Meow Meow Meow Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – The Advent Of Torture

On this dark, stormy, and ominous night, there was a sneaky figure that was drawing near me, seemingly holding a small parcel. The scent was being emitted precisely from this parcel.

“Meow woo~” I kept waving my paw out the iron bars of the cave, and said, “Wawa! I want to eat fish! Fish!”

“Shhh~ keep it down, are you trying to ask for trouble?!” Wawa wipes the cold sweat on her forehead, she warily looks around, and quickly unwraps the parcel in her hands, revealing four large buns, “No fish, I secretly took several leftover buns from Shen Jun’s meal, you should eat these and not be too picky!”

I quickly grabbed the buns to my side, fiercely taking a bite, I found the inside was actually made of white flaky fish meat, so I happily cried out, “Delicious!”

“How come it’s a fish meat bun? I thought he was vegetarian…..” Wawa was curious and wanted to take one of my buns to take a look, with a large bun in my mouth, I instantly sent out a ‘hisss’ sound, chasing her away, this time, nobody is allowed to touch my food.

The buns were immediately completely cleared, even the crumbs were cleanly finished, I licked my lips and thanked Wawa, “Wawa you are so kind, I almost starved to death.”

“Do not thank me, if you want to thank, then thank head servant Xiaolin instead!” Wawa shyly waved her hand and said, “He is the one who secretly told me there was a secret path that could bring me here, otherwise even if I wanted to deliver food to you, I would not know how.”

“You are all good people!” I was very moved, and added something, “Is Jin Wen okay?”

After Wawa finished packing up the parcel, she joyfully says, “This time, Jin Wen’s punishment was really harsh, she lied in bed unable to move, but Shen Jun bestowed her the Pill of Immortality. So everyday while clutching her quilts in pain, she would giggle here and there, also, she wanted to tell you that she is sorry.”

If I knew Shen Jun would give the pill…..why did I go steal then ahh~…..

Depressed, Wawa stood up to bid me goodbye, she told me to obediently stay put in confinement, and says that Shen Jun really does spoil me, so I should listen to him.

For a long time after Wawa left, I thought about the meaning of those words, and finally felt that they were wrong, if he spoiled me, then shouldn’t he be the one that should listen to my words?

And soon, I discover that he didn’t spoil me at all…..otherwise he wouldn’t have helped the big devil Mo’lin to bully this cat!

On the third day of my confinement… the evening where Wawa would usually deliver me fish buns or fish porridge, Bi Qingshen Jun delivered to me the horrible Mo’lin…..

Speaking of the tragic experiences I’ve had with Mo’lin, I can not even count them all, I’ve gone to his residence to steal things, and I’ve never broken anything of his, he should not have any ill feelings or hatred for me, but I do not know why he appears to despise me so much. Every time I see him, if I’m not suffering from his needles then I’m wrapped up, or forced to drink bitter medicine, in my mind, he is an object that is below even a dog, the number 1 most hated thing.

I vigilantly stood up, shrinking back to a corner, I stared at him with frightened eyes, observing his actions, I do not know what kind fate I would suffer next.

Bi Qingshen Jun walked forward and lifted me up, he softly said to me, “Your wounds have not healed yet, let the doctor take a look.”

“Meow woo~ No, I don’t want to! He is a bad guy!” The imprisoned me was struggling for my life, but Bi Qingshen Jun’s grip was too strong, I was abruptly brought in front of Mo’lin.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I’m not a bad guy.” Mo’lin’s evil grin on his face totally betrayed his words, he took a pair of silver scissors to cut the bandages apart, he carefully observed the wound, his eyebrows frowned, and then let out a long sigh, “There seems to be a bit of problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Bi Qingshen Jun asked.

After a moment of hesitation, he says, “Her fur was burnt in too many places, it is not good for the wound, it would be best if it was all shaved.”

Shave my fur?

This hellish phrase was what only the most vicious demon in Heaven Realm would say, so I stared at him for a long time unable to retain my composure.

When I thought about it, my beautiful fur had always been an object of my pride! That bastard Mo’lin dared to say that he would shave it off so shamelessly! He definitely does not treasure his hair then! So he wants to bully me!

I’ve never had this kind of panic and anger flood my body, so I was desperately trying to struggle free from Bi Qingshen Jun, and then I take a vicious bite on Mo’lin’s hands, so viciously that he lets out a pitiful scream, he grabbed me and tried to fling me away in mid-air.

I will not let go even if I die, even though I was swung back and forth like a swing.

Mo’lin’s hand was oozing with fresh blood, Bi Qingshen Jun immediately approached and grabbed me, forcing me release my hold, freeing him, he embarrassingly says, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry? He said sorry to the bad guy? I looked at Bi Qingshen Jun, stunned, my heart was about to burst, so they were actually friends, they are in this together…..I always thought Shifu was a good person…..but I didn’t think that he and such a person could be in cahoots!

“It’s just a minor injury, fortunately, her demonic force was sealed,” Mo’lin smiled, he pulled out some ointment from his bag and applied it over his hands, instantly stopping the bleeding, and immediately healing.

Bi Qingshen Jun looks at the me fiercely struggling in his hands, and asks, “Are there any other treatment options? Miao Miao seems to oppose having her fur shaved.”

“No,” Mo’lin answered bluntly, “Must be shaved.”

So…..before I could even express my dissatisfaction, Bi Qingshen Jun’s hands formed a chop with his hands, and I lost consciousness…..

When I woke up again, the colours of the clouds have changed, Mo’lin had already left, leaving only Bi Qingshen Jun here smiling at me, causing me to fear.

I look around in four directions, cat hair was all over the floor…..seemed to be like my hair…..

I turn my head to look at myself, and found that my whole body was bare, and wrapped in bandages…..only my head, my four paws, and my tail still contain the little fur I now have. The wind was blowing leisurely, as if the last leaf of autumn had just fallen…..

No fur…..I don’t have anymore fur…..all bare for people to see…..

“Meow woo!!” I scream in shame, I quickly hid in the shadows of the cave, I didn’t want to let others stare at my body, so I only revealed my head, and bitterly shouted to him, “Compensate for my fur!”

Bi Qingshen Jun tries to comfort me, “It does not matter if a cat does not have fur, in the future, it will grow back.”

“Nonsense!” I screamed, my face began to grow hot, “During this time, how can I meet other people!”

“You…..” Bi Qingshen Jun thinks for a moment, and asks, “Why do you not wear clothes when you meet people? Why are you so shy when your fur is shaved?”

“Rubbish!” I retorted without hesitation, “Fur is much more important than clothes! Even if I don’t wear clothes I mustn’t be without fur!”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s facial expression changed, he stepped forward and ruthlessly said, “If you dare not to wear clothes outside, I will spank you!”

“Meow woo…..I’ll wear…..” In the face of violence, I can only quickly shrink back into the darkness, sadly closing my eyes, I did not dare argue with him anymore.

Because he will never understand the pain and shame of a cat being shaved…..

My body is all bare and smooth ahhh!!!

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    Hang said:
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