Meow Meow Meow Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – A Dream Come True

On the way here, it was me that had comforted Xiao Zi, but on the way back, it was Xiao Zi who had comforted me.

The stuff Xiao Zi was telling me went out my other ear, and in my head, only the images of Yin Zi’s angry face circled. From his severe tone of speech, his fire must be really big this time, what should I do?

With my head bowed down and with heavy footsteps, I repeatedly rubbed my face with my paws to hide my own anxiety. Xiao Zi also had a dejected look on her face, but from time to time, she would change the subject so to comfort the other party.

The setting sun drew out two lonely figures in the aggravating and dispirited atmosphere. As Xiao Zi was preparing to bid me goodbye to return to the hundred flowers garden, she had an abrupt awakening, “Crystal Jade Fairy didn’t say whether or not she would be attending the Hundred Flower Banquet…..what should I do?”

“If I go to look for a beautiful gem stone for Yin Zi, will he feel better?” I turned my head to ask.

“It’s getting late, should I go back and ask?” Xiao Zi was a bit worried.

I was also somewhat anxious, “Do you think it is better if I just honestly apologize to Yin Zi or if I should act spoiled and ask for forgiveness?”

Xiao Zi and I asked each other in dismay non stop, and after a long time, what we discovered was that cats and butterflies do not speak the same language. Therefore, we stopped our conversation and just silently faced each other. In the end, we both let out a long sigh and said together,

“I still want to go back and look for Crystal Jade Fairy.”

“I still want to go back and find ways to apologize to Yin Zi.”

Thus the two of us broke the peace, and hurried our own ways. I stared at Xiao Zi as she fluttered away, and when I had turned around, I recognized the figure of a bird and chased after it, hoping that it would be Yin Zi.

He’s not coming back, he must be really angry this time.

What should I do?

It was getting dark and knowing Bi Qingshen Jun may probably not return tonight, I didn’t think too much about quickly returning home. I just wanted to find a corner to hide in and think about what to do tonight. But, if I didn’t return home, the people of Xuan Qing Palace would worry. I’ve promised that everyone that I would be an obedient child and not let them worry, and that I wouldn’t willful. And plus, since Jin Wen and Xiaolin are very clever, they might even come up with a solution for me.

After thinking everything over, I decided to continue walking in the direction of Xuan Qing Palace. All of a sudden, the clouds appeared as if they were on fire, and the sound of a mad dog had pierced through the air, scaring away all the beasts and animals within its vicinity. It had also temporarily scared me into retreating.

I raised my head up in surprise, secretly wondering, it shouldn’t be that dog Xiao Tian’s voice right? That dog isn’t so fierce.

Before I had even finished my train of thoughts, that red cloud flew across the sky heading towards Xuan Qing Palace. Is that dog invading our home? I would never allow such a thing!

An intense wave of restlessness passed through me, causing me to immediately pick up my pace and run as fast as I could towards Xuan Qing Palace.

Unexpectedly, Jin Wen and all the people were lined up outside the door. On their faces were fear and confusion as they waited flaming cloud to disperse. The bursts of hot air together with the roar of an angry dog had caused the dust to fly.

“What happened?” I bravely stood up, pounced in front of everyone, and comforted them, “Don’t be afraid, I am here! Miao Miao is really powerful!”

“Shen…..Shen…..” Wawa forcefully swallowed down her saliva, and stammered, “Shen Jun has returned…..”

“Shifu is back?” Hearing this I immediately became cheerful and kept my eyes open to look for him, but I didn’t see him anywhere.

Suddenly, a huge dog about the height of half a grown man with flaming paws maliciously approached me and made a ‘grrr’ sound. I instantly took several steps back, looked up, and surprised to find that the four-legged flaming hound had been staring at me in a threatening manner. His entire body was covered in a golden fur, his mouth was dripping with saliva, on his back were a pair of wings, and his eyes were red like that of blood. And Bi Qingshen Jun? He was riding on the back of this vicious dog smiling at me.

He was particularly handsome today. There were blood stains all over him, his long hair that had been neatly tied to the back was scrambled by the wind, and his face was clear like that of the sky. The aura around him was just too powerful, stronger than Li Tianwang and better looking than the Monkey King. Even…..even more handsome than the man riding a dog on a cloud descending from the heaven from my dreams.

Rubbing my eyes, I could not believe that my dream could come true, but everything was taking place in front of me, except…..

“This is the underworld’s hellhound, after taming it, it can be used as a mount,” Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly jumped off, and pulled out an oil wrap and placed it in my arms.

As I sniffed the wrap, I realized that inside of it was the scent of fish, exactly the same scent as the one in my dream.

So Shifu actually helped make Miao Miao’s dream come true, but a happy dream was like that of a bubble, thus I decided to test to see if this was real or not. Using my paw, I hooked and grabbed my tail, placed it into my mouth, and then viciously bit down. Feeling the pain, I immediately jumped up, held my tail and called out ‘aiyooo’.

“What are you doing?” Bi Qingshen Jun was dumbfounded, and seeing that my tail was a tiny bit swollen, he quickly grabbed my tail and rubbed it, while complaining, “You were fine just now, why did you bite yourself?”

“Nothing, nothing, I just wanted to bite it…..” I replied, blushing.

“Grinding your teeth?” Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly became serious and asked.

“What?” I asked, puzzled.

Bi Qingshen Jun hesitantly replied, “In the past, when I read Yang Jian’s guide to raising beasts, it stated that some young animals would have a tendency to grind their teeth, you aren’t…..”

“No, no, only dogs grind their teeth, I grind my claws!” I became even more flushed, and kept shaking my head to hide my embarrassment. And upon seeing him lead the two-headed hellhound to a cage, I hastened to grabbed onto him and asked, “I’m not dreaming right, am I?”

“You’re not.” He rubbed my head as he answered.

“But, this and Miao Miao’s dream in the past are exactly the same, I always thought it was real, but when I woke up, there would always be nothing…..” I lowered my head and said, “Yin Zi said that I was just daydreaming…..”

“So you bit your tail?” Bi Qingshen Jun had an expression of someone who didn’t know whether or not to cry or to laugh.

I nodded my head with embarrassment, and held onto his hand, refusing to let go. Next to us, Xiaolin made a coughing sound to command the dispersal of the crowd and that they shouldn’t observe.

Bi Qingshen Jun gently clutched my shoulders as he guided the hellhound forward, and then quietly pledged to me, “I want to make all your dreams come true so you can have a carefree life and not have to face the ugliness and evil of this world. I want you to keep your innocent smile, and I want to protect you so that you are at your happiest everyday without any pretense of the mind.”

I slowly followed him forward, not understanding his words, I asked, “What are the ugliness and evil of this world? Is it hateful stuff?”

“In the heavenly realm, at Xuan Qing Palace, you will never have to see them.” Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly started to laugh, and appeared full of confidence, “Unless I die, I will never let you be hurt.”

“Then, unless I die, I will also not let you get hurt.” I reached my hand forward and carefully grabbed onto his, and made him a promise for a lifetime, “Together forever.”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s face became strangely pink, and as he was about to embrace me, suddenly came Haiyang’s cheerful voice, “Master Shen Jun! I’ve delivered the underworld’s hellhound, but where did it go?”

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