Meow Meow Meow Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Dragon Palace Visitors

This fur growing water was very quickly concocted. I held it like it was treasure, I sniffed all around it, it didn’t seem any different from water, without any scent.

Mo’lin repeatedly told me, “This water is for you to rub your body with, you must rub with it three times a day, and you mustn’t drink it.”

I furiously nodded, seeing that the sky had turn dark, I hurried back to Xuan Qing Palace.

Jin Wen hastily went to give her thanks to Mo’lin, and expressed her apologies by giving him the gift she had brought with her, I didn’t know what, but Mo’lin quietly whispered something to her, Jin Wen immediately laughed and nodded.

This kind of feeling…..makes me feel like I’m being tricked again…..but I can’t think of any reason…..

After returning to Xuan Qing Palace, Bi Qingshen Jun had also returned, his robe was stained with a lot of blood. By the look of it, he seemed very exhausted. I rushed towards him, I looked left and right, worried about his injuries…..

“Do not worry, all of this blood belongs to an evil spirit,” Bi Qingshen Jun saw through me, he softly said, “Did you honestly stay at home obediantly?”

I hurriedly brought the magical cat fur growing water in my hands for him to inspect, and told him everything Mo’lin had said exactly. When he heard that I had went to Mo’lin’s home, he seemed unhappy, but after hearing everything, he couldn’t help but smile and laugh out loud, he touched my head and seriously told me, “Then you must follow the doctor’s instructions and apply your medicine everyday.”

“Of course!” I waved my hairless tail, determined to not forget to apply the medicine, even if there was no fish to eat.

Bi Qingshen Jun had brought up the issue of going to school again, I strongly opposed, because my fur had not grown out yet, so I absolutely must not see anybody or meet anyone. I just wanted to hide in a corner in Xuan Qing Palace and bask in the sun, waiting for my fur to grow long.

Seeing me act like a spoiled brat, he didn’t to have any other methods, he only asked me to learn to write everyday, taking advantage of this short period of time, he said I would be able to write from 1 to 100…..

In the time when I went to play instead of writing everyday, I was very content and happy, as if I had returned to the carefree days at Luoying Mountain, I worked very hard to rub the medicine onto my body, which eventually caused tuffs of hair to start to grow, most of the burn marks have healed completely.

At this wonderful time…..Mo Lin had come…..with him there was the Third Dragon Prince Ao Yun.

Enemy invasion! High alert! I immediately jumped up from the roof. The door sprang open with lightning speed, I let out a threatening call so that the bad guy would halt as well as letting out a whiny call to the good guy Ao Yun, letting only him to go in and find Bi Qingshen Jun.

Mo’lin awkwardly rubbed his nose, smiling and not speaking. Ao Yun happily came over and touched my head a few times, he praised that I was a ‘good cat’, ready to walk inside.

I was clearly able to distinguish between bad and good so I felt satisfied, but I did not expect Bi Qingshen Jun’s cold voice to come from behind, “What are you doing here?”

“Meow woo~” I turned around and quickly threw myself into his arms, and cried, “I was driving out the bad guy.”

Mo’lin wryly smiled, “Your cat not only catches mice, but it can also guard the door.”

“Of course! Miao Miao is very capable!” I proudly raised my ears.

Bi Qingshen Jun gave a wry smile and shook his head and welcomed Mo’lin through the door, and then bluntly said to Ao Yun, “What did you come here for?”

“To see your capable little kitty cat~” Ao Yun’s smile was a bit evil, his eyeballs moved to my body, “This is indeed cute.”

“After you’re done looking, then leave.” Bi Qingshen Jun was not one bit courteous to him.

I had a little bit of resentment, and hurried to help defend Ao Yun, “He’s a very good person, don’t kick him out, kick Mo’lin that bastard out!”

After the word fell, Bi Qingshen Jun viciously and violently knocked on my head and said, “Nonsense, you stupid cat that is unable to distinguish between good and evil, Mo’lin painstakingly helped you heal your wounds, how is he a bad guy, quickly apologize!”

“Hmph!” I flung my ahead away and refused to speak.

Ao Yun was still smiling, he did not mind Bi Qingshen Jun’s rudeness and disrespectfulness, he resignedly said, “Next month is my father’s birthday, it would be wonderful if Bi Qingshen Jun and Immortal Mo Lin can come.”

Bi Qingshen Jun coldly accepted the golden invitation card, glanced at it, and handed it to the page boy beside him, softly saying, “I know.”

Ao Yun looked at me and went on to say, “At the Underwater Dragon Palace, there will be rare delicacies from the four seas and wine to entertain the guests.”

He deliberately made the words rare delicacies sound more heavy, making my ears shoot up and my mouth water. I wanted to get up and rush to the Underwater Dragon Palace to binge eat, but Bi Qingshen Jun immediately grabbed me and dragged me behind him, blocking me from Ao Yun’s line of sight. In a somewhat stiff tone, he said, “I understand, it is getting dark, it would be inconvenient to detain a guest any longer, Third Prince please return.”

Ao Yun looked at the setting sun and his mouth lit up into a smile again, he no longer spoke, and turned to leave.

I watched as his figure was leaving, I waved my paw to express goodbye.

Mo’lin didn’t seem to have any intentions to leave, he curiously watched our actions, he gave Bi Qingshen Jun a thoughtful look and said, “In the future, you will be eating a lot of bitterness.”

Bi Qingshen Jun just shook his head, let out a sigh, and did not continue on that topic anymore. He invited him into the house, tugging my collar, I was also dragged back in, he repeatedly emphasized how I was not allowed to meet with Ao Yun privately! Otherwise I would be spanked and thrown into solitary confinement!

This was really depressing…..the one that should have stayed left, but the one that should have left stayed…..I bitterly glanced at Mo’lin. He made Bi Qingshen Jun force me to revert back to my cat form, poked and touched my body, as well as removing all the bandages and said, “It’s almost all better, we only need to wait for the fur to grow longer.”

Fur…..I embarrassingly shrink back into Bi Qingshen Jun’s arms, not letting him see my bare and naked body…..and then I licked the fluffs of fur, secretly sad.

These two idiots don’t understand the heart and feelings of an adolescent cat, the two of them actually went to the pavilion and laid out a chessboard…..they went to move the chess pieces around, completely ignoring me…..

The neglected me quickly reverted back into a person. I circled beside them around and around, and let out whiny calls, hoping Bi Qingshen Jun would not stare at the table, and turn his head to look at me instead.

But…..he earnestly and seriously stared at the chessboard very carefully, in his deep contemplation, he seemed to have forgotten about my existence.

I immediately went to a nearby bench and started to roll, but I did not expect that the only person who would give me a glance was the Mo’lin who was currently laughing, Bi Qingshen Jun still had not paid any attention to me…..

Is it possible…..Miao Miao has fallen out of favor? Why does he not look at me? Why is he so good to Mo’lin? Is it because he likes Mo’lin?

The untold frustration welled up in my head. I ran to the front of Bi Qingshen Jun, sat on his thighs, and sadly stared at his silence…..

“Miao Miao, in front of others, do not cause mischief.” Bi Qingshen Jun’s eyes still did not leave the chessboard, he gently pushed me down, he touched my head a few times to indicate consolation.

The rejected me was mad…..jealous…..angry…..

So…..I quickly jumped onto the table, pushed aside all the chess pieces, and sat on top of the chessboard with proudly upright tail stretched out, watching the two shocked people in front of me, “Hmph! Let’s see you guys not look at me now!”

“Ha, I’ll reckon that you lost.” Mo’lin did not care about me, he clapped his hands and laughed loudly.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression turned unpleasant…..

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