Day: June 1, 2015

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – The First Customer

I sat on a round mahogany stool and yawned, Tou Ya Mama walked back and forth thinking about what my plans were for tonight.

“When you go out, all you need to do is sit in the center of the grand court, and then let out a smile, you don’t need to listen to what other people say, I will arrange it all for you.”

I took a bite out of some dried fish, and nodded my head to show that I understood.

“When I send for the little maid servant to accompany you back, you just need to obediently stand up, slowly walk back and turn your head to let out a small laugh.”

“Ok.” I merrily promised her.

“The name Miao Miao makes you sound like a country bum, you should change it to a new one,” Tou Ya Mama thought for a moment, “Let’s call you Yao Yao then.”

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