Meow Meow Meow Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Second Fight With Xiao Tian

The leaves on the tree gently drifted down, and the light breeze softly blew past creating several gusts of air, gradually flying further away…..

I drew out my demonic powers slowly, my claws slightly stretched out and protruding, ready and prepared to attack, and concentrating on the man who was in front of me and his every single move and action, ready to launch the offensive.

Xiao Tian seemed hesitant, he stood there like a wooden statue, looking at me intently. He was seemingly covered in flaws all over, but it was most likely a trap, waiting for me to make the first move and then counterattacking.

“Start?” After a long time of preparation, he finally made a slight movement, his mouth issuing the declaration of battle.

An opportunity! I quickly leaped up, lifted up one of my legs planning to strike his head, and turned around mid-air and grabbed onto his head viciously with my heaven shattering claws, my tail sweeping past his eyes at the same time.

Xiao Tian took several steps back, fell flat onto the ground, and on his hands popped out a pair of steel claws slashing horizontally across. I had been fiercely on offensive, but he did not seem to even want to fight back or even want to make a move.

He was looking down on me! After understanding this truth, I became angry, and quickly released a chain of attacks towards him, he hurried to dodge, causing me to destroy and take down a large tree, he then hastily rushed forward and grabbed a hold of my arms, stopping my attacks.

Very good! I immediately slipped away from him, using my legs, I repeatedly kicked at him, and Xiao Tian finally fell for my trick. Getting kicked by me, he fell to the ground holding his stomach and called out ‘aigoo’, and then I hurriedly pounced towards him and viciously took a bite out of his neck to seal the victory.

“Miss Miao Miao! What is this…..” Xiao Tian repeatedly screamed miserably,  before he even had the chance to finish speaking, he was pushed over and wrestled onto the ground by me. I spread his arms apart and bit onto the front of his throat, limiting his ability to speak.

“Heheh~” The outcome had finally been settled, I proudly think about what to do with him and how to deal with my spoils of war, and somehow seemed familiar with how I dealt with a demon a long time ago.

Unexpectedly, from behind me, came the sound of Jin Wen’s calling, “Miao Miao! Miao Miao! Where are you?”

I hurriedly used my fists to knock Xiao Tian out, and then sat on top of his body and greeted, “I’m over here!”

Jin Wen hurriedly came over, gave a stare to the person beneath me on the ground, and then glanced at Xiao Tian’s current condition, and then questioned, “What were you guys doing?”

I immediately rushed to defend my innocence, “It was he who came to me, gave me a declaration for battle, and wanted to start a fight! Miao Miao did not provoke this fight! I am very obedient!”

“What declaration of battle?” Jin Wen’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, she gave another glance at the fainted Xiao Tian, and hesitated for a moment, she seemed to have forgotten about his existence, and held my hands and said, “Get up, let’s hurry and go back…..don’t cause anymore mischief here…..if we go back very late, Bi Qingshen Jun will be angry.”

When her voice faded, Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice came from the bell on my neck, “Miao Miao? It’s almost dark, how come you aren’t back yet?”

I was afraid he would be angry, so I decided I wouldn’t fight any longer, and quickly off Xiao Tian and followed Jin Wen home…..

Bi Qingshen Jun was walking around in circles waiting for me to return, when he saw me, he seemed to be very happy and touched my forehead, and asked me what I had learned. I immediately told him that I learned two words today and he nodded with satisfaction, and did not ask why I did not home immediately after school.

I did not expect that Jin Win would actually report everything today to Bi Qingshen Jun, including the fight with Xiao Tian, and the result was that I had to stay in and be lectured by Bi Qingshen Jun just before dinner, as well as being questioned about what had happened.

Seeing me nod my head in denial only led him to have further suspicions, so I obediently took out the letter from my waistband Xiao Tian had given me and handed it to him and confessed to him, “It was him that wanted to fight with me… was not my intention… don’t scold me…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun took the letter and his face had changed colours, he earnestly asked me, “This is the declaration for a fight?”

“I think so…..” I scratched my ears, and bewilderly replied, “If this isn’t a declaration for a fight, then what is it?”

“Do you recognize the words on the letter?” He continued to ask.

I proudly replied, “Recognize five!”

“Mmm, in an article with over a thousand words, you can only recognize five words, definitely an improvement.” Bi Qingshen Jun started to chuckle lightly, he touched my head, praised and then asked, “When did you and Xiao Tian meet?”

