Meow Meow Meow Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 – Where Did Food Come From?

I dreamt of many dreams, but the contents of each I no longer remembered, just noticed Bi Qingshen Jun repeatedly shouting and calling for me in distress. My heart was pained and afraid seeing him like that.

At dawn, the snow stormed has tempered down. Frost covered the tree branches, long and sharp icicles hung down the cave, and the ground was covered with a blanket of whiteness. Taking a few steps outside, I was immediately blasted by a strong gust of cold air.

“Don’t go out, it’s too cold so stay by the fire.” Yin Zi took several paces outside, and then draped a cloak on me, “Don’t be anxious, if you’re bored, then I can tell you a story.”

“But, I can hear Shifu calling for me…..” My delicate cat ears constantly twitched and jittered to catch any incoming sounds, but I couldn’t hear anything besides the sound of the wind.

Wawa was also a bit anxious, she rubbed her hands and asked, “When will this snow stop? The mortal realm is fun, but if we don’t return, Master Shen Jun will be mad. He may never give us another chance to go out again.”

Yin Zi’s sad expression instantly flashed into a bright smile. I knitted my brows and wanted to ask him what was wrong, but my thought was unexpectedly cut short when he interrupted, “Wawa, since you’re not afraid of the cold, can you help retrieve some firewood outside?”

“Hey, leaving to go get some firewood will require me to go very far.” Wawa complained a bit, and after noticing that more or less of the firewood had already been used up, she stood up and walked towards the cave opening, but before doing so, she turned to ask, “Do we also need to look for something to eat?”

“Sure.” I readily replied.

Yin Zi remained silent, I asked him several times what he was thinking of, but he refused to say anything, so I had no choice but to leave him alone.

The wind began to pick up, and the snow storm became more turbulent and violent. From the distance, came the sound of a worn out voice. I hastily stood up, wanting to rush out the entrance to see if he was here. But Yin Zi grabbed hold of me, he only said dismissively, “It can’t be him. It’s only an avalanche.”

“How do you know?” I asked, puzzled.

Yin Zi casually replied, “In the past, around this time, I’ve also come here before and was trapped by the snow for a long time unable to return.”

I did not have any recollection of anything he said, I also did not understand a single thing he spoke about. I just foolishly sat there, watched as the burning firewood danced in the flames, and embraced the warmth and heat produced by the fire pit.

Yin Zi and I sat very very close, so close that we could hear each other breathing. Though this was true, I felt that our hearts had become a lot more distant, like there was something separating us apart.

“If I lied to you, what would you do?” Yin Zi jabbed the firewood with a stick, and suddenly asked, “Would you be angry?”

“When have you ever lied to me? Never.” I cheerfully replied, however, the unease crawling around my chest was growing restless, “Yin Zi you won’t lie to me, definitely not.”

Yin Zi suddenly stood up and said, “I’ll go outside to see if Wawa’s come back yet.” He immediately rushed into the blizzard and cold, leaving me quietly waiting.

I don’t know for how long I’ve waited. Wawa’s silhouette finally appeared within my sights and Yin Zi as well, carrying firewood and walking towards me. She was carrying an unfamiliar parcel in her hands which was exuding the scent of charred meat into the air, arousing my appetite.

As the two approached, the object appeared to be covered in dust and its charred body was cracked on every part of its skin. It was a burned and charred black dog, and it was dying. There was a very familiar feeling, but the smell of charred meat befuddled my judgement. I don’t remember from where I’ve seen this before, thus I stopped thinking and simply asked, “How do we eat this? This charred?”

“This……this isn’t food.” Wawa was startled, and quickly hid the dog behind her, “I saw him while I was out, so I brought him back for treatment…..”

“But it smells so good, why can’t we eat it…..” I mumbled unhappily. Wawa hurriedly grabbed the dog and then place him in a pocket of space within the cave, refusing to give me another glance at my food.

“This dog is vaguely familiar.” Yin Zi frowned, “Such filth, where have I seen it before?”

Wawa was so busy boiling water and cutting bandages that her entire forehead was dripping with sweat. And only after her worries were over did she take a break.

“Miao Miao, can we bring this dog back with us to raise in the heavenly realm? He really is quite beautiful!” Wawa literally ran towards me and gave me her most innocent expression to ask the question, causing me to spit out everything in my mouth. I shook my head almost spontaneously to indicate that her request was rejected.

Wawa regretfully thought for moment. Then ran over to ask another question, “This dog, is it male or female?”

Yin Zi who had a lot of experience told her, “Turn the dog over and then feel its rear and groin. If there is a bulge between its legs, then it’s a male.”

Wawa made an ‘Oh’ sound and then hastily ran over to examine the dog. Not long after came her cheerful and delighted voice, “It’s a male! It’s a male!”

With curiosity, I also followed and ran after her. Wawa had turned the dog over and was examining the bulging object, she proudly and happily announced, “You come over and look too, this thing is really strange.”

I went over and saw that the dog had been wrapped all over in bandages. All its burned hairs and dust had already been washed away, revealing a very…..very familiar dog’s appearance…..

Wawa while still touching the bulge, asked, “An animal’s body is so strange, compared to plant life, it is indeed different. What is this object anyway?”

“That’s a dog’s manhood. When making tonic with it, it can be very invigorating and restorative.” Yin Zi hearing the commotion had also ran in. He put on an evil grin and then gave a few simple explanations to Wawa, she asked a few things skeptically, and then suddenly blushed.

“This dog, how come his appearance is so similar to Xiao Tian’s…..” I felt like there was definitely something amiss, my heart felt a little uneasy, “The scent is similar too…..”

“What? What Xiao Tian are you talking about?” Wawa turned the dog over once more, gently touched its fur, thought for a moment, and then suddenly let out a scream, “Xiao Tian?? Xiao Tian Quan? Erlangshen Jun’s household pet?”

“Is it not?” Yin Zi was also surprised, and after seriously examining it from the rear, he said, “The fact that I can feel magical energy is undeniable, it definitely isn’t a dog from the mortal realm.”

I earnestly examine him again and then nodded to confirm, “It really is Xiao Tian…..why has he suddenly appeared here?”

Wawa face became even more flushed, she appeared as if she was on the verge of tears asking, “I’ve never seen his dog form, Miao Miao, how come you didn’t recognize him earlier? Ahhh now I’ve lost all face.”

I shrugged, and then helplessly replied, “All dogs look about the same, I don’t even like looking at them so how can I remember?”

A flash of killing intent abruptly flickered onto his expression. As his cold expression turned into reluctance, he gently sighed and inexplicably said, “I remember, things that are meant to arrive will always arrive.”

Wawa nervously and anxiously wandered around in circles, cursing at her own recklessness. In the her restless state, she collided into Xiao Tian.

In the chaotic and noisy atmosphere, Xiao Tian slowly awoken. He stared at the three of us in a daze, and before he even got a chance to speak, Wawa plopped onto the ground and confessed, “Lord Xiao Tian, Wawa…..Wawa didn’t mean to touch your manhood… must forgive me…..okay?…..”

This remark caused Xiao Tian to stare blankly for a long time. His mouth moved to form words, however, after a moment of thought, white foam had formed around his mouth. He became unconscious once more.

Wawa held onto him tightly and repeatedly shook him as if to apologize. The Yin Zi who originally had an expressionless face held his stomach and burst into laughter.

I don’t even understand what’s so funny…..

Isn’t he just a dog?

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