Meow Meow Meow Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – Priceless, If Only You Knew

The time waiting was particularly long…..

Suddenly, a cloud appeared on the horizon, and on the cloud was Bi Qingshen Jun’s figure. Behind him there many people I did not know of that were following him, so I immediately started to jump up from joy, ready to rush into his arms, and ask why it took him so long to come here, but when I saw his appearance, I could only stare blankly at him, and then finally could not help but let out a scream…..

Blood, blood was everywhere…..bright red, and dazzling…..

Bi Qingshen Jun’s clothing was torn, his cloak has also disappeared to who knows where, and his whole body was covered and stained with blood. On the shoulder, left shoulder, and waist had open claw wounds so deep that even the bones could be seen, it may have already pierced through the organs already. His expression did not contain even a hint of pain and ache, only worry and unease, and only when he saw me did he finally relax.

Why…..would he be so heavily injured? Isn’t he the most powerful warrior in the entire Heavenly Realm? Seeing his body swaying and shaking on top of the cloud, my heart began to tremble, and a kind of unspeakable pain coursed through my throat, causing my sharp cries to turn into hoarse screaming, my steps froze, as if it has grown roots, I was unable to move…..

“Miao Miao…..” Bi Qingshen Jun jumped off the cloud, his actions almost caused him to fall to the ground. Behind him, there was a man with long ice blue hair, nearly white eyes, a body full of armor, and completely drenched with fresh blood. He hurriedly rushed to support him, and anxiously advised, “Lord Shen Jun, she is fine, you can rest assured.”

I blankly stared at Bi Qingshen Jun, staring into his green eyes even more radiant than burning flames. I suddenly realized that I was at fault, but my mind was blank, completely unable to think, only using a voice quiet like a bug to call out, “Shifu…..”

“Haiyang, it’s been tough on you.” Bi Qingshen Jun straightened his back, pushed the man by his side away from him, and stood up once again, his facial expressions were restored to its previous state, he came towards me and said, “Let’s go home.”

I sluggishly shook my head, held out my hands, gently touched his wounds, and then looked at the blood on my own fingernails, I gently said, “You… are very seriously wounded…..”

“I’m alright.” Bi Qingshen Jun faintly replied, the amount of blood on his face was comparatively less, the man beside us named Haiyang moved his lips a few times, but did not say anything.

I went over and stuck my tongue out to lick his wounds. As if lightning had struck his body, Bi Qingshen Jun shrunk his body back, he stopped my next movements, and asked embarrassingly, “What are you doing?”

“After licking it, it won’t hurt…..after licking it, it will heal…..” I raised up my head, opened my eyes wide and stared at his face, and stammered, “Miao Miao doesn’t want you to be hurt…..”

“I’m alright.” Bi Qingshen Jun once again repeated his words, his pale white face had a hint of red mixed with it. He then quickly turned his head around to look at the Haiyang beside him and said, “I must trouble you to accompany me over there.”

“What kind of words are those? I’m your lieutenant, this kind of little thing is my job, but…..” Haiyang hesitated for a while, and then forced himself to smile, “Lord Shen Jun, I beg you to stop maintaining this front, hurry back and heal your wounds!”

“I’m really alright,” Bi Qingshen Jun held onto me, and slowly set foot onto the cloud saying, “This kind of small injury is nothing.”

“This is called little?” Haiyang shrieked, “Did you lose your mind when you were injured so severely?”

“Stop speaking nonsense,” Bi Qingshen sighed and then said, “I will trouble you to take Xiao Tian back to Erlangshen Jun’s place, I have Miao Miao to take care of me here, no problem.”

“This…..” Haiyang touched his head, turned around to walk into the distance, and glanced back several times unsure, and then finally compromised, “Okay fine.”

His spirit seemed to be very good, so I felt slightly relieved, surprised, I asked, “How come you are so heavily injured? Who was it that bullied you? I will help you go get revenge!”

