Meow Meow Meow Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Magic Spell 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…..”

Are these two words really that magical? I was baffled.

When I returned to my room, Wawa was still busy cleaning, her hands and feet were moving non stop doing work. It appeared as if she wanted to make the room spotless.

I lowered my head, walked towards her, and I tugged at her sleeves. After hesitating for a long time, I gently said, “I’m sorry.”

Wawa’s face was stunned, she repeatedly waved her hands and said, “Master Miao Miao, what are you saying? Wawa can not handle it.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I hastily read aloud the magic spell that I practiced over and over again, then I carefully looked into eyes and said, “Wawa, don’t hate Miao Miao, ok?”

“I…..I…..don’t…..” Wawa had a helpless expression, her face grew red as I shook her head repeatedly, and then suddenly nodded, “I…..don’t really hate you…..just…..that your strength is too great, it scares me…..”

“Really?” My eyes lit up, and my ears were standing.

Wawa vigorously nodded her head, after a moment of hesitation, she whispered, “Master Miao Miao… the future, can I not play games with you, I…..I will get hurt…..”

I said embarassingly, “But…..I thought you liked playing.”

“I do not like to play roll!!” Wawa cried, “I was afraid that if I don’t play with you, you’ll hit me or tattletale…..”

“What is tattletale?” I asked.

“Maybe I think too much…..” Wawa’s face was slightly red.

I shook my ears and then asked, “What does Wawa like play?”

Wawa thought for a long time, and then said in embarrassment, “Because I am a flower demon, I like sitting under the sun in a daze, I don’t really want to do anything…..”

“Good! Next time I’ll play with you sitting in a daze!”

“To sit in a daze is not playing…..”


“Never mind…..”

This was my first time seeing Wawa smiling. She even had two dimples on her face, as well as little itsy bitsy fangs. Her smile was really sweet, much more beautiful than her scared and tense face, so cute that…..I couldn’t control myself, and pounced onto her, rubbing and brushing against her, she touched my head, and giggled.

At night, we both did not turn off the light until a very long time, we talked about a lot of things and I told her many stories about Luoying Mountain, the beautiful scenery and freedom, as well as the various battles with other demons. Wawa hearing this, was extremely envious, she had always wanted to have the opportunity to descend below to the Mortal Realm.

At this point, I told her that with her delicate constitution, any monster could kill her. After hearing this, she felt a little dejected, so I promised to be her bodyguard.

Wawa then told me about herself, she said she was a originally snow lotus flower that became a demon by being irrigated by Heavenly Glacial Spring Water for hundreds of years, and upon becoming a demon, she was assigned as a maidservant to Bi Qingshen Jun’s residence, but even though she worked hard, she was clumsy and made a lot of mistakes, and unable to advance. Cultivation for her was a difficult process, so she still remains a weak demon without much magic power.

She suddenly curiously asked a very profound question, “I heard that when a man and woman sleeps together, the woman will be pregnant, you sleep with Master Shen Jun everyday, so will you be pregnant?”

“No.” I gave her this answer without even thinking, because I am a cat, not a woman, only if I sleep with a male cat will I be pregnant.

“Then how does one get pregnant?” She asked curiously, “I know two people needs to sleep together to have a baby, but nobody tells me the specific process…..”

When I was at Luoying Mountain, I saw that the birth of little animals were always out of the blues, the specific process is not clear, but I guaranteed to Wawa that I will go ask Bi Qingshen Jun to see if he can figure out this problem.

Wawa distressingly screams and grabs me, “If Bi Qingshen Jun knows this problem, then he will beat me to death, you absolutely can not tell him!”

I stared at her firm expression, reluctantly scratched my ears, and decided that in the future, I could ask Yin Zi or Ao Yun…..

The two of us laugh and talk until late into the night, and finally falling asleep, I did not expect that in the morning, that Bi Qingshen Jun would send someone to bring me to the study.

I yawned, refusing to get up, the reluctant but desperate Wawa loudly urged me, finally half waking me, I drowsily follow her out the door.

Bi Qingshen Jun was standing in the study and then gave me a small stone, and said to me, “Insert your demonic powers into it, I want to see the level of your powers.”

