Meow Meow Meow Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – Spring Is Coming 

The white fluffy clouds were like cotton candy spread across the sky. The peach blossoms, slowly scattered from the gentle breeze. As I raised my head up, I saw that beneath the trees, was a handsome looking figure, which had momentarily cause me to fall in a trance.

The fur on his rear was illuminated by the warm sun, and like a brilliant summer day, it exuded a golden radiance; the white fur on his belly and four paws contrasted with the black trunk of the tree, like a genuine winter coat, it had a flawless and clean beauty to it; his pupils had a deep shade of gold, and his lazy half-opened eyes appeared as if it was the melancholy of autumn; his tail had lightly knocked a peach blossom branch, causing a few petals to land on my head, and he gracefully called out, “Meow~”

I have never seen such a handsome cat in my entire life, and have never seen one whose temperament was as charming as his. This made me felt a little shy, so I hurriedly lowered my head, gently rolled on the grass to smooth my fur out, and then lightly answered, “Meow woo~”

“Meow~ Beautiful cat, will you accompany me up here to bask in the sun?” The handsome cat stood up, bowed at the waist, made some room, and spoke in the cat language to give a warm invitation.

I hesitated for a moment, and then speedily climbed up the tree. I kept a few inches of space between us to show him that I had a good upbringing.

“Meow~ I’ve never seen you before,” The handsome cat had a very husky sounding voice, and it was in a very aristocratic way too, “My name is Xiao Qi, and I am one of the cats that live in this neighborhood, may I ask for the name of this beautiful cat?”

I reached my paws forward and rubbed my face to hide my embarrassment, and then gracefully replied, “Meow woo~ I am called Hua Miao Miao. I am Bi Qingshen Jun’s household’s cat, and recently came here to play.”

“Meow~ I have never left Xijing, so I don’t know your household’s owner,” Xiao Qi stood up, moved a few steps closer to me, and happily praised, “The colour of your fur is really beautiful, all three colours are evenly distributed, and your golden green eyes are like amber against the green grass.”

Being praised by the handsome cat made my heart race, so I raised my head up and softly said, “Meow woo~ Your stripes are also very beautiful, just that your eyes are a little brooding.”

“Meow~ Maybe it’s because I haven’t met you in the past.” Xiao Qi’s voice had the ability to make a cat drunk, he appeared a little shy, but his eyes were very sincere, “This may be somewhat abrupt, but I don’t if I am fortunate enough to have you tour the city of Xijing with me?”

I was invited by the handsome cat! I was so nervous, I almost slipped and fell. My head was in a chaotic state, and I did not know what I should say, so I just kept nodding.

Xiao Qi then jumped off of the tree, leapt onto the wall, and with a raised fluffy tail, he dexterously lead me through the beautiful sceneries of Xijing as well as striking up conversations with me.

“Meow~ That is the dock where the fishermen gather, from morning to late in the evening, they would catch fish. And when the skies turn red, the air is usually filled with the scent of fish, and occasionally, wild cats would run off with some fish. The fishermen don’t get angry, and even generously ask the cats to finish off the leftovers.” Xiao Qi halted his steps, his face was full of pride, “I love this city, it’s a place full of vitality, and will never run out of food.”

“Meow woo~ Xijing really is beautiful,” I followed and replied, “Although Xuan Qing Palace has exquisite scenery, it is not as lively as this place, and also doesn’t have as much animals as this place, so it is always lonely.”

“Meow~ Miao Miao, I will bring you bring you to Shanwu Temple to play, at that place, there are many bald men that don’t stop nagging, and many people also come to kowtow to a mud statue. That scene is extremely funny.” Xiao Qi suddenly picked up his pace, and turned his head to glance at me.

I hasten to keep up with his pace, and vigorously ran up the mountain.

As the sun moved from the East to the West, the both of us stood by river unwilling to part. Xiao Qi suddenly came over, licked the fur on my forehead, rubbed my neck and said, “Meow~ Today I had a great time, I don’t know if I would still be able to see you tomorrow?”

“Meow woo~ Of course, it’s very fun to be with you.” I hastily replied, and seeing that the river breeze had messed his fur, I also stuck out my tongue to tidy it, “Let’s meet again tomorrow under the peach blossom trees.”

“Okay!” Xiao Qi’s eyes lit up, and all the brooding and melancholy had instantly disappeared. He said, “Tomorrow, until I see you, I will continue to wait! Meow~”

I nodded my head, and then bid him farewell. I happily raced back to the temporary cave that I had been dwelling in, laughing and smiling while running. I couldn’t help but roll on the ground several times, suddenly feeling that the mortal was such a wonderful place.

At night, after eating and drinking well, I drove out all the mice within the cave. No matter how I positioned myself, I was unable to fall asleep, and that was when Bi Qingshen Jun sent me a message, “Miao Miao, you didn’t make any trouble, right?”

“Of course not!” I quickly replied to defend my innocence, “Today, I played the whole day, I went to look at Xijing’s dock, and then went to the mountain temple to look at bald men. I’m very happy.”

“Eh?” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice seemed somewhat surprised, “You normally like to bask in the sun, how come your mood is so great today?”

“Because~” I suddenly giggled like crazy, and after his repeated tries to ask me, I finally cheerfully and happily answered, “There was a handsome guy that played with me, we went to play around the whole Xijing.”

“Handsome, handsome guy?” Bi Qingshen Jun sounded even more surprised now, and quickly asked, “Is it Ao Yun?”

I protested, “Although Ao Yun has a very fragrant scent, he does not look one bit handsome! The difference between him and the handsome guy I met today is over 18000 miles apart!”

“Then is it… it Xiao Tian?” I didn’t know what Bi Qingshen Jun was so tense for.

I became even more depressed, “That dog stinks to death, even if I were to become blind, I would not think he is handsome!”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice became stern, “Then who is that handsome guy?”

Hearing that his tone had become unwelcoming, I could only honestly answer, “His name is Xiao Qi.”

“Xiao Qi?” Bi Qingshen Jun said after a long silence, “I have never heard of such a name.”

“Because I only met him today! He is super handsome! At that time, under the peach blossom trees, when I saw him, I immediately froze! I was so nervous that I became speechless.” Thinking back to today’s events, my heart blossomed again, “He also invited me to play tomorrow.”

“Wait!” Bi Qingshen Jun shouted, “You’re not being tricked by someone again, right?”

“Of course not! Xiao Qi won’t trick me!” I was absolutely sure, because even if a cat was lazy and cunning, they would never lie, and if they did lie, then they would be despised by the whole clan.

Bi Qingshen Jun no longer spoke, and until after a very long silence, he suddenly inquired, “You guys are going to play together tomorrow?”

“Mhmm.” I quickly and joyously said, “I’ve already accepted his invitation.”

“Alright, then go, but remember to not be fooled and always keep an eye out.” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice sounded a bit depressed and restrained.

I hurriedly told him that he should take care of his body, and that he mustn’t overwork himself, but he coldly cut off the conversation causing me to be baffled.

But very soon, I did not continue to think about this problem, and was anticipating the meeting with the handsome guy tomorrow.

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