Meow Meow Meow Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Shen Jun’s Present

Because of the father problem, Bi Qingshen Jun was angry for a long time…..he had a darken faced and refused to talk to me, so I rolled onto the ground to flatter and please him…..

Mo’lin that shameless freeloader came right when it was time for dinner, thus I quickly rushed to the door, ready to evict him out of the house.

But I had not expected that stupid idiot Jin Wen to have already guided him inside.

This is definitely out of the questions, even if he comes in I will throw him back out. Just when I was about to pounce at him, Mo’lin raised up his right hand, “Miao Miao~, look what goodies I’ve brought you~”

The cat-alluring aroma wafted by, I sniffed the air and saw that in his hands were a greasy paper bag filled with what seemed to be delicious roasted chicken.

So I happily rushed over to him, looked at the bribery in his hands, and did not play the chase him out game today, only wanting to run away and find a quiet place to feast on the chicken.

Mo’lin quietly followed me, while I was eating and did not notice my surroundings, he lightly picked up my front paws and pinched my paw pads a few times, and creepily said, “Really soft, this is really fun…..”

I turned around and used my hind legs to quickly kick away this crazy uncle. Seeing that I really did not want to be disturbed, he sadly left to look for Bi Qingshen Jun to drink tea and play chess with.

After eating and becoming all satisfied, Wawa routinely comes closer to clean all around my mouth. I raised my tail up and hastily ran towards Bi Qingshen Jun’s room, in case that mental person decided to poison him.

But, before I even got to the door, I heard Mo’lin’s thundering laughter, “She actually called you father!! Called you father?!! Hahahaha…..”

“What’s so funny?” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice was trembling with anger, definitely not courteous.

Mo’lin’s voice was immediately lowered, “I say, mind you, even if the whole world knows your thoughts, besides that silly cat, they would understand straight away.”

“I…..what kind of thoughts would I have!!” Bi Qingshen Jun sounded flustered, “She is free of wicked intentions, and she is so dedicated, how could I have such outrageous thoughts!”

“Pffftt!” Mo’lin started laughing again, “I only wanted to say that you take good care of your apprentice, what were you thinking?”

“Mo’lin you bastard!” Bi Qingshen Jun angrily slammed the table…..

Nice, he finally understands that that guy is a bastard, thus I joyfully ran inside, jump on Bi Qingshen Jun’s thighs, and give Mo’lin a ‘why aren’t you leaving glare’.

Bi Qingshen Jun gently touched my hair, his expression was a little flustered, “When did you come in?”

“Just now!” I quickly rubbed him a few times, changed into human form, and nestled into his arms.

Mo’lin gracefully stood up, his face wanting to laugh but not daring to do so, he excused himself, and went towards the door, and then whispered something into head servant Xiaolin’s ears, causing him to quickly enter to clean up the broken table…..

Bi Qingshen Jun looked at me, and hesitantly said, “Do you know, you can’t just casually climb on a man’s thigh?”

“I’ve climbed on many people’s thighs.” I proudly said.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression changed, his eyes suddenly contained a hint of murderous aura.

I quickly sat down and started counting on my fingers, “Yin Zi, Bull Devil, Wawa, Jin Wen, You, Luo Sha…..”

“As a cat, or as a person?” Bi Qingshen Jun coldly asked.

I blankly gave him a stare, “Thighs are not that big! If I turn into a person, I can not sleep!”

He let out a relieved sigh, and did not say anything…..

Soon after, Xiaolin brought along pageboy Yu Guan inside to sweep the debris and bring it away. Bi Qingshen Jun held me and brought me to the sleeping chamber, placed me on the soft bed, and then brought out a colourful box.

When I opened the box, the box suddenly emitted rays, and a fragrant aroma. Inside, was a beautiful gold colour bell carved with some unknown text.

Bi Qingshen Jun hesitantly picked up the collar, and said to me, “This… a present, will you wear it?”

“Yes!” I readily answered without thinking, this collar looked very pretty, and the sound of the bell was clear and crisp, so it was to my liking very much.

“If you put on this collar, no matter where you are, I will know.” Bi Qingshen Jun softly explained, “Are you willing to wear it?”

“Willing!” I looked at the colour of the bell and answered extremely quickly and straightforwardly, completely forgetting that if I break another vase, then I am unable to hide from him…..

Bi Qingshen Jun finally smiled, he carefully took the collar and placed the collar on me, and then gently embraced me with his arms, “I hope you will stay with me forever.”

These words, as if lightning had struck my memories, suddenly caused me to remember that year, that day, I had seen him before, and it was him that left me there, abandoning me that time…..

In my heart, I suddenly began to feel hurt, as if I was pricked by needles, so I dipped my head down not wanting to speak for a long time.

“You don’t want to?” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice sounded nervous.

“I’m afraid…..” I sadly said, “I’m afraid that one day you will no longer want Miao Miao…..just like that time, abandoning me…..and no matter how long I waited, you did not return…..”

“That time…..I had not thought about wanting to take in a demon as a disciple, and at that time, I had an urgent matter to attend to, so it was inconvenient…..” Bi Qingshen Jun hastily explained.

“Did you go back to look for me?” I asked.

“I… were gone already by then.”

“I waited for you for three whole days…..”

“I’m sorry…..” Bi Qingshen Jun looked down sadly.

“Hee Hee~” I laughed all of a sudden, and threw myself into his arms, and said happily, “That’s okay! You finally came and picked me up!”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s eyes instantly lit up, as if thousands of lanterns lighting up at the same time, he then closed his eyes, closing away the lit up stars in his eyes, “You are not angry?”

“Why should I be angry? You came to find me,” I desperately shook my head, and then looked at him, puzzled and asked, “But at that time, why had I wanted to go with you? This I can not think of why.”

“Then you should think about it slowly, time is long, very long.” Bi Qingshen Jun whispered as he kissed my hair.

He wanted to continue kissing downward, but I discovered that there was a large crystal mirror in the corner off to the side, and rushed to it, and then stared at myself in the mirror. I spun left and right, staring at the bell in the mirror, and found that it became more and more cute, so I started to call out “Meow Meow~”.

When I turned into a cat, I was surprised to that the bell on my neck automatically reduced its size, still very cute!

Therefore I quickly ran out, wanting to let Wawa and Jin Wen a look at my bell, but suddenly from inside the bell, came Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice, “Miao Miao, this bell has magical properties that can function even over thousands of miles away, moreover, this bell contains my blood, so if you read aloud my name three times in your head, I will be able to hear you.”

Amazing! So amusing! I was so happy that I started rolling on the ground, the crisp sound of the bell kept ringing, and Jin Wen and Xiaolin expressed their appreciation and admiration for me, except for the only clear minded person Wawa, she said,

“This is good, in the future I won’t have to be afraid of you sneaking up to scare me! Shen Jun really is thoughtful.”

I then remember the problem with hunting, so I suddenly became depressed and my expression fell apart…..

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    hanues said:
    May 10, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Destroyed her ability to stalk, first step to truly domesticating her

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      hanues said:
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    Lily said:
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    I LOVE this story! They have the cutest interactions. Poor BQJ. It looks like it might take awhile before MM sees herself more as a human than a cat.

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    cathdeary said:
    May 11, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    I like that he’s being honest now with how he feels, but poor him anyhow, its like pedophile when the woman he feel in love to acts like a child, even worse, act like a cat, all the time.

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    besides that silly cat, they would understand strait away
    strait -> straight

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