Meow Meow Meow Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Underwater Feast

Seafood! Seafood! A cat’s favourite!

After hearing about the all you-can-eat seafood and fish, I circled around and around Bi Qingshen Jun everyday so he would take me to the dinner.

He finally eased and promised me that I could go together with him to the Dragon Palace to play. I must obey his conditions that I mustn’t leave his side, and must ask for permission to do anything.

Who cares how many conditions he has to offer, we can talk about it after I get to go, so I happily agreed.

Yearning for the stars, yearning for the moon, the day for departure had finally come. Jin Wen had reminded me to put on a long ivory-white dress embroidered with lotus flowers, as well as helping me pull my hair up into a braid, which caused me to look like I had two big buns on the top of my head. On each side hung three long and slender ribbons, and a peony flower was inserted to complete the look.

This look and appearance took a whopping hour to complete, my butt was about to become numb from sitting. I was very tempted to escape, but Jin Wen said that if I didn’t obediently sit still and let her dress me, Bi Qingshen Jun wouldn’t bring me with him… the interest of this I quietly sat down, but the rouge had a nasty scent, so I refused to let her paint my face with it.

It was not easy putting on every piece of garment, so I finally rushed to the hall. Bi Qingshen Jun was waiting for me, he gloomily wore a white garment embroidered with serpents. In the instant he saw me, his eyes froze, but he immediately let out a gentle laugh. He then pulled my hand and waved to Jin Wen and head servant Xiaolin to depart, the page boy lead us to the kirin and two horses, together we left.

I naturally went on the same mount as Shifu, while the other two followed from behind, the clouds soared and the mist dissipated, and very soon, we’ve arrived at the East Sea Coast. The alarming turbulent waves burst and billowed, and rolled into a spray of mist.

I wanted to ask Bi Qingshen Jun how to enter the Dragon Palace, but he suddenly turned the kirin beast around dove under the water. The me that was afraid of water held onto him as if my life depended on it, I shut my eyes tightly and held my breath, afraid I would drown to death…..

Bi Qingshen Jun lightly stroked my back a few times, I waited for a long time, but I did not feel the sea water coming, so gradually, I carefully opened my eyes to discover that a big white air bubble has surrounded us, slowly descending.

Outside the bubble was all sea water, there were numerous fish swimming around us, all around us were colorful corals and sea grass much more beautiful than the ones on land. I excitedly called out, and extended my hands to the outside of the air bubble wanting to catch the little fish, the icy water soaked my hands.

Jin Wen also looked very excited, because this place here was her home. She kept introducing me to the surrounding scenery, and told me, “You need to be more careful, don’t make your clothes wet.”

Bi Qingshen Jun explained to me, “This is the Dragon Palace’s Water Pearl, everyone that has an invitation or anyone that is with one that has an invitation, when entering the sea, within a radius of five feet of the item, water would be automatically separated, and the movement of the water would be able to be controlled.”

Just then, the Dragon Palace’s welcoming page boy came, I could smell the fragrant scent of shrimp from his body. I moved closer to him and pretended to take a bite out of him, scaring him into trembling, he was afraid to move closer, only leading us the way from afar. Bi Qingshen Jun and everyone else didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Because I was really too excited, Bi Qingshen Jun let the page boy slow down the pace, letting us gaze at the sea views as much as possible. I saw an enormous school of fish, and I kept drooling and can’t wait to swallow them all into my belly, I saw that Jin Wen beside me frequently rolled her eyes.

“Look! There’s a girl with her lower half that of a fish! She’s also singing!” I excitedly and loudly exclaimed, “Over there is a girl who is attached to a shell! She’s also smiling at us!”

Bi Qingshen Jun touched my head and explained, “Those are the different clans of monster on the sea floor, they belong to the Dragon King’s jurisdiction.”

I faced Jin Wen and shouted, “Change back into your original appearance! I want to see!”

“Don’t want to,” Jin Wen unconcernedly says, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to control yourself and bite me.”

