Meow Meow Meow Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – It’s Okay

Mo’lin held his medicine box and hurriedly entered from the door, he did not greet anyone while coming in, just went straight away to take Bi Qingshen Jun’s pulse and do a diagnosis.

While Xiaolin was working hard to give an explanation, I did not dare to thwart his actions more, just pitifully stared at him, kept thinking about what the final result would be…..

Mo’lin let out a long sigh, touched his head, and then said, “This isn’t good…..”

“What is not good?” I quickly asked, “You bad guy, if you bully Shifu, I will definitely bite you to death!”

“Well it’s not that bad…..” Mo’lin smirked and then looked at me, “Unless you let me touch that…..”

I stared stunned at that bastard in front of my eyes trying to loot a burning house, but I had no choice but to surrender, “If I let you touch that…..Shifu will get better?”

“Of course, of course~” Mo’lin grinned.

Therefore, I rolled onto the ground, turning back into a cat, and unwillingly extended my paws forward to let him touch. He kept touching and squishing my pink paw pads non stop…..touching, and squishing while saying, “So cool~ So fun~”

I turned my head in humiliation, letting him do whatever he wanted, my heart felt a bit sour, but for Shifu, I am willing to sacrifice the dignity of the cats…..I submissively become a plaything for him and let him touch my beautiful fur coat and soft paws.

Xiaolin could no longer stand to look at this tragic scene in front of him, and finally couldn’t help but come to my rescue, “Immortal Mo’lin…..our Shen Jun…..”

Mo’lin cheerfully touched, he did not even turn his head and replied, “It’s just that there is excessive bleeding, the inner organs are partially damaged, but he’s still not at the critical stage yet. He should be fine, I will write a prescription for you guys, there’s also no need to use the Pill of Immortality, you guys only need to carefully take care of him and make sure not to contaminate his blood, or else I will not be able to save him.”

Xiaolin immediately agreed and left, and Mo’lin had enough of playing with me already, so he stood up and went over to the table. He lifted up a pen and wrote down some words I did not know of, and handed it over to the Jin Wen standing next to us, and softly said, “Take it, these are medicines and herbs that should be in Shen Jun’s home.”

Jin Wen took the prescription, raised her head and looked him in the eyes, and quickly turned and left. I sat on the sidelines watching everything and felt a strange speechless moment.

Anyways…..Shifu is going to be fine right?

I quickly jumped onto the bed and crawled to the foot of the mattress, curled up into a ball, and quietly watched his sleeping face, not daring to disturb him, only waiting and expecting him to wake up and call my name…..

“Miao Miao…..”

I did not know for how long I waited, I just know that the sky had already turned dark, filled with millions of shining stars. When the starry night sky was softly illuminated, Shifu had finally awaken. He stared at the me next to his pillow, and suddenly let out a laugh.

I happily went over, licked his face, rubbed him a few times, and carefully said, “Shifu, I’m sorry…..”

“Sorry for what?” Bi Qingshen Jun strenuously raised his hand, and pushed aside the his hair, and asked.

“Miao Miao was disobedient and did not listen to your words, I got into trouble and called for help, causing you to be distracted and get hurt…’s all my fault…..” I brought my head down, and sadly said, “Can you not be angry…..”

“I’m not angry.” Bi Qingshen Jun embraced me with both arms, and gently comforted me, “It’s not your fault.”

“Really?” I immediately cheered up, my hanging ears instantly shooting straight up, and my eyes opened widely.

After Bi Qingshen Jun thought for a moment, he said, “Randomly running off by yourself is your fault, when my injuries heal, I will punish you.”

My ears dropped again…..

He then started laughing, his laughter slightly affecting his wounds, causing him to cough. I buried my head into his arms, and did not dare to raise my head up because I was so ashamed of myself.

“Miao Miao, I’m sorry…..” After laughing, he suddenly opened his mouth and spoke with eyes full of guilt, “At that time, the situation was very critical, as the leader and general of the countless heavenly soldiers, I couldn’t just throw away my responsibilities and their lives away to come and save you. I wasn’t able to come straight away, and by the time I arrived, I thought that I was too late, but fortunately you were alright…..”

“But you still came.” I did not know why he was so guilty, “I waited for you all along…..I believed that you would come.”

“What if I didn’t come?”

“Then I would’ve waited for you until you came.”

“Silly cat…..” Bi Qingshen Jun immediately stopped talking, there was a little mist in his eyes, but it had disappeared in a flash.

“Shifu won’t throw me away right?” I asked cautiously.

“I won’t,” After Bi Qingshen Jun said this, he then firmly says, “I will never.”

I finally began to laugh from happiness, and extended my tongue to gently lick his face a few times to express my own joy.

Xiaolin rushed in from the door holding a bowl of medicine in his hands, and seeing that I was on Bi Qingshen Jun’s bed, he troublesomely said, “Miao Miao, come down first, if you cause discomfort to Master Shen Jun’s wounds, then it wouldn’t be good.”

I knew that I was hindering their work, so I slowly and lazily stood up, and crawled down the bed. I turned into human form, and continued to stare at them from my lonely little corner, in my heart, I continued to think of ways I could be of use to Bi Qingshen Jun, but there was nothing I could do.

Bi Qingshen Jun with the help of Wawa’s arms, sat up straight. He took the bowl of medicine from Xiaolin, frowned his eyebrows, and drank the whole bowl, he then stared over to me, and suddenly said, “This medicine is very bitter.”

“This lowly one will go get honey for you.” Wawa hastily stood up.

“No need,” Xiaolin stopped her actions, just smiled and asked, “Does Shen Jun want to eat an apple?”

“Sure,” Bi Qingshen Jun waved his hand, so I came over and he said to me, “Go prepare me an apple, but don’t cut your own hands.”

Hearing this, I rejoiced, and hurriedly rushed over to the table and turned the whole fruit basket upside down. There were many apples, but I choose the biggest, and the most red one, and asked Wawa for a little knife to delicately and determinedly cut it up.

I had never eaten a fruit before, so I’ve never cut this type of stuff before. I seriously stared at the fruit for a long time, and then gave the apple several cuts, I found that it appeared similar to a dog’s chew toy, so I did not want to look at it any longer.

Wawa beside me laughed out loud, came over and took another apple, and said to me, “I’ll teach you.”

Bi Qingshen Jun nodded to me, “Learn well so you can make it for me to eat.”

I immediately made an effort to work hard and had an open mind ready to learn. I let Xiaolin bring over another basket of apples, and followed Teacher Wawa and cut 78 more apples, but unfortunately, they were all cut very ugly. The skin that was cut off was almost thicker than the meat itself…..but it should be edible by its appearance.

I embarrassingly held out an apple in front of Bi Qingshen Jun, he stared at the apple that was obviously missing at least an inch of meat, and quietly took a bite out of it, and then said, “Not bad, you learn very quickly.”

Overall I guess I did help a little! I was praised! After receiving my praises, I happily rushed over to cut some more apples, maybe seventy or eighty more for Bi Qingshen Jun to savor.

But Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to have guessed my intentions, and immediately stopped my pace, he changed the subject, “Why did you run to the peach gardens today?”

Why? Why did I go there to be chased by that demon monkey?

I thought with all my heart, I lifelessly stopped all of a sudden and turned around…..

Finally remembering what I had forgotten…..

The pitiful Shao Zhong…..was still hanging on the tree…..

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