Meow Meow Meow Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Revenge

Experience has told me many times that if I wanted to teach Mo’lin a lesson, I must wait until Bi Qingshen Jun is away, otherwise, I would get my butt spanked…..

A cat’s endurance and perseverance was very good, I waited patiently for two whole weeks for an opportunity. When Bi Qingshen Jun was finally away, I enticed Jin Wen and Wawa to accompany me to go to look for Mo’lin.

Jin Wen’s injury has already healed, and after she returned from the East Sea to deliver medicine, she became refreshed,
smiling at other people and no longer had that enchanting feeling from our initial meeting. She dresses up much more plainly now, and became much more preachy, everyday, she would chatter about how amazing and awesome Shen Jun is, and tell me not to be so naughty.

Such behavior and praising over Bi Qingshen Jun received approval from head servant Xiaolin, so she also became one of my personal servants. She and Wawa never stops tracking and disciplining me, but she is much more competant than Wawa…..every time I broke a vase and buried it, she would find out…..this was really depressing ahhh~.

In the Heavenly Realm, it was always sunny. Jin Wen was sitting in front of the pavilion outside the door, helping me embroider dried fish patterns as decoration for my clothes. Wawa was working very hard to wipe and clean everywhere, it seems that until she makes every place spotless, she won’t be at ease.

In this dreary afternoon, I went in front of them to act spoiled and rolled around to nag them to go Mo’lin’s place, I received approval from Jin Wen, and after she notified head servant Xiaolin, we happily departed.

Jin Wen was holding a small package in her hands, she said it contained unique seaweed from the East Sea, and that it was a type medicine that could be used by Mo’lin, Wawa was carrying a large satchel filled with a variety of food, saying it was for me to eat at Mo’lin’s place.

Every time I visit Mo’lin’s home, I came with Bi Qingshen Jun on his kirin beast. I never knew that there were flowers on the road blooming, too beautiful to behold, so I went over to the flower bed and rolled, the smell was like a rain of flowers. The Wawa and Jin Wen that loves me very much granted my every request, causing many delays on our way to Mo’lin’s place.

When I finally saw the vermilion door of Mo’lin’s residence, I suddenly remembered the purpose of this trip—to wreck his home!

Wawa was about to reach out and grasp the door knocker, I immediately stopped her polite behavior, and waved them back, so I that I could take care of it.

They unknowingly took two steps back, I jumped up and kicked. I ruthlessly knocked down the door and smashing it to pieces, causing a cloud of dust. I then jumped inside and fiercely shouted, “Mo’lin you bastard! Come out to face this cat and prepare to die!”

Such remarks had caused Jin Wen and Wawa to open their mouths wide and stare at me, speechless.

I did not worry about the two of them, and hurried inside, only wanting to catch Mo’lin and beat him up, to avenge my shaved cat fur.

In the interior of his residence was a lot of flowers, blooming a brilliant purple and red, the last time I came, I saw young servant girl, sitting under the eaves and taking a nap. At that moment, she woke up and stood, looking stunned at me, like she’s never seen such a scene before.

I quickly went towards her, grabbed her collar, lifting her into the air, and took out my claws to ask, “Where is the bad guy Mo’lin?”

“Shifu…..Shifu…..” The young girl seemed to be afraid, she stuttered, “He went out to pick herbs…..”

At this moment, Jin Wen and Wawa finally recovered from their state of shock, and quickly rushed to grab a hold of my hands and screamed, “Master Miao Miao, quickly let go! Didn’t you come here to thank to Immortal Mo Lin? What do you think you’re doing right now?”

“Who wants to say thanks?” I cried angrily, lifting my skirt to bring my bare tail out, only the tip portion had a bit of fur, and revealed what evil Mo Lin had done, “Look! It’s that bastard that urged Bi Qingshen Jun to shave off all my beautiful cat fur!”

“Pfff~” The Jin Wen that was originally panicking, seeing my tail, couldn’t help but laugh out loud, even Wawa and the little girl hanging in the air had smiles surfacing on their faces, making me feel even more embarrassed.

“Anyways, you should put the young miss down first.” Jin Wen seeing my unpleasant face immediately stopped laughing and advised, “She has nothing to do with it, don’t scare other people.” Wawa beside us nodded repeatedly.

