Meow Meow Meow Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – I Will Become A Mother

With stumbling footsteps and walking with a null figure, I held the last piece of dried fish in my mouth, choose a path, and slowly walked away…..

I walked until the stars filled the night sky, found a cave with carpeted with soft grass, and I lay my entire body down to sleep. Letting out a long and tired yawn, I realized that I have not slept out in the wilderness in a very long time, giving me the feelings of being a wild cat occasionally, and this is quite good…..

Using my tongue, I groomed my own fur and swept away all the dust on it. I opened my eyes wide, and watched as the wind blew the grass and leaves, as if it was dancing in the wind. My ears were full of ringing and whistling, and howling from the distance sounds, it was filled with loneliness and arrogance. This kind of scene was somewhat similar to the days at Luoying Mountain, the days I miss so much.

Should I go bully that howling wolf? I thought for a moment, and then decided to abandon it, because Blue Feather Goddess said that the strong should not pick on the weak under any circumstances.

Miao Miao wants to be a good student, and complete this mortal realm assessment, because I know that, every time I make a little more progress, that Bi Qingshen Jun and everyone else would be really happy.

I like their smiles more than anything else.

What kind of feeling is this? I don’t understand, just that myself, I feel somewhat different from before, but I can not put it into words on how it is different…..

Since I could not think of how, then I should just go to bed early. Tomorrow, I need to look for a job and earn money, so I let out an everlasting yawn, and was ready to close my eyes, but all of a sudden, the sky thundered.

Dark clouds masked the sky and the rain pounded onto the earth. The wetness was invading the cave, and I had jumped back a few paces to avoid getting my beautiful fur coat from getting damp. The evading water pearl suddenly emitted a light, causing all of the droplets of water to be repelled.

Thus I safely and securely hopped onto the ground, but unexpectedly, two foxes had entered into the cave where I had been staying. Among the foxes, one of them moved back from fear while saying, “This lowly one is just passing by to avoid the rain, disturbing your rest, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…..”

The other one didn’t understand and wanted to continue to enter, “Why do you fear her? Isn’t it just a cat demon?”

The rain caused the temperature to be quite cold, I stared at their dense and rich fur coats, and then generously made space for them to come in. The fox that wanted to escape earlier was a bit hesitant, but it eventually entered and carefully crouched down in a corner, peeking and staring at me from time to time, as well as speaking in the fox language with the other fox.

“Cold.” Seeing that they have entered, and not giving me the natural greeting of snuggling up, I unhappily called out.

The two foxes stared at each other, and then quickly turned around and transformed into their human forms. It was a man and a woman who came forth and greeted me.

The man claimed to be Yun Ou. His body was slender, and his eyes were elongated. He had a red birthmark, and was magnificently dressed, causing his whole person glow with charm, and in short, he basically had a fox-like face. The woman claimed to be Ningxin, her facial features were beautiful, she was very simply dressed, and didn’t appear to have a fox aura with her. She appeared very graceful and elegant like a lady from a noble household, except for the fact that she had a bulging belly, possibly from eating too much.

After they had finished greeting, they used some demonic arts to start a fire, which made a warm and comfortable feeling to flow through my body. I lay down onto the patch of grass in satisfaction, and was ready to fall asleep again.

I had not expected them to suddenly rush towards me, kneel down, and said, “May we ask Cat King to please have mercy on us, please save us!!”

I stared at the people who had interrupted my sleep twice, and upsetly said, “Why should I save you? And what kind of relationship do I have with you two?”

Yun Ou immediately said, “I am Yanshan Mountain’s fox demon, ever since Cat King killed Yanshan’s Weasel King, all the Yanshan monsters and demons are under your jurisdiction. We have made tributes every year and not once have we forgotten, and since the earthquake struck Luoying Mountain, it had spread to Yanshan Mountain. And only because of that, we had no choice but to suspend the tributes.”

“There was such a thing?” This kind of messy and chaotic things were usually left to Yin Zi to take care of, and after thinking, I did not really expect them to give tributes.

Yun Ou paused for a second, and then pointed at his own face and said expectantly, “I had to cultivate for over 200 years before I was able to turn into human form, and before the tributes started, I had only seen Cat King once, I don’t know if King remembers?”

I shook my head to indicate that I didn’t have any impressions of it.

“And after that, I left Yanshan to practice my arts and cultivate in seclusion, I was not able to observe Cat King’s excellence and powers.”

“No wonder I’ve never seen you before.” My eyes were half-closed, and felt very tired.

“Yun Ou, don’t speak and beg anymore,” Ningxin beside him grabbed onto his skirt, and said with a look full of melancholy, “Such a thing, why would she be willing to help? Forget it…’s our fault we dragged you into it.”

“I know what you’re thinking about, I can’t just let you commit suicide,” Yun Ou turned his head to look at her, he firmly said, “Not to mention that it wasn’t your fault at all, it was all that bastard’s fault for taking it too far! Is there no logic and truth in this world?”

“Without you, how can I live by myself? If I die, it does not matter, but this unborn baby in my stomach, all from the works of that bastard, must not die unknowingly and must be retained.” Ningxin teared up.

“The Cat King’s strength is limitless, maybe we can ask him to save your child…..” Yun Ou’s eyes also started to tear up.

The two of them rubbed their heads together sadly, it seems that the child has some sort of relationship with me, but my head was all fogged up. My calls were ignored, therefore I furiously slapped the earth, causing the ground to split, and shouted, “What are you guys trying to say? Say it clearly!”

The two foxes instantly quieted down.

I stretched out my paw, pointed at Ningxin, and asked, “What kind of relation does the child in your stomach and I have? Could it be possible that it’s mine?”

“That is impossible…..” She hurriedly nodded her head, and said almost biting her tongue, “I…..I come from a disciplined family…..”

I continued to ask unknowingly, “Then who do you have a relationship with?”

“With me…..” Yun Ou hastily pointed at himself, and then suddenly cried, “No, no, she has a relationship with you!”

“What kind of relationship?” I was even more confused.

Yun Ou carefully asked after I had still not understood, and suddenly said with a change of facial expressions, “This child will call you Godmother in the future, thus she has a relationship with you!”

What? What in the world is a Godmother? I blankly stared at the fox to my left, and did not know what to say.

“This child will call you Mother in the future!” Yun Ou pounced towards me, and categorically said, “Do you still remember? That time at Luoying Mountain, you personally said it, that in the future, you will play with my child and other little foxes, so you must be the child’s Godmother!”

“There…..there was such a thing?” It was too long ago, so my memory was fuzzy.

“There was, there was, the Cat King can not go back on her words,” Ningxin seeing this, also immediately rushed over and went along with it, “Yun Ou says to me everyday, that in the future, after the child is born, he will bring him/her to Luoying Mountain to meet its Godmother, but unfortunately you were gone.”

“Rea…..really?” Remembering nothing, my faith began to waver, “What is a Godmother?”

“A Godmother is who the child in Ningxin’s stomach will call Mother ah~” Yun Ou hastened to explained, “It is your child, and since you’re the Godmother, you mustn’t neglect and abandon it, you also mustn’t let it die! In the future, if it dies, who will play with you.”

Gradually, I came to an understanding that I will be having a child, that I will soon be a mother…..although I do not know why, but I can’t just leave this business alone, so I seriously nodded my head and said, “Just say it, what do I have to do?”

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