Bi Qingshen Jun absent-mindedly stared at me and did not speak for a very long time, Haiyang immediately replied instead, “We were on an expedition in the Demon World to battle with the general, and suddenly, in the midst of battle, Shen Jun heard your voice and became distracted…..”

“Silence!” The heavily injured Bi Qingshen immediately shouted, he continued to speak, “I was injured because I underestimated the enemy, you should quickly deliver him back home.”

Haiyang helplessly shrugged and carried Xiao Tian onto a cloud and left. Bi Qingshen Jun brought me to another cloud to return home with, and on the road, he did not speak again. I was afraid he would be angry at me for secretly leaving school, so I told him everything I knew about what had happened, hoping he would be more lenient…..

Bi Qingshen Jun only responded to me with simple phrases like, “Ah, good, no…..”, and did not say anything else.

I held his ice-cold hands, my heart had a fear that I’ve never had before, I could only cling onto his side, and by doing this, I could at least have a little bit of peace in my mind…..

Xuan Qing Palace’s buildings appeared before my eyes, the cloud lowered, and the scarlet door greeted us. Xiaolin kept walking back and forth, and back and forth, and seemed to be waiting anxiously at the door waiting for us.

The cloud by our feet…..they were several feet above ground, still not fallen, but could no longer hold our weight any longer, and immediately began to disperse, causing the both of us to rapidly fall to the ground. Bi Qingshen Jun didn’t have any reaction, he only let his body fall flat onto the ground…..

This situation is not good! A fall from so high up and quickly is bad, I instantly turned around in the air, balance myself, and grabbed on tight to Bi Qingshen Jun. My legs were bent to ease the force of the impact at landing, and when we had finally landed, I had discovered that he had already slipped into a coma, his breathing also becoming weak and his body lifeless…..

“Shifu!! Shifu!!” I called to him like crazy, wanting to shake his body.

“You mustn’t!” Xiaolin hurriedly rushed over, stopping my reckless behaviour. He loudly called for the page boy to come over to cautiously move Bi Qingshen Jun inside.

I also hastily followed them inside, following the crowd to the inside of Bi Qingshen Jun’s room.

Maid servants were flooding in like a stream of water, and page boys were frantically running around. Bi Qingshen Jun’s fresh blood did not stop flowing out, Xiaolin kept on carefully wrapping bandages around him as well as ordering Jin Wen to immediately ask for Immortal Mo’lin.

Jin Wen immediately left, Wawa also did not mind me, she hurriedly went to help with the kitchen and boiling hot water, wringing out the towels…..helping Xiaolin along the way…..

“I…..what can I do…..” I walked up to Xiaolin and softly asked, “What can Miao Miao do to help Shifu?”

Xiaolin had no time to worry about me, he just smiled and said, “You can quietly stay next to and comfort him, and wait for Master Shen Jun to awake, when he awakes, I will give you further instructions.”

“Miao Miao will help!” I quickly called out.

“Good… obediant.” Xiaolin’s expression was very determined.

I obediently nodded my head, went to the corner of the room, and sat there like a wooden statue staring blankly at them working very hard and busy. I then stared at Bi Qingshen Jun’s wounded body, my heart thinking about what Haiyang had said…..and I suddenly had understood what he had meant…..

Everything was my fault, I was the one that called Shifu causing him to be distracted and injured, and even after he was injured, I could do nothing to help…..I can only watch at him suffer and be hurt…..

I kept thinking, at last, I understood a fact, I was actually a stupid egg, I know nothing, and I am of no use at all.

Looking at Shifu’s blood… much blood flowing, and looking at his painful expression…..I did not no what to do or what I could do…..

Why am I so stupid? Why did I have to call for help at that time, causing Shifu to be in his current state? If he wakes up and becomes angry, and no longer wants Miao Miao, what should I do?

If I had known…..I might as well have been eaten by the Monkey King after all…..

With my head down, I rubbed and grasped my own clothes, I huddled as far back as possible in the corner as possible trying not to affect other people’s work, both my eyes stared at the ground, afraid to look at scene in front of me.

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