Meow Meow Meow Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – Peerless Talent Of The Beautiful Youth

Yin Zi caught and held onto a branch beneath him to keep his balance, and then immediately turned his head in my direction. Upon seeing me, his eyes stared in shock and his mouth was opened wide speechless.

As I examined the Yin Zi that I haven’t seen in a long time, I found that he had lost a lot of weight, and his complexion had become even more pale. He was sitting barefooted, wearing a large robe decorated with many white feathers and an ordinary belt around his waist, and had many ivory like accessories hanging around him. His entire body was immaculately decorated, almost like the quivering snow of winter, and his dark obsidian-like eyes, they appeared to be even more dazzling on him.

“Yin Zi! I really miss you!” Seeing him freeze and didn’t respond to me, I spoiledly rubbed my body against his, waiting for him to happily call my name.

A cold and distinct voice from beside us suddenly interrupted our reunion, “Such a bold evil being, how dare you wander into the Valley of Fragments?”

I looked to the source of the sound, and discovered a woman wearing a long black dress sitting by a nearby branch. She had a book in her hand and was glaring at me, as if she was mad or something.

Perhaps it was because I didn’t notice her existence, but this woman really did not have much of a presence. Although her facial features weren’t ugly or unsightly, and her clothing weren’t anything out of the ordinary, she was the type that most people would tend to forget about. In a crowd of people, she would be easily overlooked, or often forgotten.

Understanding my own rudeness, I quickly let go of Yin Zi, stood up, and then said hello and introduced my name. That woman just coldly made a ‘hmph’ sound and paid no attention to me.

Xiao Zi seeing that the situation in front her had become unpleasant, abruptly stepped forward, and brought out the invitation. Letting her paper butterflies bring the invitation before her, Xiao Zi respectfully said, “White Flower Fairy has ordered this servant to deliver the invitation for the Hundred Flowers Banquet and requests that Crystal Jade Fairy to make an appearance.”

The face of the one called Crystal Jade Fairy instantly lit up like that of a person whose money was lent out had just been returned. She happily opened her mouth to ask, “Is White Flower Fairy doing well?”

“My master is very worried about all the fairy sisters.” Xiao Zi answered in a reasonable manner, and no longer had that nonsensical look of mischief.

“Why would a person of such nobility give the responsibility of delivering the invitation to you two peasants?” Crystal Jade Fairy said dismissively, “Did she even forget to teach you two about etiquette?”

Xiao Zi just bowed with a flushed face. And hearing these unpleasant words coming from that woman, I hastily asked her, “Didn’t we greet you? Why do we not have etiquette? It’s just that initially, I didn’t notice you…..and I’m not even an underling of White Flower Fairy, and even if I was at fault, this doesn’t have anything to do with Xiao Zi.”

“Bi Qingshen Jun, as a war general, shouldn’t neglect the training and education of his disciples. If the leader is not diligent, then how can one expect the followers to diligent?” The Crystal Jade Fairy’s voice was full impudence.

Even though I didn’t understand the meaning of the words spoken, what I did know was that she was being disrespectful towards Shifu. Enduring the impulse to punch and fight with her, I turned to Yin Zi and said, “Let’s go, leave that woman alone, her speech is so hateful.”

“Yin Zi! You!” Crystal Jade Fairy suddenly cried out.

I turned around and mockingly stuck out my tongue. I grabbed onto Yin Zi’s hand and pulled him away, but he ruthlessly shook away my hands, and told Crystal Jade Fairy while looking at her, “I’m not leaving.”

“Why?” I was surprised.

“Why should I go?” Yin Zi’s tone sounded somewhat rigid, his long eyelashes hung down his eye, and his smile contained a hint of contemplation.

I quickly grabbed onto him again and said, “Didn’t you come to find me? We can leave together, to Xuan Qing Palace, and live the way we used to okay?”

“Not everything or everyone has to revolve around you,” Yin Zi shook away my hands again and slowly asked, “Back then, after you left Luoying Mountain, did you even think about me? You left for such a long time, did you come look for me even once? When I fell into the hands of an evil demon, where were you? When I was wounded all over, hovering between life and death, where were you?”

