Meow Meow Meow Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Love Letter Crisis

The humiliating incident with the erotic arts manual caused a spark to ignite within me to want to gain knowledge! I seriously studied for seven whole days! This was definitely a major breakthrough, and was definitely not easy to obtain! It was enough to make Wawa burst into tears, and Xiaolin praising me that I would have a good future ahead of me! It caused even Jin Wen to speak highly of me to Bi Qingshen Jun for three whole days! And Bi Qingshen Jun was so excited that he went to Blue Feather Goddess and gifted her an extravagant gift, almost even calling her mentor!

After seven days of hard work, I finally learned twenty simple characters, and then…..and then…..there isn’t anymore and then…..and after I had finished the torturous period of memorizing the three words of the erotic arts manual, I began to quickly look for that book…..

Unfortunately…..Bi Qingshen Jun’s hiding techniques were even stronger than that of a dog’s, I turned the study upside down, and even the little pearls of Bi Qingshen Jun’s were ripped apart, but I could still not find the erotic arts manual that he had hidden. In desperation, I had temporarily given up, and continued to listen to stories in class, laziness took over me and I no longer wanted to write…..

The weather in the Heavenly Realm was always sunny and nice, Zi Xiao Die liked how I was not like my usual self, practically idolizing me like I was her number one idol, and Shao Zhong followed us every single day, bickering with Xiao Die. I do not know how they can invent so many new words to argue with each other, even the never smiling Han Jing next to me explained, “Whether it be people or monsters, if one was to be pushed into a hopeless situation, their infinite creativity would burst out.”

I thought that Han Jing’s words made a lot of sense, by the looks of it, she seemed very knowledgeable.

Bai Cai was still desperately studying in her spare time, and the time she had to chat with everyone was very much, her speech was also very respectable with a lot of manners. But every time I spoke with her, she would talk about things like worldly prices, such as how one jin* of bai cai was three pennies, and one jin of pork was twenty pennies…..this kind of fascination in her eyes had caused me to almost betray my most favourite fish, and believe that money was the most beautiful thing in the whole world…..

*[TN] : Jin is like a measurement thingy for weight similar to lb or kg

In short…..spending time with everyone and playing together at school made me very happy, and during class, the only things I remembered was the interesting stories that Teacher Huang would tell me…..

The story he told us today, was about a traveler that was lost in the woods. A rabbit, a bear, and a fox felt sorry for this poor man, so they had decided to rescue him. The bear collected some fish and the fox harvested some grapes for the traveler to eat, but the rabbit was unable to collect any food, so the felt ashamed and hung its ears low. The rabbit thought for a very long time, and finally when the traveler had created a fire, the rabbit threw itself into the fire, throwing away its life as food for the traveler. The traveler therefore understood the true meaning of life, and understood the significance of the rabbit’s sacrifice.

I thought that the rabbit was really stupid, and since the bear and fox already found food for the traveler, why would he have to go and die? And also, that traveler wasn’t even a relative or a someone he knew, he wasn’t even his friend, why would he die for him?

When I brought this question up, Teacher Huang thought for a very long time, he did not give me an answer, he only said, “This is a story in the Buddhist scriptures, and the most important lesson of it is that one should be able to have a spirit that would sacrifice and devote themselves to others, and thinking of others before yourself.”

I gave a nod that appeared like I understood, but I didn’t. When I returned Xuan Qing Palace I asked Bi Qingshen Jun about this problem, “Shifu, if I was that rabbit, should I or should I not jump into that fire to roast myself for the traveler to eat?”

Bi Qingshen Jun frowned and immediately said, “You are absolutely not allowed to do such a stupid thing!”

I pounced onto his body and rubbed a few times, smiled and said, “Understood, shifu is definitely the best!”

He lovingly touched my head, continued to pick away the fish bones, and fed me fish meat.

The next morning, I was reluctantly dragged out of bed by Wawa to go to school, and at the break before class started, Xiao Die suddenly and covertly came up to me, she handed me a letter, and mysteriously said, “This letter is from Xiao Tian gege, he wanted me to give this for you, and you absolutely must not let others see it!”

After she finished, she blushed and dubiously smiled to me a few times and then quickly ran away.

I curiously opened the letter…..but then I became sad to see that there were so many words that I did not know of…..

Something something day…..something something flowers, and something something fight…..and finally I read what the inscriptions had said, something something noon…..

I discovered that in the whole text, I actually knew five words, so my heart couldn’t help but feel a little smug, but I still unfortunately could not figure out what he had wanted to say…..I really wanted to ask Wawa and Jin Wen, but suddenly remembered that I absolutely can not show anybody…..leaving me with the only option of giving up.

I sniffed the letter once more, and found that there was a scent of a dog, that bastard Xiao Tian definitely isn’t a good thing, I also had serious doubts and suspicion that the letter he gave me was a letter for a fight…..wanting to fight me at some place…..

Beating up that guy, I did not mind, but I did not know where the location was, and the lost could only blame myself for my intelligence and so I stuffed the letter madly back into my waist band Wawa had made for me, and did not think about it any longer…..

However, I did not expect that the next day, Xiao Die would come smilingly and deliver me another letter, and said that it was only for me to see. But it was even worse this time, inside, I could only recognize three words! So I angrily tore the letter apart!

In the following days, Xiao Tian delivered a letter for each day, my enthusiasm for having a duel was moved a little by him, so I asked Xiao Die, and shyly confessed, “The place written on the top here, where is it…..”

“If you didn’t know the direction, why didn’t you ask me earlier!” Xiao Die stared stunned at me, and quickly gave me an understanding smile, “Also, Miao Miao jiejie hasn’t been in the Heavenly Realm for a very long time and also does not like traveling around, and the place written at the top is not far from here, it’s only ten miles from here, and you better go quick and by yourself! Xiao Tian has been sad for many days now, saying that you don’t care about him and is ignoring him~”

After explaining, she smiled to me again, and cheerfully exclaimed as she ran back. Shao Zhong also followed her back, and continued their endless daily routine of bickering, weeping, and wailing.

As for this fighting thing, I certainly dared not tell Wawa and Jin Wen in fear that they would be in my way of fighting him, therefore, after school had ended, I arbitrarily gave an excuse to leave them, and left towards the direction Xiao Die pointed me to, towards the Misty Cloud Plains.

And Xiao Tian, he was sitting under a tree in Misty Cloud Plains waiting for me, he dress particularly energetic today, his red eyes after seeing me, excitedly changed and lit up, and his whole body jumped up. The flow of his actions were beautiful and in sync, with only a few pieces a grass on his black leather armor.

“You… came…..” He patted the dust on his body, and stammered.

“Ah… waited long!” I gave him a splendid smile.

Xiao Tian idiotically stared at me and did not speak, his face was flushed red, his hands compressed into fists, his body trembling slightly, I did not know if he was planning some sort of attack prior to the start of the fight.

I have not fought anyone for a very long time, so I licked my lips with excitement, and happily asked, “Let’s start now?”

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