Meow Meow Meow Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Cheers

There were waves after waves of cheering sound around us. Knowing that the bright and flaming hoop was in front me, Shao Zhong’s expression didn’t appear to be too clear-headed, and just repeatedly encouraged me to jump over.

Since he wasn’t too clear-headed, I quickly decided that I should wake him up and make him more clear-headed, and tell him that cats are not to be bullied! Thus I viciously pounced onto him, held onto his clothing, and desperately bit him!

Shao Zhong almost screamed from the biting, and hastily threw the flaming hoop onto the ground. He rolled on the ground, but this cat would never forgive this bastard that had dared to bullied me, so I clung tightly to his body and continued to beat him from the ground.

“Meow woo~ Meow woo~ Meow~” I ambiguously cried out.

“Ow woo~ Ow woo~ Hurts~” He miserably called out.

The two of our voices strangely harmonized with each other, echoing through the Northern street.

“Miao Jiejie~ quickly let go of your biting, it won’t work if you continue biting me.” Shao Zhong was still rolling around on the ground, and had pitifully requested.

I didn’t want to let him go, so I continued beating and biting him.

“Aunty Miao~ I beg of you~” Shao Zhong’s begging started to contain the sounds of weeping, and seeing that I did not want to let go, he suddenly used some force and tore apart his jacket, and darted to the side. He warily stared at me with a head full of sweat, and had an unpleasant appearance.

With murderous eyes and an arched back, I let out another threatened call, and was ready to pounce again. Shao Zhong took out a pair of twin knives, and was ready for war.

“This shirtless idiot fighting the evil cat! This uncle is about to die laughing!” At this moment, Jian Nan suddenly created a cheerful atmosphere, and laughed, “This performance is really too amusing, too amusing, and almost like the real thing too.”

The audience and viewers around us immediately focused on our performance, and had also broke out into a thundering wave of laughter. Copper coins had also started to rain down upon us.

This array of laughter caused Shao Zhong and I to recover our sanity. The both of us paused for a second, exchanged winks towards each other, seemingly connected our thoughts together, and then hurriedly pounced and rushed towards the other and pretended to fight.

“Let’s see how I teach you disobedient and evil cat a lesson!” Shao Zhong ‘angrily’ shouted to the audience.

“Meow woo~ Meow woo~” I waved my tail and gave him a look of contempt.

“Little cat, you can do it!”

“Little devil, good luck!”

In the sound of cheers and chants, Shao Zhong revealed all of his tricks and skills. He seemed to still be depressed over the little dispute previously and wanted to vent out his hidden frustrations, with his strategic moves, along with my splendid coordination, it made the battle much more exciting. From time to time, the two of us would call out ‘ows’ and ‘ahs’, and occasionally, I, the cat, would be chased and scurried all over the place. He would also occasionally do a drop kick or rip his clothes apart, as well as carrying me by my neck and tossing me up into the air, which was very popular.

The crowd around us grew more and more excited as this crazy cat fight continued. The sound of laughter did not stop, and the people who came running over increased as well. Our revenue also profited a lot with even some silvers mixed together.

The scattered coins on the ground were left lying there, and Jian Nan who had camouflaged with the crowd could not conveniently come out to pick them up. Thus I gestured a murderous hand signal to the Luo Luo that had hidden herself in a corner to immediately come out. She had neatly burrow herself out from the corner, but had dipped her head down and went to collect the money. Aside from the monsters and demons with good hearing, no one was able to hear her thanks.

Once it became dark, the pedestrians began to gradually leave, so we began to pack our props and prepared to leave. At this moment, Jian Nan once again changed his appearance into that of a bald and old uncle, walked over to us, and led us away.

“Why have you changed into this appearance?” Shao Zhong was very confused with his approach.

“You demons from the heavenly realm haven’t come to the mortal realm very often, so you guys must not know of many principles about people.” Jian Nan slanted his eyes and pointed to the people around us. I hastily turned to observe, and saw that many people were strangely glaring at us, especially on myself, and had made me extremely uncomfortable.

Jian Nan continued to explain, “Today we gained too much prominence, and stole the spotlight of the others. They have been long tem performers of tricks and seeing Miao Miao Shifu’s wonderful performance, they would naturally be thinking of other ideas. Who knows, they might even attempt to buy or steal our cat, and then force us to leave. My current appearance is more or less for intimidation purposes.”

“Altogether, there is a total of 824 coins, and this includes the broken silver.” During our discussion, Luo Luo had wrapped all of the money and gave it to Shao Zhong and I.

A smile immediately bloomed onto Shao Zhong’s face, “This is enough to pass, I, myself have also earned another 300 coins, very good, very good.”

We decided to split the money up, one person a chain of copper coins, but I felt guilty for Jian Nan and Luo Luo’s blank effort, so I arrange to give them their share after another day. But unexpectedly, they shook their head and refused to indicate their integrity and high character by not accepting the money.

In my moment of happiness and bliss, a middle-aged man in a long robe came over, turned to Jian Nan, and politely said, “Hero, this is our first encounter, from where do you originate?”

“You are courteous, the Four Seas can be considered our home, but we have no place to return to.” Jian Nan bowed, but also hesitantly glanced and sent several verbal signals to Luo Luo. He then quickly said to that middle-aged man, “Master Shi of the Shi Clan has amazing handling skills with the spear, it is nice meeting you.”

“Your cat’s performance was not bad either,” Master Shi appeared to be smiling, he peeped in my direction, and then said, “I did not think that such an nonhuman like animal could be so obedient, and so capable.”

The two politely and indifferently exchanged sentences back and forth, and by the end, Master Shi expressed hopes of buying me, and offered 120 silvers.

Jian Nan calmly said, “This isn’t a bad deal, but how we go back and discuss some more?”


“Ah~” Shao Zhong and I never thought that a cat could be worth so much money, and if we hadn’t already earned the required amount to pass, I would’ve made Jian Nan sell me…..and it wasn’t that big a deal either, I could just slip away at the right moment.

Since we have already passed, my lazy nature had resurfaced, and I also no longer wanted to encounter trouble, so I swung my tail side to side and lead the way. Luo Luo and Shao Zhong seeing this, immediately followed along, and Jian Nan seeing that I was kind of unhappy, said a few more words to Master Shi, and then also came hurrying my way.

After entering an alley way, we detected approximately 78 people following behind us. Jian Nan said they are probably here to steal the cat.

I was very puzzled at this kind of behaviour, both Bi Qingshen Jun and Teacher Huang have taught me that to become a human, one mustn’t steal or rob. But why is it that, actual people would want to steal a cat?

Then does that mean they are not humans? Then…..I can kill them?

Shao Zhong added that they were human beings, and that we aren’t allowed to kill, but were able to beat them up very well. Luo Luo gave them several glances and said that they were all underlings a part of the Shi Clan. Jian Nan had said that her memory was very good, and that she never forgets anything.

I was very envious of this book reciting ability of hers…..

In the end, I was afraid of getting into trouble, and was afraid of Bi Qingshen Jun’s scolding, so I did not start up a fight. We all jumped over some walls, and changed back into our original appearances, as well as tearing away our ridiculous clothing.

A cat, a rabbit, a lizard, and a frog just like that, jumped over the heads of the pursuers and over a wall. And those bastards seeing us, started to blame each other. We smilingly ran into one of the back streets and transformed into our human forms, and prepared to have a celebratory feast.

As I raised my head to look up, in the crowd of people like running water, I saw a figure that appeared similar to Bi Qingshen Jun. He nodded at me in satisfaction, and then disappeared.

Was that him?

I could not help but smile.

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