Meow Meow Meow Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Die Xiao Zi Is Missing 

According to facts, fish is for eating, games are for playing, and going to school is a place for making new friends.

Unfortunately there were too many monsters and demons, the majority of them were studying very hard, like the already graduated Wawa and Jin Wen. Bai Cai and Han Jing were among the best, and me, Die Xiao Zi, and Shao Zhong were among the worst among the students…..the demons secretly talked and decided that I would be the new chief of the young demon school, which made me particularly happy.

However, Die Xiao Zi suddenly disappeared, she did not come to school for two whole days, no one even caught a glimpse of her shadow.

The first person to discover this was Shao Zhong, his expression was uneasy, “I, the day before…..when me and her played together, I accidentally pushed her onto the table, her forehead was injured, and then she ran away crying, and from then on, I haven’t seen her.”

As the chief of the young demon school, I expressed my disdain, “When I went to play and became tired of playing after a while, I would return by myself, I did that often in the past.”

“But…..I hurt her face…..” Shao Zhong was extremely anxious, “That girl had always cherished her face the most, do you think something had happened?”

The Han Jing that was just reading a book suddenly sneered, “Is it because her disfigured face that she decided to commit suicide?”

“Nonsense!” Shao Zhong quickly shouted, “How could such a thing happen!”

Bai Cai then questioned, “Lost her way?”

Han Jing looked at Shao Zhong and continued to say, “There are a lot of forbidden places within the heavenly realm, maybe she went into one and died…..or maybe…..”

Shao Zhong started to sweat cold sweat, he immediately put away all the things on his desktop. He did not wait for the teacher to come and left in a hurry, but Bai Cai had suddenly and unexpectedly blocked his way and said, “I suddenly remembered…..recently, near where Queen Mother of the West lives, there appeared an extremely atrocious monster…..scaring away many fairies and immortals…..”

“So what?” Shao Zhong firmly pushes her arm aside, “I want to go find Xiao Zi.”

Han Jing coldly said, “What she meant was that you look for someone to go in your replacement, so you don’t go looking for death.”
“A powerful monster?” I immediately got into high spirits, “Then let’s go search in that direction!”

“Don’t cause mischief!” Jin Wen and Wawa instantaneously shouted in unison together, “Master Shen Jun will be angry!”

I squinted my eyes and said slyly with a smile, “He’s not at home, he’s going to be away for two full weeks.”

“Then we will wait for him to come back, and tell him to lock you into solitary confinement.” These two henchmen did not give me face and continued to ridicule me, “If you leave and cause trouble today, we do not want to encounter with more problems.”

Shao Zhong made a ‘hmph’ sound and immediately rushed out the door. Knowing that it was near the end of classes and seeing that he had still not returned, my heart started to have an uneasy feeling, so I decided that I would rather get hit and look go look for him, thus I quietly avoided them and ran out…..

The heavenly realm is actually really big, there were many many immortals and fairies. I was afraid that other people would recognize my face and return me to Bi Qingshen Jun, so I turned into a cat, secretly sniffed the ground for any traces of Shao Zhong, and ran in the cover of the clouds.

I arrived at a place after running for who knows how long, and in the distance came some playful sounds. I hurriedly rushed over there, and the result was a misty jade pond, and inside the jade pond were several naked women playing around in the water. Clothing of all seven colours were hanging in trees, fluttering in the wind, like a one-sided flag.

I smelled the scent on the ground, and discovered that Shao Zhong seemed to be near, so I circled the vicinity a few times, and then suddenly heard a faint groan.

I immediately looked up, Shao Zhong had a green and swollen face, and was hanging off a tree, he stared at me with shock and embarrassment, and on his neck were four words: I AM XX.
This seemed very interesting, but unfortunately because the last too words contained too many strokes, I did not recognize it. I began to speculate, but finally decided that I would go ask Bi Qingshen Jun when I return.

Shao Zhong’s face looked like he was about to cry, so I waved my hand at him, so he wouldn’t have to wait any longer, and quickly leaped up to the top the tree, ready to free the ropes bounding him.

Unexpectedly, from behind, there came the shouts and calls of the women, “Where did another thief come from?”

The seven colours fluttered in the air and was coming towards me, I was busy untying the ropes around Shao Zhong with my mouth, and as I was anxiously trying to avoid them, I fell into their trap. I desperately struggled, trying to free myself from the growingly tight ropes…..and as I was dragged into the jade pond…..I was thrown in the water like a frog and made a ‘plop’ sound.

A delicate white hand reached out and tied me up like I was going to be made into cat soup. I saw a beautiful woman, she had widened almond eyes and exclaimed, “Oh it’s a cat demon! How cute.”

“Even a cat wants to be a thief? Hateful!” A woman beside her loudly scolded, “Tie it up and beat it, and then hang it together with the guy on the tree!”

“Elder sister…..this is a female cat demon?” Another voice along with the sound of a zither passed through, “I heard that this kind of three coloured cat, the males are naturally born eunuchs*…..”

*Eunuch refers to men that are castrated
So…..the seven women, twelve…..fourteen eyes stared at me at the same time, and then lifted me up with their hands, flipped me over, continued to feel down, and examined to see if I was an eunuch…..

“Don’t!! Help!” I shouted desperately, however, no one payed me any attention, and the more they played with me the more excited they became, delightedly holding the devastated me in their arms.

From top to bottom, every inch of me had been touched…..even the paws and buttocks were no exceptions, this was unprecedented abuse…..they even prepared to give me a bath with acacias, pulled my bell, and then cheerfully asked, “Why don’t we take you home and raise you?”

“Don’t want!” I strongly opposed, but a celestial maiden held me tight into her embrace, nearly suffocating me.

“So cute! So cute! Fluffy! Whose household does this belong to?”

“It’s probably a pet, we will wait for someone looking for this cat in the future…..”

“We’re lucky to chance upon this beautiful cat demon, it’s all that stupid bird demon’s fault that suffocated to death…..”

“Give her a bow tie and tie it on its head, the bell isn’t cute enough.”

Everyone turned a deaf ear and opposed to my opinions…..and after taking a bath, they joyfully dressed me up in clothes and placed me in a big basket, and then gently said, “Nice kitty cat, after we finish, we will bring you to Queen Mother of the West’s place.”

Hearing these words mentioned, I became very delighted, the me that was bound by ropes sadly stared at the Shao Zhong that was still hanging in the air…..and felt that we were on the same boat.

His eyes were already tearful, we looked at each other and did not say anything…..

I was carried onto a cloud, the scenery that constantly past flew by very quickly, many immortals greeted these seven beautiful celestial maidens, but they were arrogant and reserved as they only nodded in return…..

The cloud finally stopped in front of a large peach forest, the celestial maiden in red suddenly stood up and said to everyone else, “I heard that this patch of peach forest has a new care taker, how about we go and give him a greeting?”

Another celestial maiden in purple said coldly, “We came by the orders of Queen Mother to pick peaches, there’s isn’t any need to do that. And if we chance upon him, then we can greet him.”

“But also~ don’t forget that the care taker is probably a feeble and weak stupid monkey.” The green clothed celestial maiden suddenly burst out laughing.

The other fairies nodded and entered the garden, I curiously had my eyes wide open and stuck my head out looking left and right, but only to discover that the peach trees had no peaches on them at all.

Could it be…..that they want to pick the leaves to eat when they return?

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