Meow Meow Meow Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Owing The Dog A Favor

I desperately ran and ran, the wind blew across my face, and I felt a stinging sensation, the Monkey King from behind kept chasing and chasing, and by the looks of it, he seemed to have plenty of energy to spare and appeared as if he was playing with some sort a mouse.

The anger and humiliation was deeply rooted in my heart and mind. At a corner, I made a sharp turn and abruptly leaped onto a cliff. I turned into my human form and used my Heaven Shattering Claws to viciously to smash apart large boulders, causing countless gravel and debris to thunder towards him.

The crushed debris and gravel went into his eyes, confusing him. I jumped from the boulders, and took the advantage that he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, and ruthlessly slashed my Heaven Shattering Claws towards him, this made me create a rift/scar over tens of meters long, but there was not a single spot of the monkey’s blood.

He easily avoided it…..he is stronger than me, and not just a little bit stronger…..

After being aware of this, I decided not to recklessly go all out, and converted my strength to purely escape, but he was faster than me, and then stopped in front of me.

Not fast enough, not strong enough. Then will I, Hua Miao Miao, lose her life here today? I extended my Heaven Shattering Claws, and clenched my teeth, ready to fight for my life to uphold the name of the cat species.

At that moment, a sound suddenly appeared in the wind, a huge black dog landed on the Monkey King’s body, and suddenly spoke, “What do you think you’re doing to Miss Miao Miao!”

“It’s that stupid dog of Erlangshen’s household again?” The Monkey King coldly laughed, he violently shook, and smashed the black dog his body into the mountain, his mouth oozing with blood.

I gazed at this scene stunned, I did not understand why this dog would come and save me, and also his voice sounded somewhat familiar…..

In my moment of hesitation, the Monkey King came closer, he crouched down and smiled at me, and then said, “Little cat demon has a bit of power, but unfortunately not my opponent~”

I took several steps back, my ears drooped low from fear, and warily watched the monkey demon in front of my eyes, my heart despaired, not knowing what he would do next…..

That dog wiped away the blood on the corners of his mouth, pounced on the Monkey King again, and while clinging onto him, he loudly shouted, “Miss Miao Miao! Quickly run!”

I hesitated, then became surprised, and then angry! I am a cat! As a cat, why would a weak and feeble dog come to my rescue? It’s rather glorious to be killed in battle! Mustn’t allow him to save me!

So I stretched my Heaven Shattering Claws and viciously pounced onto the Monkey King. His rod blocked my attack, seemingly contained a strong force. It shook my mouth numb, I climbed up his weapon, and kick his chest with both my feet, and then held onto his thigh, and shouted, “Quickly run! You’re not allowed to tell me what to do!”

“I won’t go!” That dog stood up on both legs, and smoke emerged from him. After the smoke had disappeared, it was actually that stupid guy Xiao Tian that I tried to avoid! In his hands were his steel claws, it seemed like he wanted to go all out with the Monkey King!

“You are not allowed to come over here!” I immediately blocked him, and furiously said, “I don’t want you to save me! Leave!”

“Miss Miao Miao! Although I can’t beat him, I can’t watch you get killed!” Xiao Tian’s eyes were redder than usual.

“Hurry up and leave!” I was so angry I stood up stomping, why are dogs so brain-dead, can’t even understand other people’s words!

“I won’t leave!” Xiao Tian’s face appeared like he was moved, “I understand your kindness, but Xiao Tian isn’t a coward!”

His brain, what did he interpret…..cats and dogs definitely can not communicate…..definitely not!!


“Won’t leave!”

“Quickly leave!”

“Definitely won’t leave!”

We both started to argue back and forth, bickering and squabbling, my head full of confusion completely forgot about the monkey that wanted to eat this cat beside us. I furiously hit in the direction of that stupid dog, that stupid dog immediately dodged while screaming, “Miss Miao Miao, the enemy is over there! Over there!”

“I’ll deal with it after you leave!” I angrily shouted.

Unexpectedly, the Monkey King suddenly bent down, held his stomach and started to burst out laughing, causing both Xiao Tian and I to be baffled, he stammered, “You…..both of you… guys are such clowns! Laugh…..Lao Sun is going to laugh to death…..”