I didn’t expect these words to come from Yin Zi so I was a little alarmed, and hurriedly explained, “I thought about you! I also went to Luoying Mountain to look for you! But you weren’t there…..I…..I couldn’t find you…..”

“I’m afraid you just didn’t look carefully enough.” Yin Zi’s voice was bitter.

“I’m sorry…’s Miao Miao’s fault.” Hearing his rebuke, I lowered my head in shame. Wanting to say that I couldn’t just casually leave the heavenly realm, and that after the destruction of Luoying Mountain, I didn’t know where to find him, but I knew that none of these excuses were acceptable.

Because I really was just waiting. I didn’t do anything for him, nor did I think about ways to find him…..

“On the day that I escaped, I encountered Crystal Jade Fairy, and was brought to the heavenly realm to become her apprentice as well as having my wounds attentively taken care of. She did everything she could to take care of me.” Yin Zi smiled and stared at Crystal Jade Fairy who was beside him. Her anger had suddenly become gentleness, and she no longer had that threatening and imposing manner from earlier.

“What can Miao Miao do for you then?” There was a burst of sadness in my heart.

“You can’t do anything.”

I didn’t give up and continued to ask, “I can get you the gem among gems…..”

“I do not care for it.”

I hesitantly asked again, “I will be obedient and listen to you in the future. I won’t fight with you, I won’t hit you, nor will I force you to go and catch me fish…..okay?”

“I don’t care.”

“Then…..then… really don’t care about me anymore! I will be angry! I will…..I will go and shatter all of your gem stones!” I finally could not help but roar out my feelings at him.

“I have already packed and hidden away all of my gem stones.” Yin Zi was calm as ever.

“I’m sorry…..Miao Miao is wrong, I will never dare to not look for you again…..” I pulled onto his clothes and whispered.

“Is there any use in apologizing now?” Yin Zi pulled away the fabric from my hands and went to Crystal Jade Fairy.

I watched as he turned his back to leave, it was so familiar yet distant. I could no longer hold it in and let out a pained cry, and loudly asked him one more time, “How can you forgive me?”

Yin Zi only turned around, looked at me, and gently smiled. He then flew up to the tree where Crystal Jade Fairy was, and softly said, “It’s getting late, you shouldn’t agitate yourself over these two children. The earlier we return, the earlier you can rest, and wasn’t there a new qin book that you haven’t familiarized yourself with yet?”

“Whatever you say then.” Crystal Jade Fairy’s face had a hint of pink and then walked away with Yin Zi, but before doing so, she turned her head to tell me, “Just because you are beautiful doesn’t mean all men will circle around you, when you go back, you should read and study more books.”

Is it because Miao Miao can’t read…..that’s why Yin Zi despises Miao Miao…, Yin Zi isn’t that type of crow.

Listlessly hanging my ears, I stood there thinking for a long, long time, until Xiao Zi finally hugged me. I didn’t expect that at this time in the evening, there would be pink fluffy clouds in the sky and the lively scene of numerous birds noisily returning to their nests.

Looking around, I suddenly found that at this time, Yin Zi had spread his wings to fly into the sky, leaving a helpless and lonely feeling within me…..

Everything is all my fault…..

But, in this world, is there a medicine for regret that you can eat?

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    autumnstaz said:
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    Sigh. Was expecting a happy reunion but I guess the world isn’t that nice. I hope Miao Miao will develop with this and Yin Zi will forgive her. Thanks for the chapter!

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    Ritsuru said:
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    MXMach said:
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    Ohh my, didn’t expect this at all… Is this NTR? Is Yin Zi acting/deceiving himself to continue this life he obtained without her? Or did that Crystal Fairy feed him lies and half truths about Miao Miao to him so he would be loyal to her?

    And if he was such a good man, he shouldn’t have treated her this coldly or even make it her fault! If he truly was in love with her, he should have searched the heavens for her, after doing anything possible to get into a position equal as her by hard work…

    I guess, in that sense, Bi Quinshen is actually man (read as gentleman) who no matter what, won’t treat her badly/abusive to her nor others (who don’t try to rob him of Miao Miao)…

    Thx for the chapter!

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    tero said:
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    Hm. If this story takes place in the same world as journey to the west, then isn’t one day in heaven, 1 year on earth?

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    J said:
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    yin zi is always bullied so i guess its understandable.

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