I took the sparkly transparent stone and played with it, I then obediently followed what Bi Qingshen Jun said, I inserted my demonic powers into it, I did not expect the stone to emit bright light, from light blue to dark blue, to pink, and finally an extravagant red, the colour change was very surprising, I like it very much, therefore I held onto it refusing to let go or give it to Bi Qingshen Jun.

He did not urge me to return it, he just stared at my face, for long time and then said, “Your cultivation level should be above demons of thousands of years, but how come your IQ is that of a young demon?”

I didn’t quite know what he was asking, I shook my head to represent that I don’t know.

“Fine,” Bi Qingshen Jun sighed, he bent down and gently told me, “How about I send I send you to the Heavenly Realm’s only school for young demons?”

“What is school?” I curiously asked.

Bi Qingshen Jun says after hesitating, “It’s a place where you can learn.”

“Don’t want to go.” I refused without even thinking.

“Although you are my disciple, I only excel in combat and magical spells, I’ve never had any disciples before so it will be difficult for me to teach you general knowledge.” Bi Qingshen Jun said patiently.

I take the stone in my hand and put it away, afraid he will take it back, I then ask, “You haven’t told me what a disciple is, and what does a disciple do?”

“Someone that personally teaches you all sorts of magic is called a shifu, the person that receives the teachings is called a disciple.” Bi Qingshen Jun frowns, and tries hard to explain, “In brief, you should honor the teacher and respect his teachings, listen to my words, be a model pupil, and treat me like a father or senior, so you must call me shifu.”

I thought about this for a moment, and immediately made a decision, “I don’t want to be your disciple!”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s complexion instantly turned unpleasant, he reprimanded, “What do you want to be then?”

“Miao Miao wants to be a pet!” I cried happily.

Bi Qingshen Jun was petrified, after a long time he resumes, “Pet?”

“Being a pet is quite good, you give me food to eat and drink everyday, and then play with me, making me happy! Also, I am spoiled, loved, and cared about! Therefore I do not want to be a disciple!” I proudly sit there and count the benefits.

“Absurd!” Bi Qingshen Jun roared, but in an instant, he couldn’t help but snicker.

I drooped my ears and began again, “No matter what…..Miao Miao will be your pet…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression returned to being stern, he coughed a few times and then said, “You can choose to become my disciple, or you can choose to be spanked.”

“Meow woo…..” I sadly called out, I then felt the lingering pain from my butt and became depressed, feeling that this type of behaviour and using violence is really shameless!

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    cathdeary said:
    April 17, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    Rofl! She is so effing cute! I wonder what happened to the previous meow meow. Will she ever materialize?

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      okawarianime said:
      November 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

      This is over a year later, but I think it was implied that the original Righteous Sister died in a battle against the Giant Bird Devil that Yin Zi mentioned when Miao Miao first reincarnated.

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    eye44can1 said:
    April 17, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    “Sorry” is the magic word. Now MM have finally have a girl to talk in the BQJ’s mansion. LOL, the last sentence of the chapter (MM’s thought) just crack me up. Thank-you for your translation and upload. Have a good weekend.

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    Sammi said:
    April 17, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    Finally Miao Miao gets her very first friend there! Looking forward to see how the school time will be for her. Thanks for sharing!

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    Yy said:
    April 18, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Thanks for the chapter! Yeah she finally has a friend! Haha…BQSJ, do you really want her as a disciple??

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    1314dreamer said:
    April 18, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    I dont really understand. is meow meow a great demon that lost her memory or is she another soul in the great demon’s body?

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      alyschu said:
      May 15, 2015 at 10:51 am

      she’s a 2 year old cat from the future

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        hehaaw said:
        May 19, 2015 at 6:26 am

        more like from another world 😀

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    Phoenix said:
    May 22, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    cultivation for hor was a difficult process
    hor -> her

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    James Long said:
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    I think poor sifu is going to lose this battle. Cats are very good at getting what they want, cat girls even more so.

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    SHIPPER said:
    May 6, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    A PET!?!
    OMFG. The rumors going around already think he’s a BDSM Master and now his disciple goes around calling herself his ‘pet.’

    Oh Miao Miao, i cannot blame you since you are a spoiked cat from the 21st century. His reputation is gooooing down the drain abd he has no friends to tell him that.
    Oh well.

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