Meow Meow Meow Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – My First Letter

I originally wanted to kill these two foxes and deliver them to Luo Sha at the Qing Palace, but after calculating the distance to Huoyan Mountain, I felt that I would probably get lost along the way, and that it might delay and get in the way of my mortal realm assessment, so asked Yun Ou and Ningxin to deliver them.

The Jade-Faced Fox’s whole face was of tears, her arrogant expression had already disappeared, and was pitifully pleading, “I’m still your GeGe’s beloved concubine, if you kill me, how would you explain to him?”

I irritably kicked her once more and said, “Bull Devil Gege has never scolded or yelled at me before, even if I was really wrong, he would only say a few words, but Luo Sha sis-in law will really hit me! Do you think I’m a stupid cat?”

She then hastily went over to beg Yun Ou, “I know Gege was wrong…..he was only acting so recklessly like that because of his deceased wife, I beg you guys, we are of the same clan, so please let us go, we will never dare to come to disturb you anymore.”

Yun Ou angrily said, “When your Gege pursued and wanted to kill us, we also pleaded to him, how come him he did not let us husband and wife go?”

The Black-Faced Fox’s breathing was weak, his hoarse voice shouted, “I…..I willingly fought and lost, do not…..beg them…..”

“Gege…..” She delicately and softly began to cry, and then turned her head to plead to me, “If you really want to deliver me to Luo Sha’s hands, I’m afraid that even if I wanted to die, I won’t be able to, so just kill me here and now.”

I have seen ones that have beg for mercy, but have never seen ones that plead for death, which confused me greatly.

Ningxin suddenly and gently nudged Yun Ou, “This… we really have to…..I’m afraid it’ll be really troublesome.”

Yun Ou hesitated, he walked forward to check the extent of the Black-Faced Fox’s injuries, bowed to me, and said, “The righteous and honorable Cat King, thanks to your efforts and came to our rescue, us husband and wife are extremely grateful, but… the end, the Jade-Faced Fox is of the same clan, and although they were heartless, but we can’t be ungrateful, and she is still elder brother Ling’s beloved concubine. If she was killed here, and that you were held unaccountable for their deaths, you should still avoid creating discontent between you two…..”

“What you mean is that I can’t kill her?” Listening to the bunch of genteel language that was coming out of his mouth caused me to work hard to analyze its meaning, and then shook my head and said, “Can’t, can’t, if Luo Sha finds out that I didn’t kill this Jade-Faced Fox, she will definitely hit me.”

“But…..” The corner of Yun Ou’s lips twitched, and then whispered, “All the cultivation that Black-Faced Fox has accumulated has already been dispersed by Cat King. If you were to kill the Jade-Faced Fox and ask us to deliver her to Luo Sha, and our boss finds out, although he won’t be angry at you…..he will viciously murder us…..”

Hearing this, the Jade-Faced Fox immediately nodded.

I stared at the pitiful faces of the two people, and then stared at Ningxin’s belly, and asked, “What about the child? Will it be killed?”

“We don’t know…..”

“Then forget it,” I quickly and simply made a decision, “You guys can do whatever you want to do, if you want to let her go, then let her go.” And then turned around and threatened, “You won’t tell Luo Sha you met me, right?”

She hurriedly shook her head.

“But you also mustn’t let her go so easily…..” Yun Ou disregarded my advice, and decided, “When they return and speak of nonsense, and send people after us, it will be troublesome…..”

“If this is troublesome and that is troublesome, then what do you want to do?” My head ached as I stared and moped at the two people in front of me.

Yun Ou and Ningxin discussed for a while, and after, they came forward with a smile and said, “Cat King, we have thought it through already, why don’t you write a letter to your Gege and tell him about the whole situation, and ask that he shouldn’t hold us responsible. I will let Ningxin return to Huoyan Mountain first, and I will deliver these two foxes along with the letter to the Holy Saint. After that, we will go and settle down by Luo Sha’s residence, so that we wouldn’t have to be afraid of them coming after us.”

Write a letter? To my current self who has learned only 110 character, my face was about to collapse hearing those words…..

Ningxin rolled out some rice paper and Yun Ou grinded the ink slab, and from the ground, handed me a wolf hair brush. I picked it up and stared blankly at the piece of white paper, my mind was empty. As everyone backed away from me, the palms of my hands were sweating cold sweat and slightly trembling.

