Meow Meow Meow Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Monkey King

The peach trees here compared to the peach trees in the mortal realm, seemed especially tall, by the looks of it, they should be quite old, very very old…..but the peach trees did not hang any big peaches, and only had young and green baby peaches scattered throughout, which appeared completely unappetizing.

The celestial maidens were surprised, subsequently turning blue, they searched left and right, and then flew towards the trees, when they had finally finished rummaging around, the result was only loss and despair…..

“Maybe…..this garden does not have any ripe peaches…..there are perhaps some good ones inside.” The celestial maiden in red stood up and looked around, and said with uncertainty.

“Go! Disperse and go search!” The celestial maiden in purple commanded in an orderly fashion.

The blue clothed celestial maiden quickly asked, “What should we do with this cat?”

“You will carry it.” The other maidens all said in unison.

The blue clothed celestial maiden unhappily pouted her lips, I also unhappily rolled a few times in the basket, trying earnestly to remove the ribbon around me. And while I was continuing to roll, I had suddenly discovered that on the top of a tree was a hairy faced monster, it was touching its chin and was smiling at me.

Before I even had the time to shout out to them, the celestial maidens had already also discovered this man’s presence, “Guarding the peach gardens?”

“It is I Lao Sun!” That monster jumped up, and roughly and uncourteously threw back all seven celestial maidens, and from their looks, they all shrank back from fear, it was not until a while later that he asks, “You little girls dare to come and steal peaches to eat under Lao Sun’s watchful eye?”

“Holy sage, this place,” The celestial maiden in purple was calm, she took several steps forward and greeted, “We sisters are the seven celestial maidens under Queen Mother of the West, we are here by the orders of the queen to pick peaches for the banquet, however, we were wondering why there aren’t any peaches on the trees?”

This monster also took several paces forward, I saw his face, his whole body was covered by beautiful long and golden coloured fur, a monkey demon. One pair of mischievous eyes, a thin and small stature, long slender arms, and from his looks, very handsome! All demons that have fur are handsome!

I secretly praised in my heart, this demon suddenly came in front of the blue clothed celestial maiden, scaring her into backing away and almost screaming, and like a small stone, she fell to the ground.

“The peach banquet, which guests are invited?” This demon kindly pulled her arm to drag her back up, and politely asked.

The red clothed celestial maiden hastily and immediately read aloud the long list of invitees, and from it, I heard Bi Qingshen Jun’s name, so I was secretly delighted, and knew that if I were to follow Shifu, there would be good food to eat.

The Monkey King was extremely furious, he pointed at the red clothed celestial maiden and asked, “How come Lao Sun’s name wasn’t on it?”

The celestial maiden in purple stared at him and loudly mocked, “You’re just a guardian of the peach gardens, a lowly demon, how could your name be possibly on it?”

The Monkey King’s face changed colours a couple of times, and he had coldly laughed a few times, suddenly, he took out a glittering and shining pole. He waved it a few times into the air, and then loudly yelled, “Go back and greet that bastard Queen Mother! How dare she look down upon me! And quickly tell her to send forth an invitation!”

“Rude!” The seven celestial fairies immediately hurried back, I saw fourteen pairs of eyes on me and I felt a hand touch my waist, I quickly shouted, “Meow woo~ let me go~”

The Monkey King’s pole suddenly fell, and then he chanted some sort of spell, causing everyone else to grit their teeth, and standing still and looking on with despair…..

What comes around goes around!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I immediately pleasingly called out a ‘meow’ to the Monkey King, he came over to me and picked me up, and said with a strange smile, “Don’t know if cats are good to eat…..”

What is that suppose to mean? I stared wide-eyed at the Monkey King and asked, “What is good to eat?”

“Cat meat~” The Monkey King joyfully waved me around, walked over to the flat road off to the side…..and then…..began to make a fire…..and found an iron pot to boil water with…..

I was scared to death, I kept screaming, “Don’t eat cats! Don’t eat me!! Cats don’t taste good!! I ask that you eat fish!!!”

“Fish is fishy, I don’t like to eat.” The Monkey King added a few more pieces of fire wood, let out an evil laugh, and said to himself, “Recently, I’ve been getting tired of eating peaches… would be good to have a change in tastes.”

“Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!” I screamed, I made several attempts to change back into human, but my powers were sealed by the ribbon tied to my body, and my body was tied tight so I could even move an inch.

I raised my head up, stared at the boiling pot of water on the fire in front of me, the Monkey King stared at my expression and became even more cheerful. He kept letting out evil laughs, and kept having a face like he wanted to laugh, my heart felt really sad, if Shifu knew that I was about to be eaten by a monkey…..would he avenge me?

Shifu? There was a flash and ringing in my head, I looked at the bell on me, and quickly recited Bi Qingshen Jun’s name.

Very soon, there was a response, Shifu’s voice sounded very hastened, “Miao Miao? What are you doing? Are you obediently studying?”

“Shifu save me!” I immediately exclaimed, “Miao Miao is about to be eaten!”

“How did that happen?” There was a sudden panic in Bi Qinghsen Jun’s voice, after a pause, he asked, “What are you doing in the peach garden?”

“There is a monkey that wants to eat me!!!” I desperately shouted, “Quickly save me!!”

The Monkey King beside had heard my voice, he grabbed onto my bell and collar, causing my neck to become sore, but he did not yank it off, he only curiously asked, “What is this?”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s angry voice sounded through the bell, “Monkey King! Don’t hurt my disciple!”

The Monkey King came over, picked me up, and shouted into the bell, “What kind of thing are you?”

“I am Bi Qingshen Jun! My disciple has unknowingly entered the peach gardens, I would like to apologize on her behalf, please spare her life.”

“What if I don’t spare her?” The Monkey King smilingly asked.

“I…..I will personally come to your place…..and slice you apart with my sword…..” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voiced paused, and then suddenly sped up, it sounded like he was gritting his teeth.

“Then come! I was afraid you wouldn’t dare come and look for Lao Sun!” The Monkey King made some hand gestures, chanted a spell with some sort of unknown words, and cut off Bi Qingshen Jun’s speech, he then asked me, “Little kitten, what is your full name?”

“Hua Miao Miao.” I was a little bit afraid, and could only honestly answer.

“No wonder I thought that you demon cat was somewhat familiar, now where was it again…..” He suddenly grabbed his ears and began to ponder, he circled around me in a circle, did not stop, and thought for a very long time, and finally clapped and said, “Big brother Bull Devil said that his sister was a cat, called something like Hua Miao Miao, and was taken away by a celestial being, so it really is you?”

I promptly nodded.

“Then how did you end up together with those stinkin’ grannies?” The Monkey King pointed in the direction of where the seven celestial maidens went, and continued to question, “If you don’t answer, then I will throw you in the pot!”

“They caught me!” I loudly replied, and convincingly yelled, “The seven of them bullied the me who was all alone, and they used sneak attacks. If they didn’t tie me up with a ribbon, then they definitely won’t be my opponents!”

“Bull Devil said you were quite powerful~” The Monkey King lifted me up, cocked his head and asked, “Why did you willingly become a pet for an immortal?”

“I like Shifu!” I replied straight away, “He is a good person! Were you captured and confined here to become a pet?”

“Nonsense! I was made the Monkey King by the Jade Emperor! And was ordered to watch over the peach gardens!” He seemed to be a bit angry.

“You are speaking nonsense! They all say that you are just a stupid monkey that has been sealed up!” I used the green clothed celestial maiden’s words to counter him.

“Nonsense!” The Monkey King was furious, his eyes let out a fierce light, very frightening.

Although I was scared, my pride did not allow myself to beg for mercy, so I challenged him back, “If I wasn’t tied up, then it would be me that would beat you to death!”

“Then try it!” The Monkey King untied the ribbons on my body, and took out his golden pole again, and proudly gave me a smile saying, “I’ll give you a chance.”

I will definitely seize this opportunity!

So I decisively turned around and ran away…..

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    hehaaw said:
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      The Monkey King has a lot of names/nicknames. I don’t remember all of them but I do remember Old Monkey, Stone Monkey, etc. “Lao” means old (I think) so “Old” Sun is probably just another one of his names.

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    Once again, thank you for your translations. I find your blog so much fun to read and always looking forward to check your blog every morning.

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