Meow Meow Meow Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Seduced

The plates of fish and seafood came like running water, beneath us the fan dance by the shell beauties were replaced by the ribbon dance of the half-fish beauties. Bi Qingshen Jun had a pile of shrimp shells and fish bones by his table, it was the table that had eaten the most in the entire banquet, and this was the result of all my hard work.

“Do you want to eat another fish?” Bi Qingshen Jun movements to pick a fish were very exquisite.

“I’m full.” I feel my round and chubby belly, and I finally felt the weird looks other people were giving us. I didn’t know what they are looking at us for.

Is possible they’ve never seen a cat eat fish before?

I frowned and looked up, I realized that Bi Qingshen Jun hadn’t eaten a single thing yet, so I felt a little guilty. I quickly reached out for the plate of sea grapes. I scoop a spoonful and brought it to his lips, and smilingly said, “Shifu eat.”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s cheeks contained a hint of red, he quickly took the food from my hands and took a big bite from it, “I can do it myself.”

I felt that if I didn’t do anything, it would be really odd and a misconduct, so I looked in all four directions. The maidservants were all pouring drinks to the other gods, so I also picked up a jug of wine and slowly poured him a cup, “Shifu drink.”

At that moment, the Dragon King descended from his throne and came to Bi Qingshen Jun, holding a cup of wine, “Today it is really a rare opportunity to see Shen Jun, how about Ben Wang* and you toast a cup!”

*[TN] Ben Wang: Used by male royalty, kings, princes and etc. to address themselves.

Bi Qingshen Jun hesitated for a moment, and then raised his cup for one gulp, I quickly stepped forward to pour again, pouring to the brim of his cup, I happily said, “Continue to drink~”

“Ahh, really clever,” The Dragon King praised my intelligence, and went to say to Bi Qingshen Jun, “One cup lacks enough respect, let’s have three more cups!”

Bi Qingshen Jun reluctantly toasted and downed three more cups, his face became slightly flushed.

Then, Mo’lin came forward and sat down to drink with him, I dutifully played my role in helping them fill their cups, repeatedly filling to the rim, causing him to not have any methods to reject, and soon…..his entire face was flushed red…..

“Miao Miao…..don’t pour anymore.” His somewhat hazy eyes appeared even more beautiful.

I quickly asked, “Shifu, are you full?”

“Full, full.” Bi Qingshen Jun hiccupped. He sat down at the dinner table and did not speak again, and he did not pay any attention to anyone that approached him at all like a clay Buddh. When Mo Lin came to see his drunken state, he laughed and said that even he would have a day when he would be drunk.

Bi Qingshen Jun ignored him for a long time, and stayed in a daze.

Since I had nothing to do, I placed down the bottle and got up from boredom. I let out a few yawns and wanted to lay down and sleep, but the sound of people talking was everywhere. Their voices were deafening, I could not sleep, so I went over to play with Jin Wen and Xiaolin, but the two of them had also drunken a lot of wine, their faces flushed red, and they wouldn’t talk to me.

So boring ahhh…..I stared at the prawn soldiers several times, and diligently chased after them, I then watched the mermaids dancing…..their dancing was very alluring, and looks very delicious…..

Suddenly, I found that not far from the door was a cat stick, it kept waving up and down, my eyes stared straight ahead, no longer distracted.

My claws stretched out and retracted, stretched out and retracted, after a while of battling in my inner heart, I could no longer restrain myself, so I quickly pounced over there.

But I did not expect the cat stick to suddenly disappear, I hastily use my paws to rub my face, open my eyes wide to look for it, and found it was waving up and down on the ground.

“Meow woo~” I happily pounce again, I did not expect the cat stick to move even further away now.

So, I kept pouncing, constantly chasing, and finally when I was near the end of the corridor, Ao Yun smilingly appeared in front of me.

“What a coincidence.” His voice was not very serious, the cat stick in his hand was swaying back and forth.

I remembered Bi Qingshen Jun’s scoldings and immediately looked away, I covered my eyes with my hands, not looking at the cat stick.

That bastard seemed to want to deliberately go against me, he purposely put the cat stick above my head and waved it back and forth, while swaying it all around, he sweetly called out, “Miao Miao~ look above you.”

I slowly opened a crack between my fingers. I secretly stared at the cat stick, and finally I could not help but pounce at it, calling out, “Meow woo~ Meow woo~”

Aiiiii…..Sometimes I really hate my own instincts ahhh…..

Ao Yun smiled happily, I was very content with playing, and seeing that the cat stick was difficult to catch up with, I suddenly stopped, and pretended I did not want to play anymore. Taking the opportunity of his hesitance, I quickly sprang towards him, knocking Ao Yun and the cat stick to the ground.

The Dragon Palace’s floors were paved with white jade, cold and smooth, I firmly pressed Ao Yun and the cat stick down, licked my lips, and proudly said, “Surrender.”

“I don’t want to~” Ao Yun smiled and shook his head, “You are so rough.”

“Hmph, if you don’t listen, you will suffer!” I wanted to raise up my tail, but my tail hadn’t grown fur yet, so I quickly put it down, and viciously threatened.

“What are going to do with me then?” Ao Yun was sprawled on the ground.

After thinking for a moment I replied, “I’ll bite you!”

“Where are you going to bite?” Ao Yun raised his eyebrows, seems somewhat excited.

“Uhhh…..” I began to seriously look at him pinned to the ground, red messy hair scattered on the ground, golden eyes with a hazy aura, gentle and thin lips, a slightly opened shirt revealing a beautiful collarbone, and below that, the muscles beneath his dragon scale armor was strong, an extremely slim waist belt tied around the waist, and beneath his slender waist were two long legs, his whole body was perfectly proportional, almost on par with Bi Qingshen Jun.

He is at least stronger than that ghost Mo Lin by 100 times, but…..where should I bite?

Seeing me hesitate for a long time, Ao Yun enthusiastically proposed, “You must never bite my collarbone, it is very sensitive there.”

The places he says not to bite, I must bite! I quickly bent down, licked his collarbone, and bit down.

“Lighter~” Ao Yun’s whole body contracted, he softly groaned, and his hands were embracing my waist, tightly holding me in his arms.

He still wants to fight back? The me that has discovered I was trapped quickly mumbled a cry, I bit down even harder, but he unexpectedly began to slide his hands to the base of my tail.

An electrical impulse shot up to my brain, I suddenly remembered I had no fur on my tail, it was my most embarrassing place, how could I let anybody see? Absolutely not!

I hastily opened his arms and flew out of his imprisonment, I jumped to one side and angrily stared at him, complaining, “You touched my tail?”

“Ahh~ I carefully touched~” Ao Yun shrugged.

“You can’t touch!” I loudly declared.

“Why?” He was puzzled.

“Because my fur has not grown out yet!” I rightly told him, “So you can’t touch!”

“Pfffft~” Ao Yun lowered his head and began to laugh loudly.

He laughed at me for a long long time…..with no signs of stopping…..

Damn…..I hate Mo’lin.

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