Meow Meow Meow Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – The Word Spring Is Very Important

“You’re head is big and is unproportional to your body! And what butterfly, you look like an unevolved caterpillar!”

“You triangle eyed green skin long-tongued idiot! I, a caterpillar can evolve into a butterfly! You can be an evil lizard your whole life then!”

“You’re a stupid idiot!”

“You’re a piece of garbage!”

Die Xiao Zi and that blue hair little boy kept arguing, I listened with great curiosity, and Wawa beside me anxiously shouted, “Hey knock it off! Knock it off!”

Off to the side, there was a white-haired girl with ice blue eyes, she stood up and said coldly, “Just let them do whatever, there’s not a day where these two aren’t arguing.”

Die Xiao Zi immediately let out a ‘wa’ and started to cry, “Han Jing Jiejie*, how can you say that about me! It’s not me that started it, it’s Shao Zhong that won’t stop bothering me!”

*[TN] : Jiejie is like the female version of Gēgē. It used to call an older sister, someone older than you or someone with more seniority.

That little boy called Shao Zhong seeing her cry, continued to make stupid faces and pulled her hair, “Hey ugly, what are you going to do if I want to bully you?!”

“My hair! It’s really hard to comb and style!” Die Xiao Zi cried even more pitifully.

Wawa hurriedly rushed towards them, helping her fix her hair, “I will help you redo your hair, so don’t cry.”

Han Jing went to the side of the lizard Shao Zhong and coldly sneered, “I heard that there are some idiots likes to bully the girl they like, I didn’t know you were that type of person.”

Shao Zhong blushed and rushed to shout back at her, “Who would like that ugly person!”

The scene was full crying, arguing, comforting, irony, and studying, so in short, it was a complete mess. I lied down onto the table and watched with interest, after Wawa finished comforting one, she would have to go comfort another, and Jin Wen, she was checking herself out in the mirror, completely ignoring the surrounding scene.

Suddenly, from the door, someone shouted, “Teacher Huang is coming!”

These words seemed to have come from the yellow weasel…..

All the children immediately sat down in their respective places and the chaotic noises moments before turned into silence. Everyone worked hard to study their books, and before I even had the chance to turn around, I was grabbed by Wawa and dragged back to my seat. She quietly whispered to me that I should be obedient and listen well, even Jin Wen shot me a sharp glance to indicate that I was not to speak during class…..

When Teacher Huang came in, he glance all around and then said with satisfaction, “Everyone is very hard-working, very good, very good.”

After saying that, he picked a book from his hands, and began the lesson. I understood that the topic was about the beauty of spring, and that there were many poems praising spring, such as the ‘The Breeze of a White Spring Day is the Most Fragrant’.

It was complete nonsense! What does spring and fragrance even have in common? The only things that are fragrant are roasted chicken and grilled fish! And these you can find all year round! Why is only spring fragrant? Why not call it ‘The Fragrance of Fish is the Most Fragrant’.

I used my paws to touch my head, and suddenly remembered that I had some education in culture, so I told Wawa about my thoughts, and then she stared at me blankly…..

Suddenly, there was a flash within my mind, in my eyes was the word ‘spring’ written on a book, that…..didn’t that book Luo Sha gave me have the word spring on it?

In the past, I searched for a very long time in Bi Qingshen Jun’s room, and I still did not find it! And since I am literate now, doesn’t this give me an upper hand this time?

“Heheh,” I giggled for a very long time, I quickly asked Teacher Huang to teach me the word spring, and then diligently copied the word many times, to ensure that this word was etched into my mind.

Teacher was very touched and praised me while touching my head, “Everyone should be like classmate Miao Miao, although her basic skills are poor, she is very hard-working and diligent.”

“Meow woo~” Hearing the praise, my heart felt very happy, and did not think he was hateful anymore, so I smiled to him everyday, and as a result was a bit embarrassed and blushed…..

Spring, spring, spring…..three words, starting with the word spring, inside there were many paintings in the book.

After school was over and after coming back to Xuan Qing Palace, I noticed that Bi Qingshen Jun had left for something and had not returned yet, so I hastily ran to his study, rummaging around to find the erotica.

As a matter of fact, Bi Qingshen Jun had a lot of books, in his bookshelf, there were many books that started with the word spring, but most were four or five words, and in total, there were five three worded books. Three of the books had either the spring word in the middle or in the rear, and two were full of dense text with no pictures, so they can’t be the erotic arts manual.

I combed and combed, and searched and searched, and finally in the bottom most corner of a bookcase, I pulled out a book with the word ‘spring’ written on it, and the title was only three words! It looked similar to the one that was confiscated!

I happily opened the book, and inside were many beautiful paintings, including paintings of men and women doing stuff that I did not know of, and as I was studying, the sound of Bi Qingshen Jun’s footsteps came near.

Must quickly hide! I quickly looked around turning back into a cat, I readily picked up the erotic arts manual, and hid in the largest gap beneath the bookcase, waiting and ready to escape.

Bi Qingshen Jun came near the room and saw that everywhere was a mess, he hesitated for a moment, his mouth forming a smile, he took several steps forward touching his sword and drinking some tea, and then dragged a chair and sat in front of the bookcase I was hiding in. He took out a guqin and gently fiddled with it.

Woo woo…..this way, I definitely can’t escape…..with the erotic arts manual in my mouth, and hiding under the bookcase, my heart began to feel a little anxious. I stared at the person blocking my way, but not daring to make a sound, only obediently listening to his playing.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s slender fingers were very beautiful and graceful, like butterflies on the strings, the music was long and crisp, but unfortunately, playing music has no effect on a cat…..

As he was playing, he suddenly sang out, “The kitty hides, not on the east wall, but under the shelf.”

I understood the last sentence, his playing suddenly stopped, and then he stared and smiled at me hiding under the bookcase, he did not speak, so I put on a long face and crawled out, ready to hand over the erotic arts manual and confess, not wanting to get spanked again.

Bi Qingshen Jun picked up the erotic arts manual from the ground, turned a few pages, and then lifted me onto his lap. He did not appear to be angry, and let me turn back into human form and viewed the book together.

He said, “It will be good for you if you study these books more in the future, where ever you don’t understand I can explain to you.”

How come he’s not angry? So I quickly began to read the book, flipping through the book, I found that everything was too abstruse, I could not see how that and special bed techniques had anything in common.

“Beautiful, right? You are free to learn more.” Bi Qingshen Jun patiently taught.

Could it be that my comprehension is too low? I turned around and humbly asked for advice. But I did not expect him to gently touch my head, and softly spoke instead, “Look at these great scenery produced by famous artists, there are great benefits in learning these.”

After saying that, he pointed to the beautiful diagrams of mountains and rivers, and a painting of a cat chasing a butterfly, and then explained how the beauty was coming her hair on painting eleven, and finally he collapsed laughing…..

To tease this unknowing is wrong…..

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    momomomo01 said:
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    Shifu is such a prankster! 🙂 Thank you for this chapter

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    Also, what’s a “guqin”? I know, I know, I could just google it…

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    Thank you for updating. Congrats on your new job! So what did Shifu do to the erotica book….I’m very curious to find out.


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    “After saying that, he pointed to the beautiful diagrams of mountains and rivers, and a painting of a cat chasing a butterfly,”

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    skyaeon said:
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    After saying that, he pointed to the beautiful diagrams of mountains and rivers, and a painting of a cat chasing a butterfly, and then explained how the beauty was coming her hair on painting eleven, and finally he collapsed laughing…..

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