Meow Meow Meow Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 – A Three Person Rendezvous

Wawa I can bring along, because every time I go play, I don’t bring her with me, so of course she would have complaints. But the Jin Wen who loves to tattletale and report on me behind my back, I definitely can not bring along.

Understanding this point, I immediately returned to Xuan Qing Palace to look for Wawa. After half a day of searching, I found her lying on a rock in the garden and basking in the sun, drinking ice-cold nectar and fully enjoying the moment.

I ran towards her and tapped her shoulders. She suddenly jumped higher than that of a cat, turned her head, and then said relieved, “I thought it was head servant Xiaolin that had come to drag me back to work, where did you go this morning?”

“I went to find Yin Zi,” I cheerfully sat down beside her, and tentatively asked, “Have you been bored recently?”

“How can I not be bored?” Wawa held her chin, and then grabbed a rock and threw it into the water, “Back when we were studying, everyone said how the heavenly realm is great and all, but this place where there isn’t even a shred of worry, everyday you don’t even know what you can do nor do you know what you can think of doing. If you live like this for a period of time, then of course it would be difficult.” She then goes on to give me a resentful look, “Alas, this cat, every time she goes to play, she does not call upon me.”

I looked left and right, seeing no one around, I secretly asked, “Do you want to come play with me in the mortal realm?”

“I want to! Of course I want to!” Wawa eyes became big, and then quickly came over and whispered, “Aren’t we not allowed to descend into the mortal realm?”

“We’re just going to play for a while, so it should be fine.” I patted my chest to reassure her, “All we’ve got to do is not cause trouble.”

“But…..But would Master Shen Jun allow us?” Wawa’s face was full of excitement, but also contained a bit of hesitation, “If he gives permission, I will definitely go.”

Going out to play and not telling Bi Qingshen Jun doesn’t seem to be a good idea, so I hurriedly went into his room to look for him. But unexpectedly, Mo Lin was also there, playing chess. The two were inextricably focused on the game too.

I crouched next to them and let out a ‘meow meow’ sound. Bi Qingshen Jun who had been focused on the chess board had noticed my presence, thus he asked with concerned, “You went to go apologize to Yin Zi this morning, did you succeed?”

“Success!” I happily replied, “The ways you teach are indeed useful! Yin Zi agreed to go and play with me in the mortal realm in seven days, Wawa also wants to go with us, so can we go together?”

“In seven days? The mortal realm?” Bi Qingshen Jun put the chess piece down, knitted his brows and asked, “Isn’t that the day of the Hundred Flowers Banquet? I’ve already agreed to attend and was planning to bring you along with me.”

“It’s your turn,” Mo Lin dropped his chess piece down, reached towards me, touched my ears a couple of times, and then smilingly said, “There’s no fish at the Hundred Flowers Banquet, just dancing, singing and a peaceful atmosphere, would that cat really enjoy it? Even if she goes, it would be for nothing?”

Bi Qingshen Jun swept his eyes across the chessboard, and said after a moment, “Going to play in the mortal realm doesn’t seem like a good idea, I’m afraid she will make trouble again.”

Hearing that he seemed to be unwilling, I immediately became anxious. I quickly latched onto his arm and whined, “I used to live in the mortal realm, and I’ve even had a month of practical training in the mortal realm, I’ll be good, I won’t cause trouble, and I also really miss Bull Devil Gege.”

“What he means is that he’s afraid of you bringing back another Xiao Qi or Xiao Ba.”Mo Lin bluntly ridiculed.

“No, I won’t look for another one,” I swore, “I’m going this time to look for Gege and the others to play. I definitely won’t look for handsome guy cats, Wawa and Yin Zi will be there to be my witnesses.”

Bi Qingshen Jun face suddenly turned red, he hesitated for a long time before asking, “You really will honestly come back after one day?”

“Just let her go,” What a rare opportunity that Mo Lin is helping to put in a good word for me, “With such tight control, be careful that the little kitty cat won’t hate you later on.”

“Fine.” After Bi Qingshen Jun thought about, he went on to ask about the method and route we’re taking. He finally agreed to me, “You must always keep in contact with me, and whatever you do that you are unsure of, you first must ask me. You also must let Wawa follow you every step of the way, and after dark, I will come and pick you up.”

Seeing him relent, I joyfully agreed to every one of his requests, and then excitedly ran out the door. Just as I was passing by the doors, I heard a loud and cheerful laughter coming from Mo Lin, “This move of yours is incorrect, you can’t take back your chess piece, and you also can’t blame me!”

After hearing that she was allowed to leave, Wawa could no longer contain her excitement even though there were stay days until our departure. She began to wrap and pack everything. Everything and anything were literally thrown together, she says, “During my practical assessment in the mortal realm, I worked as a maid. That wealthy family was really strict, my days there passed by bitterly. I wasn’t even allowed to leave the doors, and also, the perverted young masters would come and harass me which annoyed me to death. This time, I will must fully enjoy myself and have some fun.”

Jin Wen who was next to her stared with contempt, “With the two of you gone, I can have myself a relaxing and leisurely break.”

Afterwards, she went up to Wawa and made a retorted sound, and then left to the kitchen to prepare supper. I went to Xiaolin to get him to open up the treasury for me so I could look at the glittering gems within it and pick some for Yin Zi.

During these lively days of packing and making preparations for the impending trip, Bi Qingshen Jun has come to check up on us several times, making sure that we haven’t missed anything. He’s also prepared a few gifts for Bull Devil Gege and Luo Sha sis-in-law saying that they’re gifts of good will, as well as written a letter thanking the couple for their past kindness.

I let Wawa take good care of the gifts and letters. Before our departure, the 78 unusually large numbers of parcels that were packed had been reduced to only three, and only then could I feel at ease and sleep.

While half awake and half dreaming, Wawa repeatedly and quietly asked, “Those lower realm monsters, are they easy to interact with? How do they pass their days in the forests? The juggling and plays you saw the last time you went for your practical assessment in the mortal realm, can they still be seen? Those peasant farmers working in the field, how does it work? The books say that emperors all live in beautiful palaces, how do they compare to the ones in the heavenly realm?”

As more and more questions arrived, the more tired we got, and eventually, we fell asleep. Only until the sun had risen did we realise that the meeting time had already passed. We hurriedly washed and ate our meal, grabbed our parcels, and headed off to the Moonlit Forests.

In a section of the verdant green forest, by the forest edge’s cliff and boundless seas, was the way down to the mortal realm. And Yin Zi? He who had been waiting, had a forehead full of cold sweat, and seeing me arrive shortly after, hastily rushed forward to ask, “You didn’t happen to encounter any troubles, right?”

“Nope.” I smiled and waved my hands, and then pulled over Wawa and said, “She’s coming with us.”

Wawa stared shyly at the ground, and then gave Yin Zi an admirable glance. She bowed to give her greetings, and commended, “Jiejie* you look really pretty.”

*Jiejie is used usually to address an elder sister, or to politely refer to any female older than you, while Gege is used to refer to an elder brother, or any males older than you.

I then immediately discovered that Yin Zi’s entirely expression had frozen stiff. Ahahahaha!!! Miao Miao is about to die of laughter!!

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