Meow Meow Meow Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Men Are All Terrible

Revenge for shaving my fur, I will definitely take!

Everyday I would squat behind the bars, besides eating and sleeping, I only thought of how to get revenge, wanting to rip that bastard Mo Lin’s skin and tendons from his bones! And make him kneel down call me Aunty Miao! As for Bi Qingshen Jun…..since I am not his opponent, I haven’t thought about it yet…..

As I was thinking, the days in confinement were already over, Bi Qingshen Jun personally came to pick me up, and brought me to a table full of fish, telling me that it was to comfort my grief and my fur. After so many days of not having any good food, I quickly forgave his evil and shameful behavior.

But before my fur grew long, I did not let other people see myself in my cat body, I had to turn into my human form, and use my clothes to cover up my partly bare tail, to avoid being a joke to everyone.

When I went to Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed in the evenings…..he gave me a great deal of resistance.

Obviously, Shifu likes how the furry body of how a cat looks like, he really hates me when I turn into my human form. In the past, when I climbed onto his bed in my cat form, he did not object, but now, when I climb onto his bed in human form, his response was fierce…..

Bi Qingshen Jun threw back the covers, he grabbed me and bitterly said, “If you don’t have any other meanings, then do not appear like this and climb into a man’s bed in the middle of the night!”

“But…..I climbed into Shifu’s bed!” The sleepy and wide-eyed me was somewhat angry.

“Shifu is also a man!” I did not know what Bi Qingshen Jun was trying to explain, his expression was a little grim.

“Why can’t I climb into a man’s bed?” I still did not understand the reason.

“Because…..because…..” Bi Qingshen Jun’s face had bursts of red and white, he hesitated and thought for a long time, he then grabbed my ears and ruthlessly said, “Because you will be eaten by a man!”

“Eat…..eaten?” I was a little afraid, “Eaten whole?”

Bi Qingshen Jun nodded, looked at me and did not speak.

“You will eat me?” I asked him, and carefully looked up at him, I believed that he and other bad guys were different.

I did not expect Bi Qingshen Jun to nod his and say, “Do not test my patience.”

In a flash, braised cat meat, steamed cat meat, grilled cat meat, deep-fried cat meat…..these images relentlessly circled in my mind, I immediately jumped out of the bed, turned my tail, and ran out the door without looking back…..I could not help but fear he might suddenly throw me into a pot to eat…..

I ran in panic, men are such terrible animals! They would even eat this cute little kitty right here!

I must not look for men anymore! I ran all the way down the length of the road, still in shock, I was even wary of the stares from the page boys and servants passing by, feeling that they will suddenly pounce at me at any moment.

After thinking it over, I went to Jin Wen’s room, and quickly pounced onto her bed, I slipped into her blankets shivering.

“Owwwy!!” Jin Wen screams, “You stupid cat! You touched my butt!”

“Jin Wen!” I threw myself into her arms, rubbing against her, and then complained to her sadly, “Shifu said he wants to eat me!”

“Normally, Shen Jun is the most awesome good person in the entire heavens,” Jin Wen was lying on the bed, she smiled and said, “I thought you were eaten long ago.”

“Why!” Hearing her answer, I became more sad, I pounced onto her to ask, “Why does he want to eat me?”

“Dead cat! Take paws off! My body is injured!” Jin Wen ignored my question, and cried out in pain, “If you touch my butt again, I will eat you as well!”

“Nonsense! When was a fish able to eat a cat! Only cat eats fish!” I wasn’t one bit afraid of her threats.

“In the future don’t even think about eating fish anymore!” Jin Wen became angry.

“I…..I won’t touch it anymore…..” In the face of food, I could only submit and listen, so I only kept saying to Jin Wen, “Shifu is a rotten egg…..shifu is a rotten egg…..”

I did not expect Jin Wen to knock my head and yell, “Master Shen Jun is best and the most amazing god in the entire heavenly realm! Even though you are so stupid, you can be his disciple, you must’ve saved him in your previous life or something! If you don’t listen to his words obediently, then I absolutely can not forgive you!”

At the mention of Shen Jun, I became sad, I stare at the Jin Wen repeatedly saying, “Pill is good, pill is wonderful” … heart generated some interest in that magical item, so I asked to see the pill.

Jin Wen couldn’t stand my pestering any longer, and finally revealed a small box from her arms, she then unwrapped the 78 layers of silk, revealing a small red ball, Jin Wen quickly glared at me, wanting to retrieve it, and put it safely away and hidden.

It was High God Old Lao and Li Tianwang’s favorite thing to eat, how can I put away the contents in my hand away that quickly, so I stretched my hands forward, Jin Wen was surprised, the Pill of Immortality was already in my hands.

I pick up the red balls, and sniffed, it had a smell like medicine, very unpleasant, it wasn’t like the smell of the beef jerk I stole last time, so I asked, “This thing is very pleasant?”

Jin Wen’s face turned pale, she screamed, “Little ancestor, you must never eat that! I need to use that to save my sister!”

I look at her nervous face, and I became curious, so I gently licked the pill of immortality, but found it tasted bitter, it definitely does not even come close to the taste of fish…..

“If you dare to eat it, I will go all out with you!” Jin Wen’s cry was even more miserable, the sound permeated through the entire Xuan Qing Palace, scaring me and causing my heart to skip a beat, so I hurriedly placed the pill back in the box and respectfully returned it.

Jin Wen quickly wrapped the box neatly, and placed it within her clothes, and then seriously warned me, “You can’t touch it!”

I held my ears and desperately nodded, I suddenly felt that this woman was just as evil as Luo Sha, so I crawled into her blankets, rubbed her side, and said, “Jin Wen, do you know where Mo’lin lives?”

“Of course, Mo’lin is a famous physician within the heavenly realm, his skills are top-notch, my sister’s illness was also seen by him.” Jin Wen replied without looking up, “Last time, out of desperation, I mistakenly hit him, I’m really embarrassed, next time, I will definitely go and apologize.”

“I want to go too!” Knowing where that evil person lives means I can finally get my revenge, I was suddenly elated.

“You want to go too?” Jin Wen turned to look at me, “Are you going to apologize too? You should, this time you were burnt by the Shamisen Fire, thanks to his Ten Thousand Year Frozen Toad Blood you were healed.”

What is Ten Thousand Year Frozen Toad Blood? I shook my head to express that I didn’t understand, but Jin Wen looked like she really likes that big meany, so I decided not to tell her my true purposes, I will wait until the time is right to make a move…..

That spineless and weak guy Mo’lin isn’t even my opponent in any ways!

I kept thinking, and then slept in satisfaction.

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