Meow Meow Meow Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – The Black Faced Fox

The rain gradually began to dispel, I also had let tens of yawns, the Yun Ou and Ningxin in front of my eyes were chittering and chattering away, and also cried a little bit while speaking, which made my head to ache.

“Make it less complicated!” I finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and roared, my sharp claws viciously grasping the ground to indicate that if they did not go straight to their point, then I would be angry.

The both of them shivered for a second, thought for a moment, and then Yun Ou hurriedly said, “I left Yan Shan Mountain and wandered around, I fell in love with Ningxin, and we became a married couple. But unexpectedly, the black-faced fox was passing by where we were, said that Ningxin’s appearance was similar to his late wife’s, so he kidnapped her. Us husband and wife would
not comply, so he used despicable and wicked means to force us, and in desperation, we had to flee.”

“This kind of little thing? How lame.” I let out another yawn, “So what if you marry her, you can go with him for all I care.”

Yun Ou’s face immediately went pale, Ningxin stood up and angrily said, “King, how can you say that! I am a woman of integrity! Although I’m a demonic being, I know this principle!”

Being yelled at, I felt a bit guilty, “You can’t do that?”

Yun Ou hastily grabbed hold of Ningxin and said to her, “Cat King is of a respectable status, you have no restraints and should pay no attention to what she says, so don’t worry about it, just don’t agitate yourself.”

I rubbed my head, stared at them, and then made another suggestion, “Then let’s just go kill that black-faced fox.”

“That black-faced fox is very powerful, and he has a powerful backing…’s said to be a very powerful monster.” Yun Ou vaguely revealed this good news, his tone sounded worried.

“Lead the way! Lead the way!” I did not bother to speak anymore with them, and seeing that the rain had stopped, I wanted to quickly go and resolve this matter.

Before I even got the chance to go out, from outside the door came a roar, “Ningxin come out! Come back with me!”

“He’s come!” Ningxin instantly hid in the depths of the cave, and Yun Ou looked at me with pleading eyes.

So I stood up, changed into human form, protruded my heaven shattering claws and walked outside, and asked the person in front of me, “You are the black-faced fox?”

“What kind of relationship do you have with those two?” The person in my eyes was quite tall, his figure was thin and his skin was dark, he was wearing black body armor all over, and he was shrouded all over by an evil aura. He angrily brooded, “I only want Ningxin, so get out of my way!”

“I am Ningxin’s child’s Godmother!” I hurriedly used my knowledge that I had just learned to report to him, and also secretly felt dissatisfaction with his arrogant attitude, so I exerted a bit of force in my claws, ready to attack.

This man claimed to be called Si Shijun and suddenly started to laugh, “Those two bastards are so cunning, when did you become a Godmother? Little stupid cat, you’ve been tricked!”

To go as far as to call me stupid? If I don’t teach this guy a lesson then how can I keep my pride as a cat? After the voices had fallen, I speedily approached him, threw my paw towards his fave, and kicked up dust with both my feet to blind his eyes.

Seeing this, Si Shijun rotated the long spear in his hands, danced around and avoided my fierce attack.

I saw that he had jumped off to one side, so I lifted a thousand jin* boulder and viciously threw it at him. He reluctantly had to put down his arms and switch from offensive to defensive to break the boulder apart, I decisively waited upon this moment.

*An ancient thingy thing that was used to measure weight, 1000 jin approx. = 0.5 tons

My heaven shattering claws protruded and shattered rocks, all the little stones and rock around me were under my control. From different angles, the rocks and stones striked Si Shijun, and in this hastened moment, I swiped my claws across his chest, destroying his armor in the process, as well as inflicting a bone deep wound, but unfortunately not deep enough to reach his heart.

Si Shijun took several steps back, clutched his wounds and said, “You demon cat, your martial arts is quite powerful!”

After speaking, he desperately rushed forward, and I lightly dodged his attack, wanting to play with him and give him more cuts and wounds, like a cat would play with a mouse.

More and more blood flowed from Si Shijun, but he didn’t seem to want to give up, in the end, he unwillingly fell to the ground. Seeing that he was about to die, I went over and kicked him, ready to give the final blow.

“Yu Ge……” Si Shijun called the name of someone I did not know, his eyes began to waver, and just stared at the Ningxin standing behind Yun Ou and said, “Yu Ge…..Come back…..”

“She’s not Yu Ge…..” Yun Ou softly said.

Si Shijun’s face was full of despair. He closed his eyes, turned back into a black-faced fox, as if he was awaiting the arrival of his death, and this kind of honest attitude and state, made me waver in whether or not I should deliver the final blow.

Ningxin walked forward, sighed and said, “If… can let us husband and wife go, then we will spare you…..from today onwards, we can live our own lives, ok?”

Si Shijun did not speak, grasping my heaven shattering claws, I asked them several times if I should kill him. They did not reply to me.

“Gege! Gege!” A delicate sounding female voice came from the distance, a white-faced fox rushed over, and after a transformation, a beautiful woman with jewelry all over her body was lying on top of the black-faced fox, and cried, “You people with poisonous hearts, you actually dare to use such a ruthless method!”

The ruckus that this nest of foxes made me upset, seeing that Yun Ou and Ningxin didn’t have any reaction, I sat on a rock off to their side and watched their interactions.

Yun Ou said, “It was your Ge that pursued us, and harmed my wife.”

The white-faced fox said, “I don’t care! If my Gege is dead, I will make you guys pay with your life!”

After speaking, she pulled out a soft sword from her waist, and striked at Yun Ou and Ningxin. With careful observation, I felt that the fox’s martial arts was just average, even inferior to Yun Ou’s, so I did not have any interest in her.

When they have exchanged a few strikes, the white-faced fox’s weapons fell to the ground, and burst into tears, “If you guys bully me, our family’s king will teach you guys a lesson!”

Yun Ou’s expression changed again, I suddenly ruthlessly said to her, “Since you guys are not giving us a way out, then today I will die with you!”

The white-faced fox’s face turned blue and cried even more loudly, and more pitifully, she kept shouting, “King save me.”

“Who is your king?” I finally asked impatiently.

“Don’t be surprised if I tell you!” The white-face fox suddenly froze, turned her eyes to look at me, and said, “Our king has ventured alone from the Western Skies to Mishan Mountain, also known as the saint, Bull Devil!”

This made me jump from shock, almost making me fall from my stone.

She continued to say, “Demon Cat, you are capable, if you kill those two people and save my life, our king will give you many rewards! We can even make you a king of one of our hills!”

Yun Ou and Ningxin became anxious, they hastily said to me, “Cat King, you promised to save us…..we beg of you, please don’t listen to that demon fox’s words!”

“Meow woo~ Too good,” My heart was cheerful, I jumped in front of her and laughed, “Is your name the Jade-Faced Fox? And you’re together with Bull Devil?”

The white-face fox nodded, her face was full of tears, “Since you know, then hurry and save me.”

The two faces of the foxes off to the side became ashen white.

I effortlessly stared at the prey in front of my eyes, overjoyed and said, “Last time Luo Sha sis-in-law called me stupid, saying that she must find and kill you, this time, if I deliver you to her, she will be very happy.”

“Luo…..Luo Sha?!” The Jade-Faced Fox face went pale, and was scared till she collapsed onto her butt, “Then is it possible, that you are the righteous sister our king always talks about, Hua Miao Miao? The one that the Bi Qingshen Jun of the heavenly realms took in as a disciple…..that demon cat?”

I happily nodded my head, and that fox consequently fainted…..

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