Meow Meow Meow Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Yin Zi Is An Asshole

Fish porridge, steamed fish, boiled lobster…..I placed aside the chicken and dried fish pieces to one side, brought forth all the food within the containers, and then placed them beneath the tree. I persistently shouted into the sky, “I’ve brought lots of delicacies and good food, come down and eat.”

Yin Zi swept a glance left and right, got up to fly down, and then asked suspiciously, “What is this for?”

“To apologize!” I tried hardest to give him my most cheerful smile, and then pitifully held onto his wings and said, “Miao Miao really didn’t mean to not go looking for you, don’t be angry anymore, ok?”

“I am a crow, what did you bring me fish for?” Yin Zi shook his head, “You’re really a stupid cat, normally when someone even touches your fish the slightest, you would beat them up, so what’s with the change in attitude?”

“One must give their most precious belongings for their apology to be most sincere!” I immediately explained, however, the fact that I had not given him Bi Qingshen Jun was also true.

Yin Zi gently pecked at the fish porridge, and then asked, “You seemed to have become a lot thinner.”

“Really?” I stood up to examine myself, and discovered that I really have indeed become thinner. Perhaps it was because Bi Qingshen Jun’s terrible cooking that I haven’t been able to eat well these past few days.

After a moment of silence, Yin Zi said to me, “Let’s return to Luoying Mouantain together, ok? The heavenly realm is not a good place.”

“Why?” I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“I’ve thought about the life we had back at Luoying Mouantain,” Yin Zi suddenly transformed into his human form, walked towards me with a sorrowful expression, and then hugged me tightly, “That day, when I was unable to catch up with Bi Qingshen Jun, I was afraid I’d never be able to see you again.”

“Yin Zi…..I’m sorry…..I’m Sorry…..” I apologized over and over again.

“I am a crow, and by relying on my own strength, I am unable to reach the heavenly realm, so I thought of other methods. The other day, I didn’t mean to blame everything on you, but my own plans had unfortunately failed, and I didn’t wish to offend the Crystal Jade Fairy.” Yin Zi explained everything to me, but I didn’t quite understand the problem, “If I were to have a falling out with her now, then everything I have worked for will have come to naught.”

“But… said that you were captured by an evil monster, and was on the verge of death.” I was very sad.

“Right…..” Yin Zi slowly raised his head up to stare into the distance, his expression miserable, “After you were gone, all the monsters that we beat and had stolen from in the past suddenly arrived to settle matters with me. I hastily fled to Bull Devil and Luo Sha’s place to hide, but out of the blues, he was seduced and enticed by a fox. On one hand, I was helping to conceal their meetings, while on the other, I was acting as a spy tracking them down. Being the middle man between the two, I was always beaten to a pulp. I no longer wished to get caught in their fights, so in the end, I found a cave and locked myself in, afraid to encounter more trouble…..speaking of which, Miao Miao, this is all your fault, if only you stayed a second longer behind me back then, then all this wouldn’t have happened. And why would I be so miserably beaten up?”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s all my fault,” I hurried forward towards him and then rubbed my head against him, and nervously asked, “Does it still hurt? Were you really picked up by the Crystal Jade Fairy after you were so badly beaten?”

Yin Zi’s expression became even more bitter, he despairingly cried, “That day, when they had started another fight, I went to watch the lively and chaotic scene. Luo Sha’s anger was unexpectedly deep, and with a gust from her Palm Leaf Fan, all the nearby debris and myself were thrown into the distance. While still in mid-air, I was struck by a boulder and broke two bones. Even if I had wanted to fly, I was no longer able to…..”

“But breaking two bones shouldn’t be considered a serious injury, right? I have also broken bones in past fights, but I was still able to crawl back.” I didn’t quite understand.

“Originally, I’d wanted to crawl to one side and let my bones set, wait a few days for them to heal, and then leave,” Yin Zi suddenly started to laugh, “But when I transformed back into my human body, I realized I was being watched and sympathized by a celestial being from above, and realized this was my opportunity into going to the heavenly realm. Therefore, I immediately gave her my most deathly and dying look in hopes she would bring me here.”

“Then…..then you lied to me yesterday?” I finally understood his words.

Yin Zi quickly took several paces to the side, preventing me from getting close enough to him to allow me to take a quick bite, and cheerfully said, “Seeing you sad makes me a little happy, and that you still care about me.”

“I’ll hit you ah!” I angrily stood up.

“Don’t hit, don’t hit!” Yin Zi plead, “You left me all alone, so we are even this time!”

My hand that had been suspended in the air was finally placed back down, and in that instant, I had a sudden question I’d wanted to inquire about, “That Crystal Jade Fairy said Miao Miao is all looks and has no brains, that nobody likes me, is it true?”

“Nonsense, it’s that OCD woman that nobody likes. It’s already bad enough that she’s ugly, but she’s always reading her books and hiding from the public, pretending she’s mysterious or something. Her words are vulgar and she doesn’t even have any friends. I hate these types of people the most.” Yin Zi face was full of annoyance, “Everyday with her, I had to feign gentleness and elegance. I also had to wear a plumage, and everyday, I was either listening to her play the qin or the flute, or I had to play chess with her. In order avoid a stench of copper on myself, I haven’t polished my gemstones in a long time. It’s not like I wasn’t lazy, if not for that item, I would’ve left long ago.”

“What item?” I asked.

“Let’s not speak of this right now, I slipped out while she was out so I will have to return soon,” Yin Zi suddenly grabbed me and earnestly asked, “I came to bring you back to the mortal realm, this type of environment is not suitable for us lowly demons. Let’s go back and resume our easy-going and carefree like before, ok?”

“If I go play with you, then you won’t be angry at Miao Miao anymore?” I asked expectantly.

“I wasn’t even that angry to begin with,” Yin Zi instantly let out a grin, he yanked at the bell on my neck, gave it a loathing look, and then reminded, “These days here in the heavenly realm, I have already detailedly investigated about your whereabouts, the path back home has also already been arranged. The reason I didn’t inform you was because I was afraid that as the little idiot you are, you would leak it and wreck the plans. In a few days, when I have coaxed the Crystal Jade Fairy into giving me the Palpitate Grass, I will deal with the matter of solving the problem with the bell and begin our plans.”

“What solution? Are we secretly leaving the heavenly realm?” I was somewhat excited, if I was able to see Bull Devil Gege and Luo Sha sis-in-law, as well as all our little friends, then even if I were punished by Bi Qingshen Jun when I come back, it would be worth it.

“It’s getting late,” Yin Zi raised his head to look at the sky, he quickly stood up and said to me, “In another seven days, all the fairies and celestial beings of the heavenly realm will be gathered will enjoy the festivities and tasting of the nectar wine hosted by the White Flower Fairy. Crystal Jade Fairy had always been feisty and wanting attention, so she had planned to leave a day earlier. It is said that Bi Qingshen Jun had also accepted the invitation, so when he is gone, come find me at the Moonlit Forests on the east side of the Valley of Fragments, understood?”

I swiftly nodded my head to indicate that I understood. After Yin Zi had finished telling everything, he turned to fly away. While in mid-air, he carefully reminded me, “There is no fish at the banquet, so you absolutely mustn’t go…..when you arrive, remember to bring a some large gem stones from the treasury.”

“Okay!” After confirming that he wasn’t angry, I let out a long sigh, and then began thinking about what kind of food and items I wanted to bring with me to play in the mortal realm. Perhaps I can bring Wawa along with me? She’s always been wanting to go to play in the mortal realm.

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