly stepped back to leave the hall.

On the road, I think back at Wawa’s tears…..I suddenly forgot what I was going to say, so I turned around and went back. When I arrived at the door, I heard Wawa cry, “Headmaster, you should go, Wawa wants to change location.”

Xiaolin sighed and said, “You think I don’t want to? Would anyone be willing to leave right now? Didn’t you want to become the head servant? If you continue to work hard, your efforts will be rewarded.”

Wawa’s cries grow louder, “I’m afraid that I will die before I become the head servant….. Master Miao Miao’s strength is too great, every time she plays roll with me, I end up purple all over.”

“You must endure it, later I’ll see if I can find anybody to switch with you, who told you to lose the lottery sticks.” Xiaolin’s voice was helpless.

Wawa’s cry becomes even more sorrowful, I quickly go in, when they saw me return, they were somewhat stunned, unable to speak.

I held Wawa’s crying face, then I gently kissed her tears, and whispered, “Wawa, don’t cry…..”

I thought this sentence could heal all the pain, and get rid of all the sadness…..

However, Wawa’s eyes were very evasive, and very afraid when she looked at me…..there was something different I think, but I could not tell the where the difference was.

This feeling…..hate…..

The emotions in my heart were chaotic, unable to be resolved no matter what, I saw that Xiaolin and Wawa don’t wish for me to stay here…..I had to go to Bi Qingshen Jun’s study alone.

Bi Qingshen Jun was holding a thick writing brush and was scribbling doodles on a piece of paper, seeing me come in, he clears his throat, takes the brush and places it into my hand, he says, “I’ll teach you how to write your own name.”

I look at the sheet of rice paper on the table, it was full of large and small symbols of the same thing, I curiously ask, “What is this?”

“This is the Miao(苗) character,” Bi Qingshen said gently, “This is your name.”

I did not want to write, I place the brush down and snuggle into his arms, his embrace was cold, but I felt a type of warmth, enough to drive away the pesky emotions and attachments.

“What is it? Don’t be lazy now, quickly go write.” Bi Qingshen Jun lightly taps my head.

Normally, writing the “one(一)” character was already hard enough, but today, I obediently grip the pen, and earnestly try to write down the symbols he had just written down.

“That’s not how you grip the brush.” Bi Qingshen Jun’s hands reached forward, his hands were very big, large enough to cover my entire hand, he grips my hand tightly and drags my hand forward, he dipped the brush in ink, and slowly drew the characters.

“Miao Miao, Miao Miao, Miao Miao…..this is your name.” He said.

“Miao Miao, Miao Miao, Miao Miao…..this is my name.” I remembered.

The night gradually fell, in his arms, I continued to write, and write…..

Until all my unease and anxiety was driven away.

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