I’m depressed…..she really underestimates my self-control…..

Between talking and laughing, we have arrived at the Dragon Palace in a blink of an eye, I do not know how to describe the magnificence of this palace. There were eight gigantic upright pillars supporting the Dragon Palace up, separating the Dragon Palace from the sea water. Stepping into it was like walking on land. Every tile in the palace was made of gold, the stairs were made of white jade, the roads were paved with emeralds, and countless Illuminating Pearls decorate the palace, as well as a variety of corals decorating the scenery. Huge pearls were also scattered like dirt into the fountain.

The little shrimp soldiers that have come to welcome us give me a glare, they were afraid to approach, they quickly lead the kirin to one side, and Bi Qingshen Jun lead us with big strides to the stairs, entering the main hall.

Inside the hall was peaceful dancing and singing, there were dozens of clam shell beauties wearing chiffon dresses holding red fans and dancing, additionally, there were youngsters that were wearing long robes not far from the shell performance.

The air was filled with the scent of fish, causing this cat to become even more excited. Bi Qingshen Jun secretly pinched me, making me pay attention to my deportment…..and if I wasn’t well-behaved, he would immediately return.

I hastily lowered my head down and shut my nose, only following him step by step forward.

Seeing us enter, the Dragon King on the raised platform personally came down to greet us, he looked like he would be quite nice and middle-aged. He had two long beards and had a trembling voice, I endured for a long time to restrain my reach out and grab them.

“It is such a rare occurrence to see Bi Qingshen Jun’s appearance, I offer my greetings.” The Dragon King kindly arched his hands.

Bi Qingshen Jun takes the gift from Xiaolin and presents it to him, and says, “This is a Ten Thousand Year Ganoderma, I wish Dragon King luck and longevity.”

“Courteous, courteous.” The Dragon King was very happy, he personally brought him to his seat, I also courteously followed and sat down beside Bi Qingshen Jun. Jin Wen and Xiaolin sat in a round table off in the distance with the attendants of the other heavenly beings.

“Fish! Delicious fish!” Bi Qingshen Jun was still conversing courteously with the Dragon King. I licked my lips and anxiously stared at the plate of fish and took in its aroma. As I was about chomp and gobble them down, my acupuncture point was secretly sealed, making me unable to move my entire body… I was unable to speak…..

I angrily glared at him, but he ignored my glaring until he was finished speaking with the Dragon King. He then leisurely said to me, “You must wait for the official start to begin eating.”

I hurriedly gave him a piteous look, “Let me go, I won’t take a bite.”

After a moment of hesitation, Bi Qingshen Jun released my acupuncture points. I wondered about how I steal the juicy prawn off to the corner without him knowing, I swallowed my saliva, but I did not expect him to grab onto my hands from under the table, his hands were very big, and he held me very tightly, causing me to feel embarrassed about my motives.

In the middle of my dilemma, a juicy prawn appeared in front appeared in front of me, it shook and moved over my head, so I quickly raised my head, but it suddenly flew off to one side. I immediately turned around, only to discover that Ao Yun had the juicy prawns in his hands and was smiling at me.

“Third prince, do not tease her.” Bi Qingshen Jun unhappily said.

“Meow woo~ I want to eat~” I quickly and quietly cried.

“Alright, alright, it’s only a dinner, Shen Jun doesn’t have to be such a prude.” Ao Yun’s fingers slid and the juicy prawn’s shell was quickly stripped, he then thrust the prawn into my mouth, and cheerfully asked, “Is it yummy?”

“Yummy! Yummy!” I was chewing and smiling, “You are a good person!”

“Third prince!” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice sounded even more unhappy.

Ao Yun immediately gave him his greetings, and ran to greet the other guests at the banquet. Bi Qingshen Jun saw that my eyes were full of food and sighed, he finally reached out for a shrimp, peeled it, and fed me it.

Shifu is really nice, I like Shifu.

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    cathdeary said:
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