I immediately pointed at that dog’s nose, and said, “I’m a cat! I have nothing to do with that dog!”

“Miss Miao Miao~ don’t do this to help me, even if Xiao Tian has to give his life for you, he is willing.” I didn’t know what that dog was so moved about.

I was so angry that I became speechless…..he keeps insisting that I owe him a favor… the past at Luoying Mountain, at the base of the mountain, there was a cat named Hali, she had a good attitude and nice feelings for dogs and was laughed at by all the other cats in the area. If today I was rescued by a dog, then I will never be able to raise my head up in front of my fellow cats.

This is too tragic…..while I was reminiscing about my sad memories, that dog hurriedly rushed towards the Monkey, I immediately went to block him and stared at him with pitiful eyes, but it was all a waste, I only sadly stared at him as he went. In my heart, that today, I understood I can not, not owe this dog a favor, I just hoped he wouldn’t make this fact known to the public…..

“Let’s not play, let’s not play anymore! It’s not fun anymore!” The Monkey King used one hand and slapped Xiao Tian onto the ground, knocking him out, he came towards me smiling and said, “Since I was born, I’ve always been a vegetarian, I don’t even eat meat, because you were together with those celestial maidens, I just wanted to tease you. Since you are my elder brother’s sister, then you are also Lao Sun’s sister, in the future, don’t come to this heavenly courtyard anymore, what a shitty peach banquet! Let’s go and cause a disturbance down to the Mortal Realm, you will be free in the following days, and it’s much better than suffering the good-for-nothing attitude of those gods!”

Seeing him ease up, my fury had also dispersed a bit, my heart couldn’t help but feel relieved secretly, so I asked in confusion, “What does good-for-nothing attitude mean?”

“I have thought it over clearly now, I am too stupid! Being confined and kept by these gods, and listening to their every word, what does that mean?” The Monkey King made a ‘pei’ sound.

“What is not good with that?” I hurried to defend Bi Qingshen Jun, “Shifu pampers and spoils me! Everyday, he gives me good food to eat and I play well, Miao Miao only needs to not cause a big disturbance, and he will not punish me.”

“Nonsense! All those stupid immortals are not good people!” The Monkey King angrily shouted, “We’ve played for such a long time, and has your Shifu come to save you? Bi Qingshen Jun the number one warrior god in the Heavenly Realm, would take that long to come to this place?”

“Shifu loves me the most…..he will definitely come!” I weakly refuted, “He just simply has some stuff he is busy with so he can’t come immediately!”

“Then do you dare to bet on it?”


“What do you want to bet on?” The Monkey King asked me.

“Bet…..” After thinking, with all my heart, I fiercely shouted, “If I lose, then I won’t eat fish for an entire month! And if you lose, then you also can’t eat fish for an entire month!”

“Haha~~” The Monkey King started to laugh, causing me to stare at him blankly, he then cheerfully said, “Good, then let’s bet on that, I will count to 100 and if he doesn’t show up, then you lose.”

“Ok!” I was determined that Bi Qingshen Jun would come and rescue me.

Thus the Monkey King began to count loudly…..he counted very very slowly…..from 1 to 100, from start to finish, Bi Qingshen Jun did not appear…..

I confoundedly gazed into the sky, there was some panic in my heart, why did he not come? I could not think of an answer…..

I lost…..

The Monkey King patted the heartbroken and sad me, and gave me a ‘reality is cruel’ look. He turned around to leave, he said that later he would submerge the whole heaven into chaos, and that if I ever regretted not leaving heaven, then I could come and visit the Mountain of Fruits and Flowers(huaguoshan) and look for him there.

I did not care for him, I just sat down under a tree staring at the clouds, knowing that it was already dusk I still did not leave…..

Shifu will not abandon Miao Miao…..I firmly believe…..he will not abandon me…..

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      @Yellow, although this part wasn’t really touched upon in the last chapter (like in 1 sentence), the monkey king chanted some sorta spell to disable the functions of the bell.


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