A quarter of an hour had passed, the gentle breeze blew across my forehead, whisking away the beads of sweat.

Two quarters of an hours had passed, a naughty squirrel had ripped off the white flowers and leaves from a pear tree, causing the petals to drift down onto my blank piece of rice paper.

Three quarters of an hour had passed, the loud and chattering sparrows beside me, seduced my eyes into following them around and around.

An hour later, my brush finally made an action, but the large droplets of ink had splattered onto my piece of paper, thus I had to change the paper…..

Under Yun Ou’s constant reminders, in a daze, and in a life or death situation, I finally grasped the brush and my first letter ever:

Gege, I am Miao Miao, descended to mortal X task, your beloved X fought, I did not kill, afraid you will be angry, but Luo XX in-law will be angry. The person delivering the letter Yun X’s X is my godchild, don’t kill him, and don’t let your beloved X kill him.

After writing, I gave it another look, and decided it was quite well, and then wrote another letter to Luo Sha:

Luo XX in-law, I am Miao Miao, descended to mortal X task, Ning X’s X is my godchild, looking for you, don’t kill her, Gege’s beloved X I beat her half to death, didn’t kill, afraid Gege will be angry, decided for you to kill, kill her well.

After finishing this letter with great difficulty, I felt that my whole head had become numb, Ningxin held the letter in her hands, and repeated it over and over again, and hesitantly asked, “This…..will they understand it?”

“The places they do not understand, we can explain to them.” Yun Ou happily held the letter, and then offered to let me make a mark onto the letter to show my identity.

Subsequently, I turned back into the form of a cat, and then used my claws to make a cute plum blossom mark onto the backside of the letter. They took these letters as treasures and placed it within themselves, came up to me to give me many thanks saying that they will build longevity memorial monuments for me so that future generations will always remember my name.

I did not know what longevity memorial monuments were, so I just smilingly touched Ningxin’s belly a few times, and then placed my ears close to listen. Inside, there was a weak rhythmic beating like that of a heart, it seemed very gentle, and wonderful.

In the past at Luoying Mountain, although I knew how the animals gave birth, I never paid any attention to the process of having children. So it was actually this interesting! Ningxin looked at her own belly, her expression was very happy, her features were glowing with an indescribably beauty, and Yun Ou’s face was also full of love.

This kind of unknown sensation caused my heart soften up. I didn’t know when my mother gave birth to me, nor I did know whether she was that gentle or not. Unfortunately, this question had no answer, since the beginning of my memories, I’ve never seen her nor my father.

When this question was asked, Ningxin said to me with a smile, “She must be very gentle, because your eyes right now are very gentle.”

After I received an answer, I joyfully waved my hands goodbye to them to leave. Yun Ou suddenly called out to me and stopped my paces, “I’m sorry…..but, this child will definitely be your godchild, I will absolutely make him respect you like he would to his mother.”

“He has always been my godchild.” I said with a smile, “In the future, I will come to play with him.”

“Yes.” Yun Ou said straightforwardly.

“Can I teach him to catch birds and mice?” I asked.

“That…..isn’t good.” Ningxin’s face collapsed a little.

After thinking about it, I asked again, “Do you guys know how to earn money?”

“How can we make your life so difficult!” Thus Yun Ou and Ningxin immediately took out a pile of gold, silver, and pearls, and shoved it towards me. I held this pile of heavy and inedible stuff in my arms, depressed, so I threw it all back to them, and then took away all of their food as well as giving my thanks to them in my heart and departed in the direction of a town.

This time, Miao Miao definitely did not do something wrong, right? Tonight, I must tell Bi Qingshen Jun about it! He will most likely would praise me!

But I did not expect that after Bi Qingshen Jun’s praises…..he expectantly said, “After the letter is sent back to you, let me have a look at it, and write me a letter as well.”

And again, the small matter of Miao Miao writing a letter for some unknown reasons seemed to have spread within the whole residence of Shen Jun. Afterwards, Jin Wen, Wawa, Teacher Huang, and Blue Feather Goddess, all of them wanted me to write them a letter, and even the obedient Ao Yun wasn’t an exception.

Therefore, while being enthusiastic, I also regretted it…..

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