Meow Meow Meow Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – The Most Precious Gift

I raised my head, and once more, I saw that the flames appearing in the sky. This time, it was lieutenant-general Haiyang who was riding a hellhound, but his hound was slightly smaller than Bi Qingshen Jun’s. He excitedly rushed towards us and then deliberately stopped half a meter from my face, and seeing that I wasn’t even a little bit frightened, he became disappointed and said, “If this was any other maiden, then they would be scared into crying, your reaction really is no fun.”

“Haiyang, don’t cause mischief.” Bi Qingshen Jun rebuked, and then placed this hellhound in the cage in Xuan Qing Palace’s garden together with the other one.

“Where did these dogs come from?” I curiously asked as I reached forward to pet the hellhound’s, which in turn earned a vicious glare from it.

“Shen Jun says that this female one is a present for you,” Seeing that I had accepted defeat and shrunken back, Haiyang desperately bragged, “Little cat demon, let me tell you, today we raided Yao Yang’s lair down in the mortal realm and captured these two beasts, it really wasn’t easy! That bastard Yao Yang probably won’t be getting back at us for another several hundred more years.”

He pointed and gestured with his hands and feet energetically, moreover his face was full of joy. It really seriously made me envy him and the battlefield. This name, I’ve also seemed to have heard of it several times before, thus I asked, “Who is Yao Yang?”

“It’s that dog shit demon prince, the number one warrior of the nether realm. He has never won against Master Shen Jun even once, and he would flee every single time, it’s really laughable! The number one escape artist indeed!” Haiyang joyfully exclaimed, “This time he even gifted us with a few mounts, this time when he goes back, he will definitely cry for a few days.”

“Yao Yang won’t give up so easily, so don’t underestimate the enemy.” Bi Qingshen Jun gently made a coughing sound. Haiyang gave him a glance, and then said he still had matters he was busy with, so he turned around to bid us farewell and left.

Bi Qingshen Jun asked me with satisfaction, “Do have any other wishes?”

What other wishes do I have? More fish than the mountains? Someone to play with me everyday? Can I sleep at any time of the day? Will all dogs listen to me?

I stared at Bi Qingshen Jun’s deep green eyes as the thought of the white crow had passed through my mind, and without hesitation, I voiced out my wish, “Miao Miao hopes that Yin Zi will forgive me…..”

“Yin Zi?” Bi Qingshen Jun faltered.

“Shifu! You’re so powerful! You can even make dreams come true, then you must know of a way for good friends to reconcile right?!” I held onto him and requested, “There must be a spell on a higher level than ‘I’m sorry’ right?”

“What’s the matter?” Bi Qingshen Jun knitted his brows, stopped his paces, and then asked in confusion, “Isn’t Yin Zi that white crow? He came here to look for you? No wonder I couldn’t find a single trace of him down in the mortal realm. Why did the two of you fight?”

Thus I spilled the beans about everything that had happened today. As Bi Qingshen Jun was seriously listening to me, I stared at him expectantly hoping he would be able to give me a solution.

“Give him present as apology?” Bi Qingshen Jun said in a hesitant tone, “Whatever that crow likes, you can send it to him. You can ask Xiaolin to take you to the Xuan Qing Palace’s treasury as there is a lot treasures there.”

“He likes gem stones, but when I asked him if he wanted any, he said he didn’t care for it.” I sadly said, “He said Miao Miao didn’t go look for him that’s why he’s angry.”

“After I brought you to Xuan Qing Palace, I soon went back to search for him, but at the time, the earthquake had already struck Luoying Mountain. I sent people down to look for him, but no traces of him could be found.” Bi Qingshen Jun said somewhat angrily, “Even though I  sent out many people to search, I wasn’t able find him, so how would you be able to find him yourself.”

“But the fact that I didn’t go look for him was the truth,” I lowered my head and continued to speak, “Yin Zi was captured by someone, seriously injured, and I didn’t go save him…..”

Bi Qingshen Jun said, “You simply didn’t have the capabilities of leaving the heavenly realm back then.”