I raised my head up, thought for a bit, and then said, “On the first day of school, me and Teacher Huang had a fight, he came over and said some weird stuff.”

“Before this, you’ve never seen him before?” Bi Qingshen Jun glanced at the letter again.

I nodded my head to indicate that I had no impression of him.

“Speaking of which…..Miao Miao, your memory doesn’t seem to be too good?” Bi Qingshen Jun took me into his arms and sat down.

“Wrong,” I firmly rejected this looking down on my intelligence, and quickly gave convincing evidence, “Yesterday I ate sea bass, the day before I ate a yellow croaker, and the day before that, I ate lobster! And it was roasted!”

“Ten days ago, I took you to Star Cliff to view and play, we met a fairy, do you still remember her face?” Bi Qingshen Jun smiled and asked.

“Uhhh…..” I began to think very hard.

“Don’t think anymore.” Bi Qingshen Jun gave me an understanding look, and patted me on my head, “It’s getting late, today, Jin Wen made delicious roasted chicken.”

So I immediately jumped off his thighs, threw away all the questions I had in my head, and flew to the direction of the kitchen, wanting to quickly eat first.

While running, I seemed to have heard Bi Qingshen Jun mutter something, “Maybe I should go and speak with Erlangshen Jun to find out more about this matter…..”

He did not eat dinner before leaving for the door, even after I had become full from eating and drinking he had not returned yet, and Jin Wen kept asking why Xiao Tian would send me a letter for a fight. Is it because my words of rejection that day were too harsh, resulting in him becoming so angry?

How would I know the answer to this question! Wawa hearing the gossip, also came over and kept asking, and said enviously, “Xiao Tian is a man that’s honest and full of integrity, and in the heavenly realm, he’s very popular, and since he gave you flowers, you should consider him.”

Jin Wen mercilessly replied to her, “What nonsense!”

Wawa’s expression immediately changed, and hastily corrected herself, “Of course! He can’t even compare with the excellence of our Shen Jun or even half of him!” And then patted her chest and said to Jin Wen, “Fortunately you reminded me…..”

“You, you only look at appearances, and you don’t look at their inner nature, if this continues, you will never be promoted into head servant.” Jin Wen poked her forehead.

Wawa immediately became depressed…..

At night, Bi Qingshen Jun finally came back from the outside, I turned into my cat form and climbed onto his bed, rubbing his arms and ready to sleep, he patted my body and said, “In the future, do not accept flowers from other people, and do not randomly accept letters from other people.”

“Miao Miao does not like roses.” I lazily replied.

“What kind of flowers do you like?” Bi Qingshen Jun lied down and gently asked.

“The pollen musn’t be too fragrant, bright colours…..” I thought first, and then answered, “In the past, at Luoying Mountain, the wild Chrysanthemums were really pretty.”

Bi Qingshen Jun nodded, and did not continue to speak.

And the next day, Wawa suddenly filled all the vases in the room with big blooms of wild Chrysanthemums.

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    RKain said:
    May 18, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    “and quickly off Xiao Tian and followed Jin Wen home”

    I read that, and my first impression was that she quickly finished him off. Which, while unlikely, is highly amusing. Poor dog…

    My thanks to you, calicoxtabby.

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    Lily said:
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    Awww! I like BQJ’s approach with the flowers. Poor, XT! He probably was elated that she was finally willing to meet him and “start” something. Getting pounded was unexpected. Thanks again for your hard work and good luck with your new job!

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    Hang said:
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    low profile said:
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    Such an sweet shifu (>.<). He should just give the flower to MM directly

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    The last part was so sweet. +_+

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    momomomo01 said:
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    Yellow said:
    May 20, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    Haha….shen Jun sure moves quick! He immediately settled xiao tian to avoid future opportunities! 🙂

    Poor xiao tian I feel sorry for him, he could have been a good love rival!

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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    Phoenix said:
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    Seeing me nod my head in denial only led him to have further suspicions
    nod -> …shake?

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    eye44can1 said:
    May 30, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    1st lesson, don’t accept anything from anybody else except if it is from shifu. QBJ nipping the bud of romantic love intention from others for MM in the bud before it blossom. The romantic love feeling should be reserved for shifu only. QBJ, you are such romantic devil.
    Thank-you for posting this chapter.

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