Meow Meow Meow Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Whose Household Is Raising A Crow?

Bi Qingshen Jun said: That a cat should eat more fish, and that my healthy body today is all due to fact that I eat a lot of fish regularly. And that I must maintain this good health or else in the future, I would be weak and vulnerable to illnesses.

He recently appeared to be in the mood to play around in the kitchen, and everyday, if he wasn’t doing work or fighting, he would go into the kitchen to make fish. And I would always be the one that would be used as a test subject for his cooking.

Because the cook said cooking from a fire using chopped firewood enhanced the flavours and made the cooking more fragrant, he abandoned his method of using his bare hands and converted to the more conventional method. The me that was asked by the servants to help with some work, dragged me into the kitchen to help them with fanning the fire.

“Try it. Try it.” It was another plate of fish soup that had suddenly arrived in front of me.

I closed my eyes and then gulped everything down. I then tightly furrowed my brows and shook my head to express disapproval of the taste.

Thus Bi Qingshen Jun went to make them again and then shove another plate to my face and said, “Try this one.”

I continued to close my eyes and gulp everything down…..this process repeated itself for several times. When I had finished the last one and felt that it was relatively decent, I nodded my head to show him my approval. Bi Qignshen Jun then lectured me in all seriousness, “Nothing is impossible if you work hard and strive for success.”

I nodded my head in agreement, and then abruptly collapsed onto the ground. The frightened Bi Qingshen Jun hurriedly brought me to Mo Lin for treatment — the diagnosis was that my belly had been filled to its max capacity, and he had also advised that in the future, I mustn’t be too greedy…..

From then on, Bi Qingshen Jun’s passion for cooking took a serious blow. He did not enter the kitchen for a very long time, and on the rare occasions where he would, he would bring back exotic and delicious fish for me to eat.

I had some regrets but I was also glad.

Recently, in the heavenly realm, it has been relatively peaceful. This was because there had been less trouble down in the nether realm and demon realm. According to what Lieutenant General Haiyang had said, the demon Yao Yang (not sure if I rmb clearly but I think this is the demon that hurt Shifu many chapters ago?) had fled to the demon realm to heal his injuries and wouldn’t be appearing in the human realm for a period of time, thus allowing Shifu to be idle at the moment. Nowadays, Shifu would make me practice writing or teaching me how to fight.

What I liked the most was learning about fighting, everyday, I would follow him outside to the beautiful meadows to fight. From searching for ways to counter to looking for his flaws and weaknesses. Bi Qingshen Jun would even generally limit himself to attacking with only one hand, the left hand, and with that, I would still be sent flying into the air and then the ground in only seconds.

Lying on the ground. Many times we fought and just as many times did I feel defeat. I raised my head up to stare at his relaxed and leisurely expression, and then immediately rolled my eyes, held my stomach and rolled while yelling out calls of pain.

Bi Qingshen Jun sure enough, became distressed. He hurriedly ran over and asked with guilt, “Is it because I did not control my strength well enough and injured you?”

“You fell for it!” In the instant his back was bent forward, I quickly leaped into the air, protruded my heaven shattering claws, and mercilessly grabbed onto him.

But contrary to what I expected, Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly let out sly smile and laughed. His body shifted to the side, and with a single movement of his hands, my attack involuntarily changed its course of path to the ground, causing a large split in the grass. Before I even had the chance to turn around and prepare another attack, with just a gentle touch by his index finger on my forehead, my whole body and butt landed onto the ground very painfully.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know how to control my own strength? How could I injure you.” At this moment, Bi Qingshen Jun’s face was not like that of a snake’s, but instead like an old and sly fox!

I dejectedly turned around, folded my ears, and firmly lowered my tail to show him that I was ignoring him.

Yet, Bi Qingshen Jun pulled some dog tail grass and dangled them in front of me, while smiling, “Miao Miao, don’t be angry.”

I tried very hard to look away from the grass and him, but the dog tail grass was swinging here and there. It was very seductive and enticing, and when I finally couldn’t resist this temptation, I pounced onto him who did not actually evade this time.

“Hehe, by the hands of this cat…..I will definitely teach you a lesson!” I proudly threatened.

The shredded grass infused itself into his jet black hair. The warm and brilliant sunshine on his eyes caused it to appear tender. Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly frowned, his expression becoming pained, and said, “Miao Miao, you’re pushing down on the bone that was injured last time.”

Bone? My thoughts finally returned to me, and I quickly jumped off of him afraid that I might’ve caused further injuries.

“It hurts…..” He said, “On the left side, under the second rib.”

I hastened to reach my hands forward to touch, but I was unexpectedly grabbed all of a sudden, drawn closer to him and then my lips were sealed upon his. His eyes stared at me expectantly, waiting for a counter attack…..

Thus, in a well-behaved manner, I flipped him onto the ground, and with my dextrous tongue, using the licking technique I utilized to taste the most delicious fish, I gently licked his lips. When I twirled my tongue, his breathing seemed to quicken, and then immediately after, he held me tightly in his embrace.

The shredded grass was still tangled into his jet black hair, and the charming and bright sunshine on his jade green eyes reflected a very warm sensation. I laid on Bi Qingshen Jun’s chest and listened to the rhythm his slow and calm heartbeat, like that of a nice melody.

Day had become night. The happy times really fly away too fast. He summoned a cloud and brought me back to Xuan Qing Palace for dinner.

In the evening, bright candles had lit up the entire palace. Bi Qingshen Jun laid out rice paper and was teaching me teaching me how to write as well as reciting poems. But I really couldn’t understand nor remember poetry, so he wrote down four simple characters onto the paper for me to learn ‘Bi Qing Shen Jun’. As I copied these four characters down, I definitely felt that these were my most well written words.

He didn’t scold me for not reciting poetry, and just poked my forehead with a smile and said, “You can’t be so lazy next time, if this happens again, you will be punished.”

I wasn’t a single bit afraid of his warnings, and seeing that it has become very late, I went back to sleep. Beneath my pillows were dozens calligraphy paper, most of them covered with random scribblings in ink and very messy. Within them, the words that were written on it were mostly his name and my name, but next to these names, there were the small characters of another name that was written — Yin Zi.

Miao Miao is currently very happy, what about you? Yin Zi…..

Were you bullied by another monster? When will you come look for me? I want to be with Bi Qingshen Jun and you, us three can happily live together.

Is that ok?

The next day, Bi Qingshen Jun received a heavenly decree and was sent to Western Qi Country to exterminate a children eating evil monster. I idly sat by a pond near the front gates and stared at the koi fish within it. From the air came a paper butterfly that slowly pulled up in front of me.

I pounced onto and grabbed a hold of it. But when I disassembled the paper butterfly, a letter had actually been written on it. I took half a day to try to decipher it, but in the end, there were still words I did not understand, so I asked Wawa to recite it for me. It was actually Xiao Zi who wanted me to accompany her to the Valley of Fragments to look for the Morning Glory Fairy to deliver to her the Hundred Flowers Banquet invitation. She said that the Morning Glory Fairy’s character was very boring, and that she wasn’t a person of much words. Her place was also said to have very few items, and ever since she newly accepted a crow as her disciple, she doesn’t even leave the door even more so. And if I were to go with her, she would be less bored. The most important objective of this mission was to also to go see Shao Zhong refinement process.

Thus the me that was also bored leisurely promised to her request.


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