Meow Meow Meow Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 – Dazzling Spring Wine

After I have washed up, Tou Ya Mama brought me to a beautiful and large room, and I sat down in the middle of a very big bed. Hua Rong grabbed a jug of wine over to let me drink it, I sniffed a few times, and felt that this wine was much worse than the wine at the Dragon Palace, so I shook my head to refuse.

Hua Rong let out a sigh and said to me, “Silly child, this is your first time, you don’t know what sort of methods he will use, and if you start to struggle, a problem could arise. This wine contains
an aphrodisiac which will cause you to become a little tipsy, and so that it will be less uncomfortable, if you just close your eye, I…..I can only help you this much…..”

Tou Ya Mama beside us frowned her brows, and then said after thinking for a moment, “Right, you should drink it, doing it will put a lot of stress on your body, and I don’t wish for you to hurt your body.”

Seeing that it was only a single small cup of wine, and seeing that these two people were really firm in their resolve, with a bitter face and a closed nose, I drank the cup in one go. Not long after, my face began to flush red, my head felt a little warm, the sky and the ground was spinning, and my feet didn’t seem too stable when I stood up, so I leaned into the bed.

“So little and she’s out?” Hua Rong oddly raises the jug of wine.

Tou Ya Mama laughed beside me, “This time the quantity of the drug is very good, let’s go outside and invite that…..”

With this tipsy feeling, the stuff they were saying became less and less clear to me, I felt myself floating and being carried away. My whole body felt weak and powerless, my balance was off, and my throat was somewhat thirsty. I laughed like a mad woman and crawled to the side of the bed to get a drink of water, but I had used too much force and shattered the porcelain cup, causing pieces of white fragments to be spilled onto the ground.

Not good, if you break something you must bury it, this method of approach had suddenly appeared in my mind, so I immediately climbed down to the ground, used my hands to gather the broken pieces, thought for a moment, and then pushed it under the bed. I grabbed another cup, and this time, like the last, broke into pieces of white shard…..

Destroy, push under the bed, drink tea, break cup, destroy, push under the bed…..

These actions repeated for several times, and I became very frustrated, so I slammed a hand onto the table. But the table all of a sudden breaks into pieces, and unable to support itself up any longer, the fruit tray and teapot both smashed into the ground.

What should I do…..I circled the debris a few times, and then used my hands to push away the debris under the bed…..wanting to hide it, but the space beneath the bed was too small and the table was too big. When I pushed once more, I also used a bit too much strength, and the bed also appeared to have cracked…..

Since this has already been done, then I must use the bed sheets to cover the mess up…..hoping that Tou Ya Mama will not see it…..

From the outside of the door came the sound of laughter, I sat nervously waiting on the bed, lowered my head, and hoped that they won’t discover what I have broken, but not all seems well…..

When Tou Ya Mama entered through the door, she let out a sharp scream, “Where’s my table?”

“Meow woo~” My entire face was burning up, and I could only look at her pitifully. I rolled over the bed in hopes of getting her approval, and hoped that she wouldn’t mind this little mistake…..

Tou Ya Mama wanted to continue to ask questions, but she was stopped by the words of the man from her rear, “I think, you shouldn’t destroy the mood any more? This table, how much is it worth?”

“This gentleman is right.” Tou Ya Mama no longer pursued, she only tossed me a still glance that wanted me to work hard, and then left with a smile on her face.

I lied down onto the bed with both hands holding my head, my clothes had also been loosened by the mess before, so I just stared sadly at the man in front of me, and called out, “Meow woo~”

The man stood before my face, his expression was very strange, it momentarily flushed red and then turned blank white, and then from white to a deep dark black. This was very amusing, but he eventually grabbed me ruthlessly into his embrace, and then said, “I did have doubts and uncertainties with your appearance, but i didn’t think it’d actually be you? Why are you, the stupid cat, here at a brothel waiting to be auctioned off?”

He knows me? But I don’t recognize him, so I stared confused at the man in front of me, only to realize that my own vision was starting to blur, I fought to open my eyes, but I could not open them.

“Why did you drink the dazzling spring wine?” The man roared, “Right now do you feel hot or itchy and discomfort everywhere?”

“No…..only dizzy.” I honestly replied, “I can’t see clearly…..”

The man sat down on a nearby chair, brought me onto his thighs, thought for a moment, and the appeared to relax a bit, he then said with sympathy, “I almost forgot you were a disciple of Bi Qingshen Jun, that you were immune to poisons, what would this little problem…..”

“Miao Miao has a headache…..” The scent of the man made my heart felt at ease, causing me to lean into him.

“How much did you drink?” He asked.

“One cup.” I swayed my head, raised up my index finger and said with certainty.

“They say that disciples must take after their teachers, so it must be true, they are both so bad at holding their liquor.” The man shook his head and laughed.

“Who are you?” I unknowingly asked, “Miao Miao does not recognize you.”

In an instant, the man’s body changed, his black hair turned into a blazing red, and his eyes became a golden colour. I rubbed my eyes a couple of times, and finally confirmed that the man seemed to be Ao Yun…..

“Why are you here?” I happily asked.

Ao Yun rubbed my forehead to help me relieve the discomfort from drinking the wine, and then slowly replied, “I managed to find time to come to the Mortal Realm to play, I heard that there was a stunning beauty here, so I came to join the crowd, but I did not expect that it would be this stupid cat. If you’re not at Bi Qingshen Jun’s residence, what are you doing here?”

“To earn money!” Having him rub my head, I felt a lot better, my mind was also much clearer now, so I loudly replied, “The demon school is having us do tasks down in the Mortal Realm, and we must make some money when we return. There was a kind-hearted granny that brought me to this place.”

“Do you even know what kind of place this is?” Ao Yun seemed to be angry, he rubbed my head with a lot more force, causing me to be in some pain, “If I hadn’t happened to come! With your current strength! Uh…..that fat bastard could have beaten you to death…..and demons from the Heavenly Realm will face heavy punishments if they killed a mortal man…..”

“This place is Qi Feng Lou, I know.” I raised my head up in confusion, and then meagerly said, “That person called Tou Ya Mama is quite nice.”

Ao Yun suddenly became silent, he stared at me with strange eyes for a very long time, and then moved his eyes down to my translucent clothing. He appeared to be thinking about something, but he finally pushed me down ruthlessly and held me tightly, he lightly brought me over to the bed, and said, “Since it’s you that came into this kind of place, then do not blame me, after it’s done, then you can decide what you want to do with me!”

“I’m thirsty…..” I haven’t even had time to finish my sentence before he suddenly leaned over and kissed my forehead, and pressed down both my arms, not allowing me to move.

My clothes were pulled down, and Ao Yun began to kiss more violently, causing me to be somewhat uncomfortable. I didn’t know whether to listen to Bi Qingshen Jun’s words to retaliate, or Tou Ya Mama’s teachings to stay still.

Is earning money more important, or is listening and being obedient?

In my hesitation, Ao Yun said with a hoarse voice, “Miao Miao…..I want you, ever since that day, I’ve been wanting you, can’t you yield to me? I can make you the Third Dragon Prince’s Consort, let you have all the glories of this world, and let you have all the fish in the entire world, all the jewelry and precious items can also be yours…..won’t you marry me?”

All of the world’s fish can be mine? This sentence was very tempting, and while I was pondering, the bell on my collar suddenly transmitted Bi Qingshen Jun’s joyous voice, “Miao Miao, what are you doing?”

I hurriedly answered him, “I’m receiving a customer~”

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