Meow Meow Meow Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – I’m Sorry

The nine headed serpent could not guard against this trick, he was stunned for a moment, Ao Yun took this opportunity to quickly and ruthlessly strike him with his elbow, releasing himself from his embrace. The red and long spear in his hands converted into a hammer and viciously pounded onto his head, beating the nine headed serpent senseless, and then using Dragon Chord, the nine headed serpent was tied tightly.

I flew off into the distance, watching it all, and finally became slightly at ease.

But I did not expect Ao Yun to suddenly leave the nine headed serpent and quickly run to my side, lifting me off my feet…..then turning me upside down and repeatedly shaking me, while saying, “Quickly spit it out! Spit it out! Do not eat it! It’s poisonous!”

“Meow woo~” I was out of breath from all the flinging, and then quickly spit out the internal orb, I then loudly scolded, “If you keep swinging me, I’ll be sick!”

Seeing that I was alright, Ao Yun finally let out a sigh, he looked at the internal orb on the ground gradually turning the water black, and then used his powers to trap the area around the orb. He then ordered the prawn soldiers to bring forth a crystal flask, placed him in it, and then sealed it with beeswax.

After all the work was done, he turned and looked at me, and then suddenly grabbed my ears and cursed, “You idiot! You can’t eat that! My Third Uncle’s internal orb is naturally poisonous, you will die if you touch it!”

“I didn’t die.” I spread my arms, thinking that he was just making up stuff to scare people, “And it’s not like I wanted to eat that thing anyways…..what are you so furious for…..”

“You’re not afraid of poison?” Ao Yun asked.

“I’m afraid.” I replied confused, “But that wasn’t poisonous…..”

Ao Yun didn’t know what to say, the crystal flask containing the internal orb was filled with black a black aura and was dyed black, he immediately asked, “Why did you do such a stupid thing?”

“With this cat’s fighting experience and knowledge,” I proudly taught him, “If you steal somebody’s things, then the other party will wildly chase after you, so I stole away the internal orb to make the nine headed serpent chase after me, and so you could have the opportunity to escape!”

“The Demon Clan’s internal orbs have bizarre abilities! If you bite into it, you will most likely be killed on the spot!”Ao Yun gritted his teeth, “Fortunately though, you are Bi Qingshen Jun’s disciple, I do not know what methods he used to make you gain the ability to be immune to poisons, or else you’d be dead!”

I did not understand why he was mad, so I carefully asked him, “You don’t want me to save you…..”

“Why do you want to save me? Also to risk your life as well…..” Ao Yun suddenly stopped speaking, he hesitantly stared at me.

I naturally said, “Because you like me, you are a good person!”

“Stupid…..” Ao Yun did not continue to speak, he stupidly stared at me, for a very, very long time, so long that I almost fell asleep, and finally he said embarrassedly, “You treat me so sincerely…..I had ill intentions towards you…..I’m sorry…..”

What are ill intentions? I was very puzzled, but he said ‘I’m sorry’, meaning we are friends now? For this, I was very happy, so I did not speak and just grinned at him.

The way his face looked, he seemed to be blushing, he immediately turned around and ordered the prawn soldiers to bring Ao Ye back to the sea prison. There were marine beasts that came forward to bring me back to the banquet hall, and on the way back, he no longer touched and squeezed me, and stopped blowing air into my ears and neck. Just like Shen Jun, he seriously brought me back to the banquet hall, and then looked me into my eyes and reluctantly said, “If you come again the next time, I will proudly give you a tour of the four seas.”

“Ok.” I nodded my head, and hurriedly ran back to the banquet hall.

However what I saw was that the dancer were still dancing, but the immortal man was the most drunk, Mo Lin had already long left the banquet. and Bi Qingshen Jun was still sitting motionlessly in his seat in a daze… a wooden statue…..

“Shifu?” I gently nudged him.

He suddenly toppled over towards me, his whole body was leaning against my shoulder, his breathing was even, and it seems like he was already asleep.

Really now, he comes out to play and now falls asleep like a child. So I pouted, I placed his head lightly onto my thighs, Miao Miao’s humming sounded pretty nice, coaxing him to sleep.

Coaxing, coaxing, I also fell asleep…..

When I woke up, Bi Qingshen Jun and I have switched roles, I slept on his lap, and also drooled a bit…..and him, he looked like he was having some sort of hangover, as well as letting out a yawn. Seeing me awake, he touched my head, “During my drunkenness, did you cause any trouble?”

I suddenly remembered what I had promised him before we left, so I hurriedly stared at him with the most pure and innocent look, and kept shaking my head, “Miao Miao was in the Dragon Palace the entire time, she did not run around outside.”

“Mmm, clever child.” He touched my head with satisfaction and unsteadily stood up to call Jin Wen and Xiaolin, “Let’s go back.”

The female mussels hastily presented us some soup, Bi Qingshen Jun drank a few mouthfuls, cleared his mind and body, and then held my hand to leave.

At this time, the page boy brought out the kirin beast and the horses. The water split apart again as Bi Qingshen Jun entered, this time, he did not delay time, he quickly rushed to the surface.

I happened to see that in the distance was Ao Yun on his marine beast, in the coral reef smiling and waving goodbye to me, so I waved my paws back several times as well.

After coming back to Xuan Qing Palace, Bi Qingshen Jun was still having a hangover, I could feel him calmly make his way into his room, but upon arriving near the bed, I saw he was in a different state than usual, so I followed him in and climbed onto the bed, and dove into his arms to sleep together with him.

This time he did not reject me, but he took me into his embrace and held me tightly, he was also like a child and rubbed my ears a few times, the itchiness almost caused me to laugh out loud.

“Miao Miao~” He moaned softly, he appeared like he was in quite some pain.

“I’m here~ I’m here~” I lightly touched his head, comforting him.

He turned me around and hugged me like a big pillow, closed his eyes, and fell asleep without saying anything.

I sniffed his lips, it seemed to have a faint scent of nectar, a somewhat dizzying smell, so I curiously stuck out my tongue, and licked once. I looked up warily to observe his eyes, seems like he isn’t going to suddenly scold me so then I relaxed, and licked once more.

Is this wine? Seems to be very tasty, how come I’ve never thought of to try it? Deep remorse swept through my body, I quickly took the opportunity to lick the residual wine over and over while he was sleeping. I kissed his eyes and then contently snuggled into his arms to sleep.

We both slept soundly until the afternoon of the second day, Bi Qingshen Jun woke up and held his head uncomfortably, saying that he would never go to the Dragon Palace to drink again, he then stared at the lazy me on the his bed, and severely reprimanded, “You are not allowed to sleep on my bed when you are in human form!”

“Ok, I know! I know!” I casually promised, from the heart I had not intended it, so I rolled over and continued to sleep.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s scolding were useless, he walked out of the room by himself and ordered some servants to prepare him some tea to clear his mind.

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