Meow Meow Meow Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Happy Enemies

Early morning the next day, Wawa once again dragged me up from bed, and after dressing up, she made me go to school still half-asleep.

I lazily transformed back into a cat, continuing to sleep in Bi Qingshen Jun’s arms until we arrived at school. He told me that this is not good, in the future, he wants me to be able to go to school by myself… I was thrown by the foot of the mountain, thus I had to go to class with Wawa and Jin Wen.

Waking up early is so hateful…..

The only good things about the morning is that the air was particularly fresh, you could even smell the dewy taste of water and see birds perched up on the branches. There was a lot of lively chitter and tweeting, but unfortunately when I approached, they were all scared away by the sound of the bell…..

The flowers of all four seasons bloomed, and Jin Wen and Wawa were very noisy with their chitter chatter, telling me that they wanted to return and go play. I only liked flowers with a relative light scent, thus they choose the relatively strong scented jasmine flower to mess around with my sensitive nose, causing me to let out a few loud sneezes.

In the distance, came the scent of a dog, causing me to become alert. As I walked closer, I found that it was Xiao Tian holding a bunch of red roses standing under a large tree in a daze. His face was still flushed, his smile showing off two rows of teeth, and I had no clue to why his head was bowed down.

This bastard must hang around dogs often, and the ones that like dogs are definitely not good people. I immediately pulled the Wawa beside me to detour around and avoid him.

But I did not expect that the thing you most wanted to avoid will be the thing you run into the most. That dog-like bastard suddenly jumped up, like a hungry evil spirit chasing me! While running, he kept waving the roses in his hand!

“Meow!” The me that originally planned to carefully detour around him let out a cry from the pursuit. I quickly fled, hoping to get as far away from him as possible, the further the better. Because the smell of that bastard made me to feel too uncomfortable.

“Miss Miao Miao!” His speed was very good, and from his mouth came loud yelling.

I turned my head around and discovered that the weirdo was running like a madman, and was about to catch up with me, thus I immediately picked up my speed. I abruptly crawled up the mountain, repeatedly asking myself why I am so unlucky…..

“Miss Miao Miao! Hold on!” The madman was chasing even more excitedly now, the roses in his hand were all scattered on the ground.

I frantically tried to outrun him, I ran faster and faster, but when I reached the summit, there was no place else to run to. There was only a tall pine tree standing at the peak, so I dexterously climbed the tree with my hands and feet, and wickedly scolded, “What exactly do you want?”

Xiao Tian stopped and was huffing like he had asthma, he raised his head to look up at me and revealed his teeth-showing grin, he raised his hands to show me the half-withered roses, and stammered, “This…..these flowers…’s a gift for Miss Miao Miao…..”

“You cat deceiver!” I was so angry, I threw a pine cone and viciously hit him with it, and loudly said, “Do you so desperately chase me if you wanted to gift me with something? You definitely want to desperately fight me!”

“No, no!” Xiao Tian started sweating cold sweat, “That’s because Miss Miao Miao ran away when she saw me… I chased after you…..”

I gave him a few dubious glances, still feeling nervous all around, and that bastard’s face, I do not know why, but whenever I see it, I have an urge to attack him. But Bi Qingshen Jun said I was not allowed fight… I suppressed my urge.

“Miss Miao Miao…..” Xiao Tian’s tone became pathetic, the rose petals from his roses kept falling, “I’m not a bad person…..”

I warily looked at him again, I carefully slipped down the tree and got closer, he excitedly brought the roses in front of me. The roses were fragrant, causing my sensitive nose to itch, and this time I could not help but want to sneeze, and so I quickly took a few steps back.

I did not expect that bastard to follow me step for step, stuffing the roses to my face, and when I could no longer hold it in any more, my sneezes broke out one after another non stop.

Xiao Tian was puzzled and asked, “Miss Miao Miao, are you ok? Is it because the wind on the mountain top is especially strong that you have caught a cold?”

“Cold my ass!” I smacked away his roses while I quickly stumbled down the mountain, that bastard is too much! Why is it that he knows I’m afraid of pollen?!

Xiao Tian hurried to catch up with me, “How about I take you to the celestial Mo’lin for a look?”

I turned around and glanced at him, and suddenly understood the schemes and tricks of this person! It turned out that he and Mo’lin were on the same boat! Deliberately using pollen to bully me! Not a good person!

“Get lost!” I irritably and furiously kicked him, disregarding his shouts and yells from behind, I ran without turning back…..

By the mountain side, Wawa and Jin Wen were still running, when the two of them see me return, they anxiously asked, “What happened?”

I quickly went and dragged them in the direction of the school, we walked as I complained about the evil intentions of that bad guy, letting them be careful, and telling them that he is definitely a madman! A mentally ill person!

Jin Wen was flabbergasted, she didn’t understand and asked, “I think that person is probably the disciple that Erlangshen Jun took in, Xiao Tian Quan. He is Erlangshen’s scout, and is responsible for inspecting the Mortal Realm, and occasionally, he would come to the school to have an audience with Blue Feather Goddess. A famed man notorious for being honest, how could he be a bad person?”

“He must be! He and Mo’lin are in it together!” I held onto Jin Wen and seriously said, “You must not get too close with Mo’lin, or else he will teach you bad things!”

“Oh~” Jin Wen understood and nodded, and then let out a relieved sigh, “So it was actually nothing, so much for me worrying.”

“What nothing? I met a mentally ill patient!” I saw that she had not listen to my teachings, and anxiously stomped with one foot.

Jin Wen and Wawa just touched my head and said, “We know, we know~”

Not listening to the cat’s teaching! In the future you will suffer! I’m so angry!

The three of us noisily walked to school, and by the time we got there, Teacher Huang had not come yet, but Bai Cai was carefully holding her textbooks and reciting them aloud. When other people were talking with her, it came out her other ear, she only said that she mustn’t spoil Master Zhao’s time and money, and must efficiently study.

Her attitude for learning was very good and very proper, but it only made me bored. I did not expect there to be a little miss in purple clothes to stare at me with wide eyes, she smilingly said, “Big Sister Miao Miao, you are so powerful! Can I play together with you?”

I looked up, this little girl appeared very cute, her head was full of long and pink hair tied into a bun, she had blush on her face as well as watery purple eyes. Her eyes were much lighter than Wawa’s eyes, also, she was dressed very delicately, with a lot of flowers, jewelry, and make-up.

Seeing that I had no response, she enthusiastically continued, “Yesterday, your fight was so amazing! I worship you!”

Hearing her praise myself, I could not help but raise my tail up and said, “Hey~ when I fight, of course it’s going to be awesome!”

“I am Bai Hua Fairy’s disciple Die Xiao Zi (lit. little purple butterfly),” The little girl stared at my face with astonishment and admiration, her eyes full of stars, “I… it possible for me to become your friend?”

I was going to answer when, next to me came a contemptuous voice, “Based on you, you ugly oddity? Everyday unless your appearance changed, then who would like upon you?”

I turned around and stared, it was a blue haired boy with slender eyes, he seemed a little fierce, he had thin lips, and appeared very arrogant, this time he was only looking at Die Xiao Zi with a wry face.

Die Xiao Zi immediately shouted back with rage, “You stupid lizard! Whenever I see you, you are so hateful, you should just roll off to one side and die!”

“You idiot! You ugly person, you’re just a sentimental person wasting you’re affection!”

“You dunce! You have eyes that slant backwards and talk nonsense!”

“You are more stupid than a pig!”

“You are duller than a donkey!”

These two people kept arguing back and forth endlessly, my head is going big from listening to this…..

What in the world is this…..

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