Meow Meow Meow Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – The Third Dragon Prince

In the morning, the dense fog covered the entire heaven, causing the view and scenery to be obscured, and making the already lost me even more lost. Very soon I had no idea of which direction I was even walking in.

I suddenly remembered an extremely important question, where was I going? Better yet, where can I go?

This question had no answer.

There were no mountains in the Heavenly Realm, only palaces, in the distance , I saw a lush bamboo forest, and inside the bamboo forest was a rock mound. So I went and hid in there, holding my tail and curled up into a ball.

Looking at the shadow of the bamboo waving back and forth, and listening to the wind coming in, I popped my head outside to look around, only to find that nobody out there so I began to worry. But I finally decide that I did not want to be found, but at the same time I was also eager and was yearning for somebody to find me, while thinking, I eventually fell asleep.

In the distance came the sound of a male and female laughter, waking me up from my dream.

I carefully come out of my hole, I scan my head towards the sound and observe.

I saw a man wearing a black robe with pearl like buttons laying in a pavilion inside the bamboo forest, his hair was the colour of flames, yet it still hangs silky smooth, long, and messy. His eyes were golden like the shining sun, his thin lips slowly made an arc, and his chin was quite sharp. Overall, he had a very thin and tall, and handsome face.

The strangest thing was that his robe was untied, revealing a strong chest, as well as, a woman in a yellow chiffon gown was sitting on his body and rhythmically moving up and down, constantly emitting heavy breathing sounds and screams.

What are they doing? I curiously stuck my head inside, wanting to go forward to examine carefully.

I did not expect the man to look over the woman’s shoulder, straight towards me, the curvature of his smile suddenly growing larger.

Since I was discovered, I should go out to greet them right? So I come out of the bamboo, and politely waved and bowed to them while loudly saying, “Hello!”

The man blankly stares at me as he looks at me coming out of the forest, and the woman who was constantly moving up and down becomes stiff. She slowly turns her head, looks at me, and screams wildly, and then jumps off the man and runs away.

She must hate me as well, what did I do wrong again? I dipped my head down sadly, depressed.

The man suddenly laughs, he casually puts on his clothes, gets up and walks in front of me, staring at me from head to toe, he kindly asks, “Which household’s monster are you? How can you be so bold?”

Seeing that he has a likable attitude, and doesn’t hate me, I honestly said, “I am Hua Miao Miao.”

“Hua Miao Miao?” The man frowns,and thinks for a moment, “I seem to have heard that some god has recently taken in a cat…..”

“If someone tells you their name, you have to say your name as well.” I look up and seriously asks.

“Oh…..” The man suddenly laughs, his hands touch my long blue and purple hair, and says, “My name is Ao Yun.”

“What are you doing here?” I continued.

“A lover’s rendezvous,” Ao Yun bizarrely stares at my eyes, his hands slip onto my face, thinking and finally asks smilingly, “Could it be that you don’t know of human affairs?”

“What are human affairs?” I do not understand.

He did not answer my question, he only blames me, “You just scared away my sweetheart, shouldn’t you compensate me?”

“How can I compensate?” I was still muddled.

“How about you replace her and finish what you interrupted?” Ao Yun leans over and surrounds me with his arms, his breathing tickles my neck.

Our red and blue hair intertwined, creating a beautiful atmosphere. I opened my eyes wide open, and curiously wonders what he will do next.

“Why did you, a little demon, come to a place like this?” He pulls me onto his lap, and gently unties my belt.

Hearing him mention such a sad thing, I droop my ears, and whispered, “Because…..I do not know how to make people like me.”

Ao Yun’s movement suddenly froze, his eyes full of interest, “The person you like does not like you?”

I honestly liked playing with Wawa and Jin Wen… I earnestly nodded.

“That guy definitely did not look carefully then, how about I replace him, and love you instead?” Ao Yun gave me a smile and bit my nose, “As long as you’re obedient, I’ll take you back to the Dragon Palace and make you a concubine.”

“Ok, ok.” This man has the smell of the sea which I like, he comforts me, which causes me to feel deeply moved, so I nodded at once.

Ao Yun no longer spoke, he takes off my upper garment, kisses my shoulders.

I immediately remembered what Luo Sha had told me, and quickly gathered my clothes and cried, “My sis-in-law says I can’t just casually take off my clothes, bad guys will eat me!”

Ao Yun facial expressions become stiff, but laughs again, and says, “She said you aren’t allowed to casually undress, but she did not say others can’t undress you.”

“Do you understand?” I nod my head, so he continued to undress me.

Ao Yun’s hands began to slide downwards, tickling me, I did not think he would hide a stick in his waist, I did not know what to do, so I curiously touched it, and asked, “Is this your weapon? You should put it away.”

He groaned a little, he grasps my hands and gasped, “You… are too amusing.”

After saying that, he viciously doubles the amount of kissing.

Suddenly, from behind, came a murderous and icy aura, accompanied by cold words, “What are you guys doings?”

I joyfully turn my head around, Bi Qingshen Jun was standing behind me, he came to find me.

“Shen Jun!” I jumped off Ao Yun, and rushed towards him, holding him and rubbing my head back and forth.

He takes off his cloak and wraps it around me, and bitterly asks, “Why did you not return? And what were you doing with him just now?”

“Him? He is a good person I just met!” I turned around, pointed at Ao Yun, and said, “He is teaching me how to become a likeable person and what human affairs are!”

“Good person? Human affairs?” Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression grew even more ugly, he slowly drew his sword.

“Uh…..Bi Qing, you should calm down and put your sword down first,” Ao Yun hastily puts his clothes on, and smilingly says, “This stupid cat is yours? No wonder I thought its name was familiar.”

“Miao Miao is not stupid!” Hearing him slander me, I felt a little bit angry.

“Shut up!” Bi Qingshen Jun snapped at me, he seems to be very angry, so I tucked my head away, and he then said to Ao Yun, “Normally when you seduce and lure other fairies and immortals, it has nothing to do with me, but this demon cat is my disciple, it is not up to you to touch her.”

“Disciple? Not a pet?” Ao Yun let out a surprised expression.

Bi Qingshen Jun gets extremely angry, he lifts his hand to wield the sword, and trims the bamboo lightly, cutting strands of Ao Yun’s hair as well, “The nature of this demon is like that of a child, do not teach her dirty things!”

“Oh…..” Ao Yun suddenly smiles, and says, “So you wanted to develop and raise it so you can enjoy it yourself.”

Before he even finishes, Bi Qingshen Jun immediately thrusts the sword towards him.

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