Meow Meow Meow Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Stealing Is Wrong

All around us was silence, only the sound of breathing was present.

Li Tianwang’s face was full of shock, he quickly came up to Mo’lin and snatched the box from his hands, the look of his eyes changed, he became speechless.

“Meow?” I think that these people are reacting too strangely, so I called out softly.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s smile finally turned into an arc, he looked at me and said, “Are you sure that this is what you wanted to steal?”

I nodded earnestly, “Red, and very fragrant, indeed.”

“How did this happen?” High God Old Lao walked up from behind, he and Li Tianwang examine the box and the beef jerky carefully, but no matter how many times they look at it, beef will always be beef, it won’t change into something else.

“I think that the in the heavenly realm, there’s no rules stating one can be punished by death for stealing something to eat right?” Bi Qingshen Jun broke their silence, “But I’ve heard that High God Old Lao was vegetarian, where did the beef jerky come from then?”

“This…..this…..” High God Old Lao’s face turns red, thinks for a moment, and then immediately turns around and roars as loud as thunder, “Baozi(Little Bun), come over here now!”

That young lad that was called Baozi, lowered his head, and moved forward trembling and whispered, “It is mine…..”

High God Old Lao throws him the box and the beef jerky, tugging at his ears, he says, “What stolen pill? More like you just lost your beef jerky.”

“Ah forgive me!” Baozi knelt down quickly and cried, “I saw that she was being sneaky and quickly fleeing from behind with something in her mouth, and that everywhere was a mess, so I thought she stole the elixir…..”

“Since we’ve already figured out the truth, this demon will face some harsh punishment and I will personally teach her a lesson when we go back,” Bi Qingshen Jun stares at the two of them awkwardly, he did not want to be entangled in this any longer, “Now could Li Tianwang please release the tower and let her go.”

Li Tianwang withdrew the pagoda in embarrassment. The me that has finally escaped began to relax. I softly fell to the ground and turn back into a cat, unfortunately, the fire had already attacked my spirit, causing my injuries to be quite grave.

Bi Qingshen Jun squat down to pick me up, he carressed my charred fur and furiously scolded me, “I can’t believe your stupidity was actually useful this time.”

“Miao Miao is not stupid…..” My whisper resulted in Mo’lin laughing loudly next to me.

After High God Old Lao and Bi Qingshen Jun bid farewell, little Baozi was dragged back by his ears by Old Lao, as well as telling him he would be punished when they return, which made me feel very sympathetic for him.

Li Tianwang felt too awkward and embarrassed to wave us goodbye, he hurriedly walks forward dragging the tied Jin Wen with him to ask, “How do we deal with demon?”

“Should this demon really be executed for stealing food to eat?”

Li Tianwang glared at him and loudly gave an ordered to the heavenly soldiers, “Let her go! If she wants to roll then let her roll!”

Jin Wen was released, she stumbles gets up and rushed towards me, she kept asking, “Miao Miao how are you feeling? How did the pill become beef jerky?”

I didn’t steal the elixir, so I grabbed onto my ears and said, “It seems that I stole the wrong one…..”

Jin Wen was stunned, after a long time, she said, “It’s fortunate that you are so stupid…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun did not let me talk to her anymore, he hugged me and placed me onto the kirin beast, leaving Jin Wen alone, but luckily Mo’lin sympathized with her and let her on his magical deer, and sent her back to Xuan Qing Palace.

After we returned, he gave me a variety of unpleasant medicine and bandages, turning me back into a mummy, the only difference this time is that there were two bows instead of one, one on the neck and one on the tail…..

I thought that the problem was already dealt with, so I did not expect Bi Qingshen Jun to seize Jin Wen and I to the hall, he said that this time our actions were too mischievous, and that we would face severe punishment.

What is punishment?

Bi Qingshen Jun was sitting in the middle of the hall on a sandalwood armchair with peach blossom carvings. Jin Wen was trembling and kneeling beside me. I looked at him stupidly, guessing that this time I will probably be spanked.

Qingshen Jun inquires.

I shake my head to express that I didn’t know.

Bi Qingshen Jun was at a loss for words, after a while, he continued to ask, “Do you know, that things that aren’t yours, shouldn’t be taken at indiscriminately?”

“But…..” After thinking for a while, I ask, “Why can’t I take them…..”

“Miao Miao, what do you like the most?” Bi Qingshen Jun sighed and then asked.

“Fish!” I answered loudly, then continued, “I also like Shifu! I like Yin Zi, Wawa, Jin Wen, Gege, Tiger, and Xiaolin!”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression relaxed, he stood up, came towards me and said, “If someone secretly took away your favourite fish, will you be sad?”

“Would! I will definitely bite him to death!” I replied without hesitation.

“If you take other people’s stuff, then they will do the same and bite you to death.” Bi Qingshen Jun told me with patience.

It suddenly dawned to me, that High God Old Lao and Li Tianwang both liked to eat the elixir very much, since I stole it, they got very angry and wanted to burn me to death.

Knowing your own mistake and correcting it is good behavior of a good cat, I quickly went over and brushed against Bi Qingshen Jun’s legs, “Shifu don’t be angry, next time Miao Miao won’t steal.”

“Stealing stuff is wrong, do you understand?” Bi Qingshen Jun said as he picked me up, and touched my charred fur.

“Understood!” I nodded at once.

“Since it’s like this, I will punish you to go to the cave and reflect on your actions for seven days, with no food to eat.” Bi Qingshen Jun thought and then spoke.

“Locked in again?” After hearing that, my spoiled cat face collapses…..

Bi Qingshen Jun ignored my screams, he turned to Jin Wen and said, “You should know the rules and regulations of the heavenly realm right?”

“This lowly one understands.” Jin Wen bows her head to plead, “Master Shen Jun can decide my punishment.”

“Come,” Bi Qingshen Jun turned and yelled outside, “Drag her outside and give her 100 beatings with the stick!”

I suddenly envied Jin Wen’s treatment…..getting beat by a stick is better than having no food to eat…..

But unfortunately, my whining and constant chatter caused Bi Qingshen Jun to be very angry…..he grabbed my neck, and threw me into a mountain cave, and pulled the cold metal gates closed, he then says to Mo’lin, “I’ll be troubling you.”

“Oh~ poor little kitty.” Mo’lin sighed, his hands clasped together to make a few signs, forming countless white lines to form, enclosing the entire cave.

The lines that surrounded the cave then invaded my body, taking all of my energy, I fall limp onto the ground, no longer having any more energy to even scratch the railings, let alone drilling open the cave.

Iron cage, locked, no food…..I desperately lay on the ground holding my head and rolled on the ground like a child.

Bi Qingshen Jun really has a heart made of stone, he just turns to leave me to reflect on my actions…..

I sadly bit onto the iron railings, my stomach growling. I was only allowed to drink water, but no matter how much I drank, I was unable to become full… bodily wounds along with my hunger felt more unpleasant than being burned by the fire.

Briefly reflecting on my actions and illuminating my fur, I smell something fragrant, and couldn’t help but pounce on some bark, and take several bites…..hungry…..very hungry…..

So hungry that I’m about to go mad…..

Suddenly…..I smell a faint scent of fish from the distance, slowly floating in, I rushed to the entrance of the cave and called out.

“Meow woo~ Meow woo~ I want to eat something!! I want to eat something!!”

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