I quietly whispered, “But…..during the mortal realm assessment down in the mortal realm, I didn’t go look for him and thought of only myself passing trial.”

Bi Qingshen Jun pondered, “At that time, he should’ve already arrived in the heavenly realm. But why did he not come look for you?”

“Myabe he didn’t know I was at Xuan Qing Palace.”

“Nonsense, in the entirety of heaven, who wouldn’t know of you Hua Miao Miao?”

“Why? Am I that famous?”

“Nothing much, that crow probably suffered too much trauma which caused him to become more ruthless.” Bi Qingshen Jun changed the topic and gave me a separate answer, “You should give him what you like the most, this way it will feel more sincere.”

This seemed to be a good idea. But what are my favourite things? Is it dried fish sticks? Is it lobster? Or is it…..

Seeing me so deep in thought, Bi Qingshen Jun smiled and touched my head. He reminded me that I should be a bit more honest from now on, and then left to report to the Heavenly Emperor about the situation of the current battle.

Miao Miao likes Shifu the most, but how would I give Shifu to Yin Zi? Tie a bow on him and then send him off?

I really don’t want to give him away…..but if I don’t, wouldn’t I appear too stingy, ah what should I do? Maybe Yin Zi and I can both share him?

In the future when we go to sleep, Yin Zi can be on Shifu’s left, and I can be on his right. We can each have half of Shifu, one side for me and one side for Yin Zi. When we eat, Shifu can feed us one at a time, and no fighting over him…..

No, no, this won’t work. Shifu’s bed and Shifu himself are all Miao Miao’s! Even if it was Yin Zi, Miao Miao won’t share! This jealousy inside of me caused me to roll around on the ground holding my head, and remembering Yin Zi’s angry face from today, I began to wonder what else I could give Yin Zi that was just as important as Shifu.

The yawning Wawa and Jin Wen eventually came to look for me. The both of them each grabbed one of my arms and dragged me back inside, “The night is getting late, so rest early. If you don’t sleep, we also won’t get to sleep…..”

“What do you guys like the most?” I hurriedly asked them both.

Jin Wen warily looked at me and asked, “What are you thinking of doing?”

Wawa very simply but immediately answered, “There are many things I like, the celestial honey from the centennial flowers, sweet nectar, and also the Blue Feather Goddess and Teacher Huang from the demon school. I really like Master Bi Qingshen Jun and Miao Miao too.”

“Really? Why do you even like that old egghead Teacher Huang?” Jin Wen disdainfully curled her lips.

After thinking about it, Wawa then said, “Back then he lied to me, he said that to purify the heart wouldn’t hurt, thus I foolishly followed him. But what I didn’t expect was that when I arrived at the Purifying Demon Terrace, he brought out steel chains and tied me up with them so that when I could no longer endure the pain, I would be unable to run away…..I hate him to death.”

“There shouldn’t be any young demons that don’t know how painful it is to purify one’s heart right?”

“I wasn’t very bright back then and I didn’t study very much, but after I successfully became a full fledge demon, I finally understood that his actions were for the better so I stopped hating him. Eversince that day, I have become  more grateful towards Teacher Huang.”

“You’re really stupid.”

“And what about you? What do you like the most? It can’t be Immortal Mo Lin, right? You often go looking for him.”

“Nonsense! There may be a possibility that Immortal Mo Lin may have taken a fancy to me but…..don’t groundlessly slander his innocence.”

“Was I right on the spot? Blushing?”

“No! I just haven’t removed my rouge yet!”

“Then the next time we have to go pick up some herbs and medicine, just let me go, you can stay here and rest…..”

“You blockhead, how come you are becoming more and more foolish…..”

“Hey…..Hey…..What about my question? I am in a predicament ah!!” I constantly called out as I discovered that we had digressed further and further away from my main point but, those two idiots had paid me no mind.

In the end, I sadly held my tail and nestled by the foot of the bed thinking. And while thinking , I eventually fell asleep, dreaming of Yin Zi cooking many many fish for me.

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