After thinking about it, to show that I was a fair and just cat, I put her down, frequently asking her when Mo Lin will come back, and where he went to pick herbs.

That courageous little girl was quite brave, she calmed down very quickly, and sold her Shifu’s information all to me, including how Mo’lin would grind his teeth when he slept, how many times he goes to the toilet every night, and very eager to provide me all sorts of torture methods to get him to confess or to suppress him…..such as the nip roll, tiger bench, and pouring hot pepper water… is best to make him unable to get up of bed for a few days, so it doesn’t affect her work.

Her positive attitude made me feel as if the person looking for Mo’lin for revenge was not me, but her…..

Us two discussed passionately, while the Wawa and Jin Wen beside were dripping cold sweat. They constantly tried to slip out of the door, but who do they think I, Hua Miao Miao am? This means of escape I’ve already seen countless times in the battles and wars 300 years ago, how can I let them escape out of the front door?

I stretched out my Sky Shattering Claws, they glanced at each, and under the suppression of violence, they were very wise.

Casually continuing to say, “Shifu always likes to experiment with new medicines on me, it’s so bitter I could die, this time when you catch him, put together rhizome, angelica, and rhubarb, and make him drink it, just don’t say it was my idea!”

“Good, good,” I diligently studied her teachings and remembered the 11 methods, preparing to use it later.

One of us taught while the other learned, and the sun at that moment had already hung on the West, the sky became dark, Mo’lin’s hypocritical voice finally sounded from the outside, “How come my front door is down?”

The traitor Jin Wen immediately crawled out and called out, “Immortal Mo Lin, you must run! Hua Miao Miao has come for revenge!”

I hastily rushed forward, taking the opportunity while Mo’lin has not escaped yet block his way, and brought out my sky shattering claws to face him, I threatened him, “Compensate for my fur!”

Mo’lin wasn’t even a tiny bit afraid, he raised the medicine basket in his hands, laughed and said, “Little cat, this is a good opportunity, I’ve got medicine for you.”

“I will kill you, you bad guy!” I bent over, ready to attack. Jin Wen and Wawa closed their eyes in despair, only casually opening their eyes wide with wonder, and everyone seemed to watch with interest.

“Fine, then kill me.” Mo’lin said without fear, “But after you kill me, you will be a naked cat for your whole life.”

“Meow woo?” Hearing this remark, I abruptly retracted my outstretched claws, glancing at him, not understanding the nonsense that this bastard had just said.

“Oh…..” Mo’lin let out a long sigh, with gentle and charismatic eyes, he looked at me and said, “Because of your wounds, I had to shave off all your fur. I was very sad, so in order to redeem myself, in these past couple of days, I went up the mountains and to the seas to look for herbs, so that I could make a medicine for the growth of your fur…..I go out early in the morning and return late at night, look at how hard I’m working…..”

So there was such a thing? I suddenly hesitated, not knowing if should catch him or not…..

“Gods have pity, today I have finally found the last of the herbs, the fur growing water is about to be complete, if you kill me now, you will have no fur for the rest of your life.” Mo’lin sadly wiped his eyes, and gave my claws a glance.

I quickly retracted my claws, smiling apologetically, “That…..that fur growing water, can it grow newer and longer fur?”

“Can! It definitely can!” Mo’lin said firmly, “This is a secret recipe passed down, as long as you rub it on continuously for six months, then it will grow even more beautiful than the original fur! If it doesn’t grow, I would be willing to let you beat and kill me!”

Is it that magical? I stared excitedly at the herbs in his hands, I rushed to him and kept pleading, “Quickly help me concoct it, concoct it!”

“I’ll go right now.” Mo’lin smilingly held the medicine basket and walked into the house, he casually stops in front of the young girl Suiyi, grabs her ears, and drags her back inside, saying, “The kid who helps outsiders everyday, let’s see how I deal with you…..”

Suiyi’s face changed…..and Jin Wen and Wawa face showed an expression like they wanted to laugh, but they dared not laugh…..

I absolutely did not understand why…..I only felt the desire to obtain this magical potion that could grow my fur back in six month’s time.

Mo’lin was actually not completely bad!

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