Meow Meow Meow Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Going To School

Mo Lin that bastard really didn’t lie to me. In six months time period, a coat of beautiful and smooth fur has grown back!

This did not make me lighten my resentment of him, because in these following days, he visited often, usually not leaving even after dinner. He also liked to squeeze my paws, especially feeling the paw pads. Even Bi Qingshen Jun could no longer tolerate this kind of behaviour anymore and sent him down to the mortal realm to find a cat to play with, and not fool around with me…..

He shrewdly said that cats of the mortal realm weren’t as cute as me. His words made me feel very happy, so when he left, I waved both of paws to bid him farewell.

Wawa in these days sulked everyday, saying that we went to the Dragon Palace without her, had lots of fun and lots of delicious food to eat, and forgetting about her. She told me I was unloyal, causing my ears to droop low, but she hinted that the next time we go to bring her along to play. At this time, Jin Wen runs out after Mo Lin smiling, if she wasn’t delivering herbs, she would be delivering medicines, so this gave me some doubts that she and the bad guy were working together!

One early morning while I was sleeping soundly in my room, Wawa suddenly came inside and brought me out from my blanket. When the sleepy me let out a yawn and got ready to go back into the blanket to sleep, Jin Wen came over with some hot water, washed my face with it, and said, “If you don’t turn back into a person, I will pour this basin of water over your head.”

I immediately woke up and quickly turned into a person, and sadly stared at her and said, “What are you doing…..I’m not a dog, I don’t move around in the morning…..”

Jin Wen hastily pulled all my clothes off of my body, and changed it into simple and dignified set of blue clothes. Wawa disheveledly hurried to wash my face and brush my teeth, the two of them were like butterflies circling me round and round, and said, “Did you forget today was the day you promised Master Shen Jun that you would go to school?”

I was full of shock when I learned about this news while practicing my calligraphy. Bi Qingshen Jun told me he would take me to school today to greet the teacher…..and to meet new friends as well…..

Hearing that I could make friends, I began to get excited, so I kept urging Wawa and Jin Wen to do my hair. Wawa used blue ribbons and placed bells into my hair and tied two long braids with them, they bounced up and down as I ran to Shen Jun’s room.

Bi Qingshen Jun had been waiting for me, he and Xiaolin were earnestly staring at something, and when he saw my expression full of excitement, his face relaxed and softened, he squeezed my nose and said, “When you go to school, you must get along with the other students, do not clash with the teacher, do you understand?”

I nodded enthusiastically, dragging him to run outside with me, and at this time Wawa and Jin ran over huffing and breathing heavily with big bag, they greeted Shen Jun, “Master Shen Jun, we have packed everything.”

“Ah, you two keep Miao Miao company while she studies, you must be careful to supervise her, if she does not understand, give her some advice, and if she gets into trouble, you must stop her as soon as possible.” Shen Jun heedfully told them.

Wawa and Jin Wen were on guard, they tensely nodded their heads.

Really now… could I get into any trouble…..

After the morning lecture, we embarked on the road to school, on the way there, I happily and cheerfully enjoyed the flowers and the fresh air while mounted on the kirin beast.

On this particular mountain were many waterfalls hanging down the cliffs, spreading white mist everywhere. It was full of flowers from the four seasons, and there was a hot spring by the side. In the distance was a lush bamboo forest, concealing a number of gray tiles and the white walls of a small building.

Bi Qingshen Jun grabbed my grands and walked towards the center of the building. He gently knocked several times on the door. There was a clear voice that came from the inside, “Shen Jun who has come from afar, please enter.”

The door suddenly swung open, revealing a woman with light blue hair, thin eyebrows, a graceful and elegant demeanor, and exuding a scent of books. It was a woman whom I could not determine the age of. She casually walked over to welcome and greet us.

Bi Qingshen Jun pushed me forward, and introduced, “Blue Feather Goddess, this is the cat demon I talked to you about last time, she is my disciple Hua Miao Miao. She has a stupid temperament, but is still a good demon, I will trouble you for your hard work.”

I curiously stare at the woman in front of me, and proposed a question, “How old are you?”

“Ah…..” Blue Feather Goddess touched my head, smiled, and replied, “Me? I am already 7800 years old.”

“Miao Miao mustn’t be so rude.” Bi Qingshen Jun hurried to lecture me.

I immediately retreated to the side, I did not dare to say anything else.

“No harm, no harm,” Blue Feather Goddess looked very kind, and amiable, she continued to ask, “What does Miao Miao study or read normally?”

I quickly turned my head to stare at Bi Qingshen Jun for help, he sighed and replied, “This cat has not yet studied nor read.”

“Then Miao Miao, what are you good at?” Blue Feather Goddess took out a pen and paper to record some stuff unknown words, and continued to ask kindly.

This question I was able to answer, so I loudly exclaimed, “I’m good at fighting! Catching mice! Sleeping! Stealing food!”

“Uh…..the last one?” Blue Feather Goddess was stunned for a moment.

Bi Qingshen Jun was a bit embarrassed, “She quite an interesting one, isn’t she? She doesn’t quite understand the world of being human yet, which was why I purposely sent her here.”

The both of them talked for a little while, they did not ask me for my opinions, and rudely decided that my intellectual level was that of the lowest stage, and delivered me to the school for young demons that have just or recently developed their human forms. It was included only the most basic curriculum and learning the aspects of human principles.

Seeing the nostalgia upon returning to this school, Wawa’s face collapsed, “I have graduated from this demon school for about a 100 years now…..inside, they are all little Wawa’s, I am so old to stay here together with them, I will be a laughing stock to other people…..”

Jin Wen that was beside her gave her a glance, “I have already graduated for more than 300 years…..this can only be the hardship of a servant…..”

I didn’t understand what they were complaining about. I only followed Blue Feather Goddess to the demon school, but I did not expect that when I went through the doors I would see little copies of Wawa. They were probably 7 or 8 years old…..their eyes widely staring at me…..made me feel a bit proud.

By the looks of it, it won’t a problem to determine who the boss of the classroom will be in the future.

I proudly raised my tail and perked my ears up. When I entered the school, I saw that there was a middle-aged man speaking with Blue Feather Goddess. He stared at me, so I immediately lowered my head to show that a had discipline. Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to relax, and so he said his goodbyes to me and reminded that he would pick me up after school was over.

I was a little reluctant, but soon, I was studying and reading with the other students curiously.

I was assigned to the last row of seats…..I quickly sat in front of a little girl with green hair. She was really cute, on her face were two sweet dimples. She claimed to be the God of Wealth Zhao Gongming’s maid servant, her name was Bai Cai, she was a cabbage demon, and because Zhao Gongming did not like uneducated servants, she was sent to school to study and learn how to manage money.

Bai Cai’s voice was very quiet and very delicate, and a bit gentle too, but she secretly kept looking back at the middle-aged man on the stage. Her head was full of cold sweat, it was as if she was not feeling well or had some kind of illness or disease, and Jin Wen along with Wawa both stabbed me with their arms…..the two constantly winked at me, but I had no idea why they did such an action…..

I asked Bai Cai with concerned, “Why are you shaking? Are you not feeling well?”

The middle-aged man came to my side, used a big block board and viciously hit my desktop, and furiously yelled, “Because you are not allowed to speak during class!”

Why was I not allowed to speak? I was surprised by this statement…..

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