Meow Meow Meow Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – A Kind Hearted Person

When I returned home, I hesitantly asked Bi Qingshen Jun how I could make money, and that if I could take something from Xuan Qing Palace and sell it…..

Bi Qingshen Jun told me that the mortal realm assessments do not allow others to interfere, and that I must use my own brain.

Wawa rejected my proposal of selling mice and secretly advised, “If you use your own hands and legs, you just need to find some work, then you will be able to make a bit of money. Back in the days, I became a servant to a household and earned a bit of money.”

Jin Wen very confidently said to me, “If everything does not work out, then you can go to the river side and spread a net, I will force the fish in, and then you can take it to sell.”

“While ordinary people are unable to see our demon bodies, if there were to be a powerful being or monster, then we may be in danger.” Before we left, Blue Feather Goddess gave us each a blue feather, telling us that when ordinary people look at us, they will believe we are like other ordinary people. And if a problem arises, all we need to do is to destroy it, and she will come to save us. Bi Qingshen Jun seriously reminded me that even if the assessment fails, it does not matter as. I only needed to be in touch with him every night, report the events that have happened, do not commit crimes, do not steal, do not hurt people, and absolutely do not be taken advantage of by other people…..

In short…..their anxiousness and comfort were all very touching, I must use my own hands to earn money, but I haven’t thought of a method yet. When the time was up, I was kicked down into the mortal realm.

All the young demon that entered the mortal realm were all extremely excited, they dispersed in all directions. Xiao Zi pitifully said to me, “Miao Miao JieJie, if all is not well, I can split the money I make on powder and blush with you, how about it?”

I righteously and immediately rejected this idea that looked down upon a cat, and determined to complete this assessment with my own hands and feet!

I speedily ran hundreds of miles, turned into a human, and casually selected the town that seemingly had the most people in it. I crept towards the entrance, and the guards on duty shouted at me, “Where are you from?! Do you have an entrance pass?”

My fur and tail was scared standing, their actions suddenly became stiff like a statue and their faces grew red, and their voice became uneven, “Miss…..Miss…..You…..You…..Where are you from?”

“From above, Xuan Qing Palace.” I honestly answered.

“Miss…..Miss….Regardless if you’re a heavenly being or not…..” The soldier continued to stammer, also drooling a little bit, “You…..Need…..Pass…..Must do a body search…..” After speaking, he seemed to come forward and wanted to touch my body.

I moved to one side, seeing that this man didn’t seem to want to let me in, I turned into my normal everyday spoiled self, and piteously stared at him while saying, “Why?”

The crowd around us grew bigger and bigger, there were many that were wearing swords and some were well dressed, they immediately jumped out and loudly shouted,

“You damned guards! Only know how to push around the weak and innocent! Today I, Min Xi the hero, will punish you guys!”

“Presumptuous! Do you guys know who I am? My third uncle’s younger brother’s daughter is the daughter-in-law of the Shanshu Residence! I, Shangjin might just report you guys for molesting this good woman, so watch what you say!”

“Although I Wang’er Hu is just an ordinary rough person, even if I have to risk this life! I can not allow you people to cause trouble for this pitiful lady!

“In this world, is there still such a thing as justice?”

The flock of people became increasing chaotic, there were waves after waves of shouting and unrest, many aunts and young ladies were whispering,

“A shameful sly fox should be like her right?”

“Pei! Hong Yan is just adding more trouble, just look at your man rushing over there!”

“What a stupid face, who knows, she might even be a retard.”

“This is not fair, she doesn’t even appear to be from a wealthy family, her whole body is wearing some unknown clothing, and who is she trying to seduce?”

“Hee hee~ Seduce your man?”

“Stop speaking nonsense! Be careful, I might accidentally hit you!”

All the little and quiet whispers that went into my ears made me really sad…..Miao Miao is obviously a cat, how can she possibly be a fox!

My claws could not help but slightly protrude wanting to beat all these people up, but every time I think about Bi Qingshen Jun’s warnings, I angrily endured. My whole belly was full of rage, I’m going to die from depression! The surrounding men still piled closer and closer, every where was a big mess, causing me to be afraid. The doors were blocked and no one could enter.

In the disarray, I ran from the side to the far distance, and while they have not caught up with me yet, I turned into a cat and dashed away.

The next town I choose was surrounded by walls, I found a dog hole and crawled into the town. When I entered the town, I turned back into a human. I was still afraid that the men would surround me again, so I secretively walked behind houses avoiding the streets.

Selling buns, selling steamed bread, selling peanuts, selling tofu, selling bean curds, selling Chinese cabbage, selling potatoes, selling glutinous rice, and other peddlers selling other goods on shoulder poles, this smell…..I brought out the fish balls Jin Wen made for me and started stuffing them down.

If I steal a roasted chicken…..there should be no problem right?

Apricots petals fell off the walls of a broken wall, I sat sadly on the stairs of a dilapidated house, wondering where I should go next.

This mortal realm assessment’s rules are diminishing all of the cat’s strong points, the me that is controlling all my desires, have never felt so lost before, so sad ah so sad…..

In my confusion, a melodic and gentle voice appeared beside me, “Miss, are you lost?”

I raised my head up, it was a plainly dressed old lady with white hair and inserted with a wooden hair pin that talked to me.

“Meow woo~…..” I wailed, and then shook my head, “I’m not lost.”

In the moment that the old lady saw me, she was slightly shocked, she smiled and became even more gentle, “Then miss, do you have any relatives?”

I shook my head again, “Miao Miao doesn’t have any relatives.”

“Then what did you come here for?” The old lady crouched down, “If you have any difficulties, this old lady will help you.”

There was such a kind person in this world? I happily jumped up, held onto her clothing and asked, “Do you know where I can earn some money?”

The old lady stared blankly for a moment, she reached her hands out and gently stroked my face, and then nodded with satisfaction, “Do you want me to bring you to a place that can earn money really quickly?”

I hurriedly nodded my head repeatedly, and kept praising that she was a good person.

She smiled without saying anything, grabbed hold of my hands, and walked deeper into the alley. She seemed to understand what I was thinking and did not even ask any questions, she just kept turning and making cuts from the alley. Eventually, we stopped in front of a beautiful building, she knocked lightly on the door, and repeatedly comforted me, that I must be patient, must listen, and if I do that, then I would make some money.

I promptly declared to her that my patience was very good and that I was a great listener.

“How come you’re back already? Every time you bring a beauty to Qi Feng Lou, they are tattered and ragged,” An impatient voice sounded through, an aunty from within the house came out, she looked at me, immediately grinning, and then turned to say to the old lady, “Aiyo~ Granny Song, really you, this one is quite good! Very good!”

Seeing her satisfied expression, it seemed that she was willing to let me earn some money, so I immediately became relieved.

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